Review for The Art Of Love

The Art Of Love

(#) EvieSaunders 2010-02-05

well i am extremely excited!
i have a story, its called 'some things happen fast' if you reaf it and like it i can put you in :D thanks so much!
so excited to see what happens with rhi and gee! x

Author's response

Congratulations on the story! I'll look at it in the morning, it's getting late now and I'm on my iPod so it's not the best time to read it! Also, I wouldn't want to ruin your story by being in it. I'm not a very interesting person but thanks for the offer, I may change my mind if you become super rich and famous on it though ;)

I'll update tomorrow, actually I may write a quick filler now. I feel that way inclined.

Thanks for the review!