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Danger Mouse

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'That was when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.'

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Rhianne's POV

I woke up very much aware of the space around me. I was no longer lying on the cold pavement of that alleyway; I was in a dark room, the only light seeping through was that of the moon. I was no longer in the clothes I had gone out in either; I was in a baggy t-shirt with some logo on the front, the logo was covered up by a Batman duvet, I instantly knew where I was.
"Gee?" I called out into the darkness, my voice was hoarse and only a whisper.
"I'm here." In comparison to Gerard's voice mine seemed perfect, his was full of despair and sorrow, breaking at the end of the short sentence. I sat up looking for the face that matched the voice. He was sitting on the end of the bed, head in his hands, breathing deeply. I wanted to move, to grab him and comfort him, to be honest I didn't know if I had the strength, the drugged drink had worn the hell out of me, and I could distinctly taste vomit in my mouth; I needed a toothbrush.
"Gee." Was all I said, I had no idea what to do, no idea what to say. I felt useless. He looked up; I could see the tear marks on his face, reflecting in the moonlight. He moved his mouth to speak but I could already tell what he was going to say by the look on his face.
"Rhi I'm so sor-" I stopped him mid sentence. I had clambered to the end of the bed and clamped my hand on him mouth, refusing to let the last word come out.
"It wasn't your fault." Was all I could manage, I was fighting back the tears already. He seemed to notice and pulled my closer so I was sitting on his lap. I was quite settled when he picked me up and moved to the top of the bed so his back was leaning against the headboard. I curled up into a tight ball against his chest and cried. I don't remember falling asleep.


"Blurgh!" I felt my empty stomach retched as I crawled as fast as I could to the en-suite toilet in Gerard's room. I managed to get there in time, just as I moaned and threw up into the basin. If Gee wasn't awake when I attempted to stand up, using his bookshelf for support before falling into it, cussing, then collapsing onto the ground he would sure as hell be awake now. Sure enough, I felt a hand move my hair out of the way and another one rub my back and I puked for the second time. "Urgh" I moaned "This has to stop!"
"It will" Gerard sighed as he gave me a towel to clean myself up with, "my mum says it's the drugs leaving your body, she said it was good to get them all up, and she's a nurse." I grunted in acceptance before sipping some water and sloshing it round my mouth, only to spit it out. I looked down at the t-shirt.
"I think its ruined, sorry." It was covered with god-knows-what.
"Don't worry it'll wash out, I'll go get you another one." His face was full of worry and some emotion I couldn't quite make out. He walked into his room and found another t-shirt. He walked back in and handed it to me. "Urm, I'll go out of the room while you..." his face was bright red.
"You've seen it all before, you must of when you put me in this one, you don't have to leave if you don’t want to." I guessed it was him that changed me; I didn't care if it was.
"Actually that was my mum; I can go get her if you think you'll need help."
"No I'll be fine, go back to bed, you look shattered." He began to walk out the room as I slipped the messed up t-shirt over my head, I still had my bra on so he couldn't see anything; that was when I realised I had a pair of Danger Mouse boxers on, they made me laugh. Gerard came back in the room to see what my laughter was about. That was when he realise I was still just in my bra and what I assumed were his boxers.
"Oh shit sorry!" he went bright red again and stormed out.
"Gee come back, its fine! It's just like being seen in a bikini." I had always viewed sensible underwear like that, a bikini, not that I was very comfortable in either but with Gee it was fine. He'd made comments on how he thought I was pretty, so I couldn't care less. He gingerly stepped back in and sat on the closed toilet lid. I lightly turned on the tap at the sink and put my hands under it before using my hands to make my front damp, enough to make me feel cleaner and patted myself dry with a hand towel before pulling the t-shirt on over my head. "There we go!" I said smiling before trying to stand up. Gerard understood what I was trying to do and helped me up. That was when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. "Oh fuck!" the person in the mirror looked nothing like me; I was paler than usual and had a black eye, my hair was matted with dirt and blood and around my wrists there we black bruise lines from where I'd been restrained. I shuddered at remembering and once again felt tears run down my face. Gerard picked me up into his arms and sat us down on the bed again, rocking us back and forth as if trying to get me to sleep. It was strange that as soon as I was in Gerard's arms I felt safe, nothing could touch me.

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