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'I placed my head on his chest and my hand on his heart and drifted back to sleep'

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Rhianne's POV

I felt myself twisting and turning out of a nightmare. I felt the sweat all over my body. I felt myself jolt and shake awake. My eyes opened. I was facing the wall with a spiderman poster on it, the one with the small alarm clock drilled to it. The clock said 3:49 but had no indication of whether it was night or day. I looked up to the small window that shone the only ray of natural light into Gee's room. It looked too light to be 3am so I guessed it was 3pm.

Suddenly a warm body was next to me, Gerard. He sighed lightly in his sleep and rolled so he was flat on his back next to me. I quickly rolled so I was facing him and moved his arm so it was around me, then I place my head on his chest and my hand on his heart and drifted back to sleep.


There was a light knock at Gee's door. I pretended to be asleep and ingnored it. The knocking had awoken Gee too though, so he was awake and answered.
"yeah?" he said sleeply. Someone entered the room.
"Gerard, Rhiannes mothers on the phone. What shall I tell her about last night?" it was a womans voice. She sounded very sweet, motherly. I guessed it was Gees mum.
"Tell her Rhi's recovering and is still asleep. Don't give her any details. It's not our shit to stir." I mentally thanked Gee for that. I had no intention of ever telling my mother what happened last night. I had no intention of telling anyone. With that I heard Mrs Way walk out the room.

Gerard held me tighter and kissed me on the cheek. He sighed and becan singing quietly to himself. His voice was so beautiful I found it hard not to cry.

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