Review for The Art Of Love

The Art Of Love

(#) wolf2008lllll 2010-02-09

YAY! Another well written chapter from 'Worlds Greatest MCR Fic Author!'
How do you like your new title? ;)

Well, I loved this chapter, and I didnt bother commenting on the last! And not becasue I didnt like it and It was incredibly bloody short- but becasue I thought it would be easier to review straight off on this, rather than this one, AND the other.

Great work again, not much else I can say apart from STILL FLAMMIN LOVIN' IT! Ha...

Oh yeah, before I forget; I just wanted to say- I love that you like my reviews. I try to write something a little meaninful than "It was good..." without rambling on!
I think I type to much anyways. Now you have to read loads, ha! Ok... I'm gonna leave now. I will check back sometime later for another cooool chapter.

Goodbye 'Worlds Greatest MCR Fic Author.' (I will never type that name again its just too long...) Keep up the AMAZING writing!!!