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'"Who's ready to buy some sweets and comics then go watch zombies eat people?"'

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A/N: okay, this is on my iPod again I got sent home from school today so I thought I'd write another chapter. This is might be short again but I'm not feeling well and I'm still upset so I'm sorry. :) Enjoy!


Rhianne's POV

It had been nearly a week since my mum had picked me up from Gerard and Mikey's house. She'd been very quiet since. It was Friday afternoon, the end of college for the week. Tonight, me and Gee were going to meet up with the rest of the guys outside the gates, go to Dylans Candy Bar, go to a comic store and then go see Bloodbath 2. It was going to be a fun night!

No one at college had notice my black eye, I did the best I could to cover it with make-up which worked pretty well. A few people who had been at the party knew what happened, like Blondie and the greasy guy from the front row of life drawings class, they kept their mouths shut around me but as soon as I went to walk out Blondies lips were moving faster than a speeding train.

"Rhi!" Gee called my name across the sea of college students, as always I stuck my hand up in the air and jumped up and down, waiting for him to find me. As he emerged through the crowd I smiled and took every part of him in; his long jet black hair, his perfectly sculpted face, the cheeky smirk on playing on his lips and last of all his beautiful dark brown eyes, knowing I would get lost in them. When he reached me he hugged me before taking me by the hand, sending shockwaves through my body.
"Lets go meet the others!" I smiled as I barged my way through the crowd to the big iron gates at the front of the college, being small had it's advantages, I could squeeze through very small gaps where as Gee couldn't I felt sorry for him.

"British midget at 12 o'clock!" Frank shouted, anouncing it to the whole of the group. I stuck out my tongue and ran over to them giving them all hugs, and punching Frank in the arm.
"Who's ready to buy some sweets and comics then go watch zombies eat people?" Mikey shouted making us all jeer and laugh.
"I am! I am!" I squeeled bouncing up and down. Suddenly I felt someone arm around me waist, it felt familiar, but it wasn't Gee. I was pulled to the side by my waist and looked up to see greasy guy from life drawings.
"I like your tatoo." He whispered into my ear before pushing me back into Gee's arms. The other guys all looked around the group in confusion while I realised what he'd been talking about. I froze and tried to remember how to breath.
"Rhi are you okay?" Ray asked he was the first to notice the tears running down my face.
"'t feel well. I gotta go." I didn't even stop to hug them. I just ran in the direction of the station to take me home.

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