Review for The Art Of Love

The Art Of Love

(#) wolf2008lllll 2010-02-10

Hello again. I'm sorry to hear that your still ill. I really hope you get better soon.

Not much to say about this chapter really. Its getting rather depressing... But I love it as always. And 'Worlds best MCR reviewer'??? I dont think I deserve any title, let alone that one. Thank you anyway.

I've enjoyed everything you've written in this story so far. I can't wait to read what happens next- and as I always say... Keep it up!


Author's response

Hey! Thankyou I hope to feel better too. I have a science GCSE tomorrow so I'm really hoping I feel better or else I'm gonna fail.

I supose it is getting depressing. It'll liven up soon I promise. And you do deserve that title ^.^

thankyou again! I'm about to go write another chapter.