Review for Some Things Happen Fast.

Some Things Happen Fast.

(#) Disenchantedxo 2010-02-18

Seriously?! I can be in your story?! YEY :) and i totally don't mind being with ray, hes awesome!

okay erm... so my name's Amanda, I have long dark brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin, i'm quite tall, i have unusually long eyelashes...

i wear alot of eyeliner, do nothing but listen to my ipod lol and... well i guess you could call me a freak! haha :) I'm also really shy when meeting new people, but i soon warm up to them :P

i think thats everything lol and thankyou thankyou thankyou for letting me be in your amazing story!!! i can't wait to read moooore :D x

Author's response

im actually REALLY looking forward to writing you in!
i already have an idea of what your part is in it :D
and i dont think my storys THAT amazing.. maybe great xD