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Her Name Is Valerie

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'it was my fault that he was like this...'

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thanks for the reviews!! im really confused... i dont know who i want olivia to end up with :S
anyway, enjoy!



I lay beside Frank, stroking his hair and leaning my head against his. it was my fault that he was like this. I had broken his heart. I looked over to Gerard in the corner of the room, reading a comic. Mikey had calmed down and was now sleeping, he had refused to tell anyone what was wrong. I could only guess that something happened at Alicias.

'Livvie? can we go talk?' Bob asked, poking his head round the door. I looked over to Frank, completely asleep beside me and kissed the top of his head, the guilt of all this happening not leaving me.

'Yeah, sure' i replied getting up slowly, trying not to disturb Frank. 'What is it?' i asked at i approuched Bob in the hall.

'Lets talk downstairs' i followed him down and sat on the sofa next to him. Paris and Ray had gone home and the house was dead silent. Bob turned to me, bring his legs up on the sofa and crossing them. 'Livvie, what are you doing to Frank and Gerard?' my throat closed off making it hard to speak. i had to hold back my sudden urge to cry. i said nothing. 'Look im not judging you, but i mean, is it Gerard or Frank you want to be with? because you can see that its killing Frank' i nodded my head. 'Livvie, who is it that you want to be with' i looked straight into his eyes and decided i should atleast try and talk.

'I dont know..' i said trailing off and looking down at my feet. 'I think i should go home and think about it' Bob looked pleased that he had gotten through.

'I'll give you a lift. Just please promiss me you'll think about this' i nodded my head and stood.

'I have to get changed' i said before Bob could stand. I ran back up to Gerards room where Frank was mumbleing in his sleep. I turned around to Gerard who smiled at me. I picked up my clothes and stumbled over to the bathroom and to my suprise Gerard followed.

'You okay?' he asked, this was the first time we had talked since we were walked in on. I couldn't help but feel relieved that they did. If they hadn't Gerard and I would have gone further than i had wanted.

'Im fine. Gerard i need to get dressed.' i said turning and sitting on the edge of the bath.

'We need to talk about earlier...' i shook my head and closed my eyes. 'Yes. We do, Livia. I feel bad. I feel like i lead you on. I mean i said i loved you, but there is this other girl and... i dont know.' this came as a shock to me. 'Look. When i first saw you, yeah i thought you were cute and yeah, maybe i had a bot of a crush on you. But i think when you were hurt and sent to hospital all my emotions got mixed up and i came out with things i didnt mean' i opened my eyes. Was Gerard saying he didnt mean that he loved me?

'What are you saying Gerard?' this came out colder than i had intended it to.

'Im saying, i dont think i love you. I dont love you. It was just a caught in the moment thing and all my emotions got fucked up.' I nodded my head once, not wanting to say something else and regret it. 'Theres this girl. Shes real nice. I have been friends with her for a real long time and before you came along her and i kissed.'

'You said on the first day we met that you didnt have a girlfriend'

'No, thats completely true. Shes not my gorlfriend... yet.' i shook my head again. i was so confused. one moment Gerard says he loves me and fucks up everything i had with Frank and the next he;s saying there is another girl that he 'forgot' to mention.

'I have to get changed' i said standing up and pushing the hair out of my face with my hand. He nodded his head and without another word he left the bathroom. I shut the door behind him and locked it and sunk to the floor.


Once i left the bathroom i sat back down on my chair. I know i had hurt Olivia and the truth was that i did love her. But Frank needed her and i couldnt stand in the way of them. Yes it was true about the girl, but once i met Olivia all my feelings changed. Her name was Valerie. She was one of the smallest people i knew, besides Frank. With gorgeous brow hair flowing down to her shoulders. Her and i had known eachother all our lives and a few days before Olivia came along her and i had kissed. I hadnt seen her since. She called me the day of the fire but i didnt have a chance to call her back.
I picked up my phone that was down the side of the chair where i sat and flipped it up. Scanning the list of names saved in my contacts. I stopped at her name, finger ready on the call button. i turned to the bathroom door and thought of Olivia. I needed to get over her.

okay, valerie you have been introduced :D you shall be in it much more in a few chapters time!! and emily and emma you shall be introduced next week or maybe before ;) R&R?
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