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Love or Lust?

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'Passing out from the amount of alcohol he had consumed...'

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thanks to everyone who is reading! i have TONS of ideas for the story and all you people who said you want to be in it, i shall write you all in. you should proberly all be in it by the end of next week. (hopefully) if not you will DEFINATLY be in it in about 2 weeks. :D okay... enjoy :)



i woke up that morning on the floor of the living room. I had laid there and cried myself to sleep after Frank had left. I didnt know why i had let him go. I loved him. But Gerard... It was to hard. I couldnt completely give Frank my heart untill my heart was completely for him. Right now it was torn between him and Gerard.
I heard people coming down from the stairs and i quickly got up and sat on the sofa, rubbing the sleep from the corners of my eyes.

'Wheres Frank?' Gerard asked as he took a seat at my feet. I didnt feel like talking, but i couldnt upset anyone else.

'We had a fight and he left' that was kind of true, right?

'oh.. you okay?' he shuffled up closer to me and put his arm around my shoulders, i turned to face his perfect pale face and i felt myself blushing.

'im fine' i finally was able to say. 'im more worried about Frank' i turned around at that moment for no apparent reason.

'I'll go find him later. You should go home and see your parents.' i nodded my head knowing that he was right. I would go see them. Pack a bag full of clothes and go see Frank at his house and hopefully he would let me stay.

'Yeah, okay' i smiled at Gerard, wanting to kiss him. i bit my bottom lip holding myself back and quickly jumped up and ran to the door.

'Livia, you cant walk home in the rain' he said following me. 'Let me give you a lift home, i need to pick up Mikey anyway.' just as he said that the door burst open, forcing me to fall backwards into Gerards arms. Mikey walked in soaked to the bone.

'Fuck..' he said looking at me in Gerards arms.

'Thats it rubb it in my FUCKING FACE!' he shouted at us, pointing to Gerards hands that were now resting on my stomach.

'Mikey whats wrong?' I heard Paris say from the top of the stairs, i turned around to see her in her short p.j shorts and a Iron Maiden tee. She ran down the stairs and pulled Mikey into a hug. i stood there shocked as i heard Mikey crying into her shoulder. Bob and Ray came down to join us. Both just in their boxers, Ray was wearing a t-shirt though. I heard Gerard laugh into my hair at the siqht of Rays boxers with puppys on. i held back my laughter. Mikey turned around sharply and gave us both his best death glare.

'WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TWO LAUGHING AT?!' he said pushing his glasses back up his nose and falling back into Paris's arms.

'Nothing..' i muttered still holding back my laughter. I took hold of Gerards hand and lead him into the kitchen, the best thing to do was get away from Mikey i thought to myself.

'I need to go and see to Mikey' Gerard said breathlessly as he stopped laughing. He headed for the door and i pulled him back so he was inches away from me. I looked deep into his eyes and leaned in to kiss him. He did the same without hesitation. His cold lips pressed against mine. i smiled against his lips as i felt his tongue run across my bottom lip. asking permission to enter. i slowly parted my lips and felt his tongue enter my mouth. i groaned as he lifted my up and sat me on the counter, i wrapped my legs around his waist pulling at his top. I heard him groan and pulled away to take his top off. I didn the same wrapping my arms around his neck and pressing my chest against his. as he kissed me his hands fumbled around with the back of my bra. Momentarily i forgot where we were, not wanting to remember that we were completely exposed in his kitchen. i pulled away breathless as i hadnt taken a proper breath in a few minuets and whispered against his hair as he kissed down my neck.

'Wait... your room' i mumbled, i felt him nodd his head against my bare neck. he lifted me up, legs still wrapped around his waist. he peeped out the door to see that Mikey and everyone else had gone up to his room. He quickly ran up the stairs and into his room closing the door behind him. He gentley laid me down on his bed, i pulled him closer to me, he finally got my bra undone and pulled it off. my bare chest pressed against his. I began to moan as he pulled down my trousers, but as he did he looked at me, his expression questioning me if i really want to do this. I answered bu kissing his neck and sitting up, undoing his belt and unzipping his zipper on his trousers. At that moment i heard Paris shout from outside.

'FRANK DONT!' the door burst open and a drunk Frank stood in the doorway, tears falling down his cheeks. A complete look of shock covered his face and he drunkily fell to the ground.

'YOUR MY BEST FRIEND!' I rolled off the bed to hide myself from Frank and Paris, i picked up Gerards Poisen t-shirt from the floor and put it on, i t was long enough to cover my bum.

'LOVE IS A LOAD OF SHIT!' Mikey screamed falling down to Franks side and putting his arm around him. I got up and rushed over to Frank who was crying histerically.

'Frank, Frankie?' i said patting the side of his face as his body slumped down. Passing out from the amount of alcohol he had consumed. I slapped him harder and his head bobbed up again. his clumsy hand grabbed onto the collar of the shirt i was wearing and he collapsed into my arms. Gerard ran to Mikey and lifted him up, carrying him to his room. Frank cried and cried.

'YOU HOOKER!' he shouted, i felt the area around Gerards t-shirt getting wet around the place Franks head was buried, the tears kept on coming.

'Frank, Im not a hooker'

'SO WHAT HAVE YOU SLEPT WITH MIKEY AND... RABOB!' he slurred Rays and Bobs names together, i puled him up and his head shot up and his puffy red eyes looked into mine. 'I LOVE YOU.. LIBBIA!' i smiled and kissed his cheek. Paris helped me stand him up and walk him over to Gerards bed where we laid him down. 'DONT LEAVE ME LIMM..IA!' i walked back over to him and laid myself down next to him, stroking the side of his face. Paris laid on the over side holding a bucket on my lap waiting for him to throw up.
I heard Mikey scream and cry in the other room and i wondered what had happened to him.

oohhh, so what happened to mikey? and will gerard and olivia ever get it on ;D R&R!
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