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I Just Did

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'I guess i got my answer...'

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okay so its pancake day today in the u.k... pancakes are so damn gooood ^.^ anyway, enjoy :D



I left Frank and Olivia alone to talk and went up to my room to change. As i closed the door i slid down the side of the wall and let out a whimper, clutching my heart. Olivia almost kissed me and still went back to Frank, i had told him everything on the way home. The way i felt about her, what she said to me, everything. I knew she said that she couldn't do anything with me because she had Frank, but to tell the truth she didnt look that happy, thats why i told him i guess. She always looked confused. I dont know why i felt this way towards her. I just did.


'Are you and Gerard okay?' Olivia asked me. I knew what was going on between her and Gerard. He has told me. I put on a strong face when we had walked in the door to be greeted by Olivia. I felt like i was losing her to him. I am goofy, imature (at times) and i guess weird. I was stupid to think that Olivia would want me back. Yeah she said she loved me, but she proberly only said it out of guilt.

'Yeah, we're fine' i said, my voice was shakey due to the anger i was holding in. I closed my eyes and took my hand back from Olivias shoulders. 'Livia, i dont think i can do this.'

'Do what?'

'This. You. I cant compete for you. Gerard told me everything. If you want him, go get him. Just stop waiting around and breaking my heart.' i turned to look at her. She looked confused as usual. I let out a sigh and got up from the seat. My heart was breaking.

'Frank...' She trailed off and looked down at her feet. I guess i got my answer. I took one last look at her and walked to the front door. Hoping she'll pull me back and kiss me. But she didnt and i found myself outside in the pouring rain again.

sorry it was short! if you want to be in this story tell me what you look like and what part you want to play in this magical tale ;D r&r?
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