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Cups of Coffee

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'he let out a glimps of a smile and before i knew it he had kissed my cheek...'

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thank you for all the reviews. I just watched My Sisters Keeper and i am really emotionall at the moment so i felt i had to write a chapter. Keep reading! i promiss it gets better!



Olivias body fell limp as she slept beside me in my arms. I kissed the back of her head and freed my arm from under her, slowly getting up and puttig my jacket back on. Anger was boiling up inside of me and i needed to go sort Lucas out.

'I love you' i whispered against Olivias neck as i pressed my lips against it and felt her warmth rush through my body. I shuddered at the thought of losing her and then pulled myself together. I made my way up the stairs as lightly as i could without making them squeak. As i stood in the doorway i took one last look at beautiful Olivia and headed for the front door. I opened it to have a strong gust of wind push me back. Almost telling me to not go, but i ignored the warning and stepped out into the darkness and pulled my hood over my head.
It was about 2 in the morning by the time i had got to Lucas's house. I stood outside in the pouring rain waiting for my courage to pick up. The image of Olivia laying in a pool of blood in the bathroom flashed through my head and i felt myself getting angrier and angrier. I trudged through the muddy lawn, getting my all stars covered in mud and then hammered on the door with my fist.

'LUCAS GET THE FUCK OUT HERE!' i shouted into the darkness. I stumbled fowards as the door opened. Lucas stood before me looking smug.

'Took that bitch long enough to tell you' he said, stepping forwards in his boxers but then backing away as the rain hit him. This comment made me even angrier. I lifted my arm to punch him but he was faster and i soon felt his fist hit my face. For the second time. My body fell to the wet muddy ground. I soon pulled myself up and ran for him, i hit him down to the ground and kicked him several times in the stomache, but he didnt even look in pain. He laid on the floor in the centre of the houses hallway laughing. I soon felt i should stop and i stepped back, looking down at him. Blood escaped the corners of his evil mouth.

'You really made a mistake doing this, Frank. You obviously care about Olivia' He snarled as he said her name. 'Now that makes me want to hurt her more'

'You fucking touch her and i swear to god i will kill you!' i said stepping foward to kick him in some more, but i felt a hand wrap round the top of my arm and pull me back. I sharply turned around to see Gerard, he stared deep into my eyes making me feel uncomfortable. He looked full of hate.

'Did he do it?!' Gerard said gestering towards Lucas who was now backing up.

'Yeah, did Livia tell you?' i asked, feeling threatened by Gerards over protective tone.

'No, i followed you here.. i just guessed' we both turned to look at Lucas but he had disappeared into the house, Gerard and I stepped back feeling uneasy.

'Lets go' i said walking faster back down the road.


i woke up as i heard the front door shut. I turned around to find Frank was gone and my heart sunk. He had gone to find Lucas and the front door shutting was either him leaving or returning. I got up and ran up the stairs, falling a few times on my way.

'shit' i muttered into the darkness of the living room.

'Livia?' I heard Gerards voice say and then the lights came on. Frank was standing next to Gerard soaking wet.

'Frank, What did you do?!' i said running over and mopping the blood off from a small gash on his cheek.

'I beat the shit out of Lucas' i shifted my gaze to Gerard who was standing quietly behind Frank.

'And Gerard?' I felt like their mums but i had a reason to be acting like this.

'I followed' He muttered, looking down at his shoes.

'You must be freezing!' I ran towards then pulling them over to the sofa and then running upstairs to Gerards empty room to take two towels from his bathroom. 'Here' i said handing the warm towels to them. I sat down next to Frank putting my arms around his shivering shoulders and rubbing his arm to keep him warm. I looked over to Gerard who was still looking down at his shoes. His long black hair hung over his face so i couldnt see his expression. I quickly stood up and clapped my hands together. 'I'll make you both coffee' my voice came out unusually loud and Gerard looked up and pressed his finger against his lovely lips.

'Paris, Bob and Ray are sleeping upstairs' he whispered as he stood. 'I'll help you. Franks colder than me' Frank looked not very happy, but let Gerard follow me into the kitchen. As soon as the door closed i felt the heat between Gerard and I grow. I put the kettle on and unscrewed the lid from the coffee pot Gerard had left out before. Gerard stood beside me, placing down three mugs and handing me a spoon.

'You okay?' i asked, i was awear my voice was loud and shakey.

'I've been better' he let out a glimps of a smile and before i knew it he had kissed my cheek. My hand reached up towards the place he kissed and i smiled. 'Sorry' he muttered. I stepped fowards, pressing my body against his. Our lips inches away and the kettle went off. I jumped back and hurried towards the kettle. The sudden startle of the kettle made my stomache jump and i began to feel quesy. I made the coffee. Not looking at Gerard. Feeling silly, but craving a kiss from him and being that close to him again.

'Here' i said accidently shoing his cup of coffee into his hands and then stumbled out of the kitchen to hand Frank his cup.

'Thanks, pretty girl' he said smiling and kissing the top of my head as i sat down next to him. I looked up at Gerard who quickly winked at me when Frank was taking a sip from his cup and i felt myself go red. Did i like Gerard?

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