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He Did It

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'my memory flashed back to the face of the attacker...'

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okay... im kinda losing readers so im going to add alot of romance in this chapter :D



i went to go sit down on the sofa bed when i felt Frank grab me from behind and kiss my neck. I smiled to myself and fell backwards into his lap, bringing my legs up to my chest and holding them there with my arms.

'You okay?' he whispered into my ear as i leant further back against his chest.

'Yeah, its just... im kind of scared of that guy coming back' my memory flashed back to the face of the attacker. I shuddered against Franks body and felt the tears falling down my cheeks again.

'Its okay, Livia. He wont come back' he rocked my body back and forth in his arms.

'No... Frank. I know who it was' i couldnt hold it in anymore. I dont know why i kept it a secret in the first place.

'What? You knew the whole time?' i turned around to see the expression on his face. He didnt look mad, he looked anxious to find out who it was. 'So who is it, sugar?' he said planting a soft encurageing kiss on my lips.

'Lucas... from school' Franks face went blank. 'Frank?' i said, trying to make him show some emotion in his face or for him to speak.

'Wait here, okay? Go to sleep, i dont care. Just stay here' He got up, sitting me down on the bed and then leaning over to kiss me. I pushed myself up abit by my hands so i could reach his face and i pressed my lips against his. He broke the kiss before it could go any further and walked towards the stairs.

'Frank were are you going?' i said getting up and following. I wasnt going to let him leave me again.

'I have to sort somethings out..'

'Frank!' i grabbed onto his shirt and pulled him back to me before he could enter the living room, my face was inches from his and our bodys pressed together. 'You always do this.'

'Do want me to just sit their and do nothing about Lucas, Olivia?! I could have lost you!' Frank had raised his voice and his eyes looked shiney. Tears dropped frm his cheeks now and i had forgotten that i was still crying too. 'I dont think you realise how much i really care for you.'

'Frank. Lucas came here and he attacked me. If you go straight to him you dont know what he will do!' I reached up to his face at the same time he did the same to mine and wiped his tears. We bothed laughed as we did, i took his wrist in my shakey hands and traced my thumb over the initials of my name and then kissed it. As i did i heard Bob shout at Ray to get off him. 'Please dont go' i said, reaching up on my tip toes and kissing him. He nodded his head as he held the sides of my face with his hands and kissed me back.

'Want to go back downstairs?' he asked, pressing his forehead against mine.

'yes please' i say and squealed as he scooped me up into his arms and carried me back downstairs. He then laid me down on the sofa bed and he lay beside me. I turned my head to look in his beautiful eyes and he kissed the tip of my nose and brushed my hair out of my face.
I slowly snuggled up to him as he held me close and rested my head on his chest. I felt Frank stroke my hair as i closed my eyes. Giving into how tired i really was.

R&R! there will be more romance... but maybe not with Frank next time ;)
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