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'I loved Olivia...'

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Chapter 9:

When Olivia walked into the room with Paris everyone stopped and turned to look who it was standing in the door way. Olivia looked lovely. Her skin was as clear and as pale as newly settled snow. Her gorgeous hazel eyes glowed and her smile lightened up her whole face. She looked beautiful with and without make up and she looked happier, that made me feel relieved. I loved Olivia.


I turned around in my seat, my eyes leaving the TV screen where Frank’s character ‘Aragorn’ was beating the shit out of some retarded looking orcs. Olivia had gone red in the cheeks because we were all staring at her how happy face. I preferred her with make up. She looked more awake and the eyeliner, neatly drawn around her eyes made the hazel pop. I think I loved Olivia.

I felt myself going red in the cheeks as I stepped through the door and everyone turned around to look who it was. Franks beautiful face lightened up as I smiled and Gerard's face looked confused. I had decided I was going to talk to him about what he said to me.

‘Hey beautiful’ Frank said breaking the silence. Without hesitation I headed for Frank. I sat in between his legs on the floor- hiding from everyone's concerned eyes. I looked ahead at the screen but the game remained paused, I poked my head round Frank’s legs to see everyone but Paris and Frank looking at me.

‘I'm fine. Can we all just forget about it and stop treating me like a special needs person’ the room kicked into life once I had said that. I smiled to myself. ‘Are we going to play or what?’ I said taking the spare controller from off the ground and pressing the x button to resume the game. ‘I WANT TO BE ARAGORN!’ I bounced up and down on my bum whining.

‘I am always Aragorn. Sorry bitch’ Frank said laughing and nudging me with his leg. I felt all my feelings for Frank coming back. Before the kiss earlier he was all serious and dull, but now Frank was the person I instantly fell in love with when I first met him. I loved his sense of humour. His constant swearing. His cute, but cheeky smile. ‘FUCK ME!’ shouted Frank, jumping out his seat a little as he died.

‘Guys, I can see your enjoying this as much as we are, but do you want to go and do something fun?’ Bob said looking a little bored.

‘Okay’ I said getting up slowly, trying not to use my back to much. It wasn’t hurting to much now and I didn’t want to do anything to change that. We all set away the controllers and walked out of the room and back downstairs.

‘What shall we do now?’ Ray asked looking out the front door as we passed it. The rain was now coming down hard. I scanned the room, feeling something wasn’t right.

‘Where’s Mikey?’ I finally realised Mikey was missing. He’ll be happy with me, I thought to myself.

‘Oh, He’s stuck at Alicia’s’ replied Gerard as he headed for the kitchen. ‘You guys want anything?’

‘Coke!’ Frank said as he collapsed onto Bobs lap, Bob shouted and hit Frank round the head with the magazine her had just picked up.

‘Coffee, I’ll come help you’ I said looking over to Paris who knew everything. I had decided to tell her what I heard and thought when she did my make up. She didn’t think it was a good idea falling for Gerard. It would cause problems between him and Frank and I didn’t want that at all. I had to talk to him and tell him that I heard him tell me he loved me and that I cant feel the same way.

‘Okay, thanks’ he said smiling and walking into the kitchen.

‘The coffee is on that cupboard’ he said pointing to the cupboard above the stove, I reached up and pulled out the pot of coffee, trying to take as long as I could.

‘Gee? I need to talk to you about something.’ He turned around to face me sharply.


‘I heard you in the hospital. I heard what you said to me’

‘Oh shit’ he muttered looking down at the floor.

‘Gee, I can’t feel the same way. Frank... Frank has my fucking name tattooed on his wrist!’

‘What?! Frank has your name tattooed on him after you knowing him for about a day!’ Gerard looked angry and sat down on one of the stools around the kitchen counter. He took a deep breath and continued. ‘That's beside the point...’ He started to twiddle his thumbs. ‘You can’t feel the same way’

‘No. Gerard, I know this sounds so rude and I probably shouldn’t be saying anything at all but. No. I couldn’t do that to Frank’

‘I understand’

‘I had to say something. It was making me feel uncomfortable and I had to set things right, Y’know?’ I felt bad. Gerard looked real sad. I had come across to strong- I told myself. I nodded my head once and left the room.

‘Hey, pretty girl.’ Frank smiled as I walked in. I smiled back and took a seat by Bob. I wasn’t in the mood to laugh and joke around.

‘Its late. I'm going to go to bed’ I said standing up again after a few minuets and heading for the basement. Frank rose in his chair and looked at me. ‘You can come too if you want’ he got up and followed me down he stairs, this time with a torch so he could find the lightswitch.

dont worry! the gerlivia(ness) is coming up soon! any ideas on what should happen next? R&R
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