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Make Up

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'i heard Frank shout from upstairs...'

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Okay, i dont know if she will stay with Frank or Gerard... who do you prefer?

Chapter 8:


The lights were working again, thanks to Bob and Ray. I sat on Gerards couch, waiting for Olivia to talk. She seemed mad at me. I knew she had almost just been raped but why was she mad at me? I gave in and started a convosation as i sat next to her and put my arm around her shoulders.

'Olivia, are you okay?' i asked tucking a strand of stray hair back behind her ear.

'No Im not Frank... but Im trying to get over it... I mean he almost... but he didnt. Thats what i need to focus on... he didnt...' she didnt seem able to say the word rape. My heart broke as i saw the tears fall down her cheeks again.

'Shh, its okay' i said lifting her up and holding her in my arms. We were alone. Paris and Bob were upstairs, Gerard and Ray were cleaning up and setting up beds and mikey was at his girlfriends, he had to tell her he might not be able to see her for a few days. The storm had stopped for awhile but it was starting to rain again. 'I know its hard Livia, you just have to stay strong' i didnt know what else to say. I felt her body relax in my arms, i looked down at her, it hurt me to see her in pain. 'I love you Livia' I felt the need to say it, i smiled as her head looked up and she reached up to kiss me, i leaned it, pressing my lips against hers lightly, i felt the tears on her cheeks rubbing off onto my face but i didnt care. I slowly stuck my tongue out as we kissed, gentley touching her lips, he parted them without hesetating. I slipped my tongue around her mouth, hearing her groan against my lips. We slowly broke the kiss at the same time, keeping our faces inches away from eachothers.

'I love you too' she said smiling and then nuzzeling her face into my neck. I smiled to myself as i stroked her hair and rocked her back and forth.


'Are you guys going to move or what?!' Paris said prodding Olivia on the arm. I felt her body tighten as she groaned and stretched.

'You woke her up!' i said standing with Olivia still in my arms, i walked over to the other couch were Bob jumped up and so did Ray and i laid her down and covered her in a blanket. I turned to Paris who looked rather guity and jumped onto her lap. She let out a yelp and laughed.

'Frankies back!' she said pushing me off her lap.

'I've been here the whole time..' i said glancing over to Bob who shrugged his shoulders.

'No... Franks been here... Ever since Livvie got hurt. Franks all serious and Frankies fun and cute' i laughed at her as i propped up my feet on her lap. Gerard walked in and sat on the floor next to Bob and Ray.

'That was just Mikey on the phone. He's kind of stuck at the moment at Alicia's' Gerard said, pulling his legs up to his chest.

'Shall we go get him?' Ray said looking concerned. I looked up at Olivia, who was still asleep.

'Naahhh, he'll be fine' Gerard said with a little sarcasim in his voice.

'Not if there's a wide range of forks and toasters their!' i said making everyone laugh. I had once walked into the kitchen and Mikey was sticking a fork into the toaster to get a piece of very burnt toast out. Ever since we haven't been able to leave him un supervised. God knows what else he does when we're not around.

'Lets play on the PLAYSTATION!' Paris said jumping up and knocking me feet off.

'Ooooooooh! I WANT TO PLAY LORD OF THE RINGS!' i said jumping up too, Paris looked at me, knowing there are only two controllers and ran for Gerards room.



'DAMN YOU BITCH!' i heard Frank shout from upstairs, i opened my eyes and found myself spread across the sofa. Everyone i think was upstairs doing something...
I rubbed my eyes and slowly got myself up. The clock read '11:30 pm' and i felt alot better for the sleep.

'Livvie?' I heard Paris say, i turned around to see her sitting at the coffee table, reading a batman comic.

'Hey' i said, i felt in a much better mood.

'You feeling any better?' she asked as i sat down in her lap.

'Yeah, much better thanks' i smiled, i wondered where Gerard was.

'Want to borrow some make up? Make up always makes me feel better' she said pulling a bag out from under the table.

'Oh yes please, wil you help me?' She nodded her head as i got up and sat myself infront of her. She rumaged threw her bag and pulled out eyeliner, mascara and cover up.

'Ready?' she said smiling and pulling me closer to her so she could reach my face.


'I shall call this look... Impressing Frankie' she smiled trying to get me to talk to her about Frank, but all i wanted to talk about was Gerard.

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