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Im Not Okay

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'Want me to help?' he asked looking worried. 'Yes please' i said feeling ashamed, but there was no way i could get dressed myself.

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heey, thanks for the reviews guys! this has to be a quick one, i have a english essay due in tomorrow and i haven't even nearly finished... but i have a urge to write more of this story, so im going to write a short chapter and if i finish my essay in time i will write a longer one :D enjoy ;)

Chapter 7:


I watched Frank fast asleep in the chair beside my bed. Everyone but Frank had to leave to get Gerards house tidy before his mum came home. I made them all promiss not to get any parents and the police involved with what had happened. I needed to leave this place before my mum found out. I tryed to stand but i just didnt have the strengh. I lifted up the mirror Paris had gave me an hour ago and took a look. Despite the current events i didnt look that bad. My skin was as pale as ever, i had dark circles under my eyes, but i could just say that, that was from not sleeping. My left cheek was alittle bruised but easily covered up and the gash on my forehead could be hiden behind my fringe. I glanced over to the clock which now read '7:30'- about 8 hours ago i was runing out of school and freaking out about Frank getting caught in the fire. it felt so long ago.

'Frank?' i whispered, reaching out and tapping his knee. 'FRANK?' i shouted, giving in to my frustration. His body shook and sprang to life as he sat up abruptly and opened his eyes.

'What? What is it? Are you okay?' he said leaning over and taking my hand.

'Nothings the matter. I just need to get out of here. If my mum found out she would kill me.'

'Are you feeling better?' Frank asked raising his eyebrows.

'Yes, alot better. I just want to leave... please Frankie?' a concerned expression crossed his face. I sat myself up to show him how i had improved. My back wasn't hurting anymore.

'Well.. Okay.' he said getting up and walking over to his bag which was in the corner of the room, i hadn't realised it was even here. He pulled out the tee shirt Paris had made me and a pair of white washed pipe jeans and all stars. 'These are Paris's, we couldn't fit everyone in the car when we went to the hospital so Paris ran home with Mikey and they got some clothes and her car' I took the clothes from him and smiled. 'Can you stand?'
Now was the real test. I had to show him i could atleast stand and then i could definatly go home. I didnt answer and swung my limp legs over the edge of the bed, touching them down to the ground. i shakily lifted my bum from the bed and stumbled over to Frank who caught me.

'Thanks' i said smiling weakly, he walked me over to the bathroom and sat me down on the edge of the bath/shower.

'Want me to help?' he asked looking worried.

'Yes please' i said feeling ashamed, but there was no way i could get dressed myself. He walked over to me and kissed the tip of my nose.

'Im so glad your okay' he whispered against my forehead, making me shudder. 'Lift up your arms' i did as he said and he slid off the nighty the hospital provided. i felt vunrable as i sat there just in a pair of white panties. My chest exposed. Frank didnt even care, he helped me into the clothes and shoes and then lifted me up into his arms.

'Thanks' i said again, smiling up at him. I didnt feel at this moment that i could ever laugh again. i was to depressed and confused. Gerard liked me? he said he loved me! what was i supposed to do? should i act like i didnt hear it, because i wasnt... well... you know what i mean.

'Can you get in okay?' Frank said, i broke out of my own little thought bubble and found myself in Franks arms looking down at a blank land rover.

'Who's is this?'

'Paris's, she left it here so i could drive you home.'

'Oh, okay' i said smiling again. Such a fake smile. He stood me up and turned me to face him. I looked down at the floor trying not to lock eyes with him.

'Are you sure your okay?' Frak asked, pulling me into a hug. No i wasnt fucking okay! I was nearly fucking raped! i was thrown through glass doors! i shook off my anger and nodded my head, pulling out of his grasp and getting in the car.

Sorry it was short! damn english teacher! rate and review :D
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