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I Love You

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'Gerard let out a breathless laugh and touched my hand ever so gentley,i kept my eyes shut, not wanting to embarress him.'

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Okay, quick chapter to clear things up for you... wont be able to update tomorrow, going to see lost prophets and kids in glass houses :D enjoy :)

Chapter 6:


'Livia, seeing that you are not awake right now and everyone has gone with Frank to get coffee, im going to tell you how i really feel about you. Ever since i laid my eyes on you the day you joined our school, i loved you. Trust Frank to get in there first' Gerard let out a breathless laugh and touched my hand ever so gentley,i kept my eyes shut, not wanting to embarress him.
'The way you smile, your dimples make you look so innocent and yet your the most cheekiest person i know. Sure we dont know eachother that well but... i cant stop feeling this way. Im sorry. Now please wake up. Wake up so i can get butterflys everytime you turn and look at me and make me wish and dream that you might someday tell me that you love me too.' i felt his hand move away from mine as soon as i heard the door open. I lay there in shock, trying not to open my eyes. Gerard... liked me? i wasn't expecting that.

'Doing any better?' Frank asked, i tryed not to smile. Sure this was wrong, but if you had the chance to find out what everyone you care about really thought about you, would you pass it up?
No. i didnt think so.

'No, still sleeping, the nurse said she should be up in about an hour.' Gerard replied, i felt someones hand on mine again, i was unable to tell whos it was.

'Can i have a moment with her alone. Gerard?' Frank asked, the loud sound of Gerards chair being pushed back as he stood up almost made me jump, Frank waited for the door to be closed before he went on to talk. 'Livia. Im sorry about what happened to you. I should have checked the house better. I should have gone up with you...' he trailed off, his voice was sad and hurting. 'The nurse said your fine. Just a few stiches here and there, but the nurses said nothing serious, we can leave when you feel completely and truthfuly better. You hit your head hard, sugar' i could tell he was smiling. 'Why cant you just wake up and be my girlfriend? Sheesh. i mean, you are SO perfect, Livia. And yes yes, i know you want to wait to get to know eachother... but i mean, COME ON!' i heard a little laugh excape his perfect lips. I didnt want to fake this any longer, i decided to break it to him gentley.
i began to stir, moving my legs alittle but then stopping at the shoot of pain up my spine.
'Livia?' I heard Frank run to the door and shout 'GUYS! SHES AWAKE!'.
i slowly opened my eyes, squinting for a momenet to let my eyes adjust to the light.

'hello sleepy head' Paris said leaning over the bed and brushing her thumb against my cheek, i felt like she was my mother. 'How you feeling, okay?'

'uh huh' i said, trying to sit myself up.

'No, no, no! dont do that! i'll help!' Gerard said rushing over about to help me when Frank pushed past and beat him to it.

'I'll help...' he said threw gritted teeth, i shot a look at Ray who looked at me with his 'dont look at me i dont know! look. Frank gentley slid his hands under my bum and on the top of my back and sat me up against the pillows.

'Thanks' i mumbled as i wiped my damp forehead.

'You hot? want me to get you anything?' Mikey quickly said, he was watching my every move.

'Guys, im fine! i promiss!' i smiled lightly and reached my arm out for Franks, he took a seat beside my bed, im guessing the one Gerard was sitting on before and placed my hand in his, interlocking our fingers and rubbingthe back of my hand with his thumb. I missed him.

'So, i know its not the best time to be asking... but did you see who did this to you?' Bob asked, taking a seat at the end of my bed.

'No. Im sorry.' i lied.

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