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'my broken body fell down on the floor like a rag doll being dropped by her owner...'

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i keep on deleting this chapter and re writing it! i cant get it right! maybe this time i will!

Chapter 5:


The blood in my veins began to boil as i watched Gerard hold Olivia like she was his. I wish i could call her my own, but she didnt want that just yet. Olivia looked from Gerard to me and i quickly looked way, i didnt want her to see me and angry and make her think it was her i was mad at.

'Can you seriously hear that? there must be someone upstairs' Paris whispered as she clung onto Bob for support.

'I'll go check it out' i said, unable to stay in this room with Gerard.

'Frank dont!' Olivia said sharply as she broke from Gerard grasp and walked over to me. 'What if there is someone up there? how do we know that he isnt armed'

'It could be a girl' Bob butted in, i heard mikey snort to hold back his nervous laughter.

'Frank. Dont.' She was now holding onto my arm and pulling me back away from the door. A loud crash came from upstairs and everyone jumped. 'Shit!' Olivia exclaimed as she jumped into my arms, i wrapped my arms around her timy body and stroked her hair with my free hand.

'I'll go up there with you, Frank' Mikey said stepping foward and pushing his glasses back up hs nose with his shakey clumsy fingers.

'Yeah, me too' said Ray, he was always the toughest one out of all of us, he had to be with all the hair jokes he gre up with. Now whenever a joke about it was muttered he would turn around and hit the guy.
I nodded my head at them, trying not to say anything and get Olivia started again, i stepped back with Olivia still clinging onto me and swapped places with Bob, she hadn't completely realised untill i had stepped out the kitchen with Mikey and Ray.


I felt Frank move me into Bobs arms, i didnt say anything and acted like i didnt realise because the last thing i wanted to do was upset him.

'Bob, im going with him' i said letting go of his shirt and stepping clumsily over to the door.

'Like hell you are'

'Shh!' Paris said, placing her finger on her lips

'Like hell you are!' Bob repeated but whispering this time.

'They need a flash light' Gerard whispered as he picked one up and headed out after them. Moments later he walked back through the door and took a seat back down by the counter.

'Right, Bob and I will go and see whats up with the electricty box outside, you and Paris light some more candles downstairs okay? dont go up untill Mikey, Ray or Frank say its okay'

I nodded my head and Paris did the same, she ran over to Bob before he left and kissed him lightly on the lips before he left, my heart began to ache, wishing i did the same to Frank.


Mikey held the flash light out infront of us as we tip toed up the staircase, trying not to trip on anything. Butterflys filled my stomach, i tryed not to show the fear on my face, i had to look strong for the other guys.

'Mikey, search your room, Frank search the bathroom, i'll do gerards and donnas room' Ray said as he stepped lightly over to Donna- Gerards and Mikeys sweet mothers room.
The hallway became dark as Mikey stepped into his room with the flashlight, i stepped into the bathroom, Mikey soon joined me and shone the light around the room, the window was open and the floor was wet with rain from outside.

'No ones hear' I said loudly, forgeting to be quiet, Ray stepped out of Gerards room and hit me on the arm.

'Shut up!' he said, we all looked at eachother and laughed at the plain stupidness of ourselves.

'I cant believe no one is here!' Mikey said lookig strangley dissapointed.

'Come on, lets go tell the rest of them' I said heading back downstairs.

'FRANK! YOUR OKAY!' Olivia said loudly as she dropped a box of matches and ran into my arms, i smiles into her hair and kissed the top of her head.

'Ofcorse i am' i said, holding her infront of me by the shoulders and looking into her beautiful hazel eyes.

'Okay, i need the loo, all that excitement left me busting!' she said, grabbing a flash light and running over to the stairs.

'Want me to come with you?' i asked hoping she would say yes.

'Give me 5 minuets and then come and meet me in gerards room' she said in her cheeky voice and wining at me.
I watched her dissapear upstairs and i turned to join in Ray, Paris and Mikeys conversation.


i stepped corsiously to the bathroom, scared of the dark, i shone the light down at me feet watching were i was stepping.
I get to the bathroom door and opened it, i looked up and stepped in, slowly lifting the torch up so i can make out were the toilet is when suddenly a fist came flying out of nowhere and hitting me to the ground, a hand covered my mouth and i was dragged up roughly to my feet, a rag was tied around my mouth as i bobbed my head sluggishly. My legs felt like they were going to give out when i heard in my ear.

'I told you i always get what i want' my eyes widened at the familiar comment and i slowly became aware that the familiar person was pushing me towards the window, i began to thrash and kick my legs, screaming loudly, but it only becoming muffled by the rag.

'Olivia, you done?!' i heard Frank shout at the bottom of the stairs.

'Shit!' the person holding me now aggressively round the waist pulled my hair more, making me stand on my tip toes so my cheek was against his. 'tell him to give you 10 more minuets and i wont hurt him' tears began to flood down my cheeks at the thought of Frank getting hurt, i nodded my head feebley and he let go, still holding me round the waist, the pulled down the rag and i whimpered as i felt something cold and hard against my back. 'Say it!'

'Frank... give me 10 more minuets' the man roughly pulled the rag back around my mouth and threw me down onto the toilet, holding me down by the legs.

'Okay...' i heard Frank say as he joined the others.

'Excellent' the man said grabbing my hands, i kicked my legs up into his crutch making him wince in pain, he smiled and lifted me up and dropped me down on the floor. I lost control of my body, lieing there motionless on the wet cold floor. The mans tough hands fiddled around with Franks belt tied around Gerards jeans and pulled them down, i began to cry and tried to kick my legs. Soon after he was ripping down my panties and undoing his own belt, i began to get more feeling in my legs, only for him to punch down hard on my stomach leaving me weak again. He pushed himself ontop of me, stopping me from moving, before he could get inside me i heard footsteps coming up the stairs, i let out a scream, it was muffled but enough for someone on the same floor to hear. The man quickly jumped up, sorting out his jeans and them lifting me up by the waist, he ran to the door pushing it shut.

'Olivia?!' Rays worried voice sounded through the door. i let out another muffled scream and Ray suddenly sounded paniced. 'FRANK! MIKEY!' he screamed as he started to knock down the door. The man in his confusen threw me into the showers glass doors and jumped out the window. The glass shattered around me, my broken body fell down on the floor like a rag doll being dropped by her owner, i weakly lifted up my hand to my head and felt a great gash, a warm wet liquid came trickling down my forehead and into my eyes. The door broke open and Ray, Frank and Mikey came rushing in. I took one look at Franks beautiful face and closed my eyes.

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