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Power Cut

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'Someones upstairs...' Paris whispered breaking the silence.

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im bored so im going to write a quick chapter :D enjoy and tell me what you think about gerard liking olivia and what not :) oh and by the way im fed up with doing capitals for all the names and the start of sentences so im just going to leave that out, so sorry if it annoys you!

Chapter 4:


I took Olivias hand in mine and lead her downstairs to Gerards and Mikeys basement. It was dark thanks to the lack of windows in this house.

'Its so dark, Frankie! How can you see what your doing?' i felt around the wall for the lightswitch, i finally found it and switched it on, i turned around to see olivia already sitting on the sofa bed. 'is this were we're sleeping?' she asked as she patted the space next to her for me to sit down. i suddenly felt a rush of dissapointment flood my body and i sat down next to her, taking both her hands in mine and looking foward at the wall.

'This is were you'll be sleeping, i dont think it will be right for us to sleep in the same bed' i looked at her beautiful face 'i mean, you cried afer kissing me, i have NO idea what you'll do if we sleep in the same bed' i watched her lips curve upwards into her gorgeous smile, her dimples became visable and i couldnt help but want to kiss her again.

'Yeah your right, i mean, we have kissed once and you have only got my initals tattooed on your wrist. we're not ready to sleep in the same bed' she teased as she shuffled over into my lap and sat facing me. 'pleeeaaase frankie, i'll be scared down here all on my own' i smile and leant in for a kiss when suddenly a flash of lightning lit up the room and the lights went out, i heard olivia yelp and bury herself in my chest.

'shh, its okay, the power went' she and i began to stand up and took small steps trying not to trip over anything.

'OW SHIT!' i heard her shout as she walked into something.

'where the hell are you?' i asked putting my arms out infront of me trying to find her.

'over here!' followed the sound of her voice and finally found her, i scooped her up into my arms and carryed her up the stairs, carefully not to fall. i felt her nuzzle against my neck and giggle against it, making me get goosebumps.

'GERARD?!' i shouted into the darkness, all i could hear was giggerling and screams.

'Frankie, Olivia! there you are!' said Gerard shining a torch in my eyes. 'We're the only house were the power has gone out, come and see' he said leading me over to the front door.

'I can walk now' Olivia whispered in my ear, i didnt want to let her go, but she had already squirmed out of my grasp and was standing my Gerards side. I watched Gerard turn to Olivia and smile, i felt a strange feeling at the pit of my stomach but decided to ignore it.

'look!' Gerard said, suddenly looking away from Olivia and opening the door, he was right, light was coming from everyones windows but ours.

'It must be the electricity box, thingy' Olivia said, stepping back to my side were i protectively put my arms around her waist and pulled her into my chest.

'Do you hear that?' i whispered as i heard footstairs upstairs.

'Its proberly one of the other guys' said gerard closing the door and heading back to the kitchen were everyone else seemed to be.

'Frank, everyone else is here' Olivia said counting everyone as we walked in, mikey patted me on the back as i took a seat and olivia walked over to paris and hugged her, the room was dimmly lit with candles and bob and ray were turning on torches. I heard the footsteps upstairs again, everyone must have too because we all went quiet and looked at eachother.

'Someones upstairs...' paris whispered breaking the silence. olivia let out a whimper and gerard put his arm around her.
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