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Gee and Mikeys House

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‘Why on earth is she naked?’ I heard Frank say, I laughed at the sheer horror in his voice.

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okay, so thanks for the reviews, i think i shall update this tomorrow after school. i dont know if gerard should start hitting on olivia and frank and him get in a big fight. it could create some drama ;D tell me what you think should happen. thanks guys!

Chapter Three:

Gerard's house was small and welcoming, as you walked in the only beams of light came from small windows about 30cm long and 15cm high, or from the long red candle sticks plated across any flat surface, strange objects filled the tables- skulls, paper weights with a real dead bat inside, crystals and more. The walls were either red or black in all of the rooms, with cartoon pictures of vampires and monsters blue tacked or framed on the wall, Gerard and Mikey's Mum and Dad must take great pride in their sons artwork.

‘Wow, I like your house’ I said staring at the big human skull of the mantle piece.

‘Thanks, when people normally come round for the first time they freak out’ Mikey said laughing.

‘So your Mum and Dad like all this stuff to?’ I said moving from the skull and to look for Frank.

‘Yeah, they are the reason we’re like this’ Gerard said patting Mikey on the shoulder. Frank must have known I was looking for him because he caught my eye just I had found him from across the room and made his way over to me and put this arm around me, kissing the top of my head.

‘So, who do you think burnt down the school?’ Ray said out of the blue, we had all been dodging the question all the way here.

‘I don’t know, normally things not as extreme as this happen around the time we go into the school soccer championships’ replied Frank.

‘So people from other schools do stuff to your school when you’re competing against them?’ I asked shocked, stuff like this never happened in England.

‘You’re not in London anymore, your in Jersey, the roughest place in America’ said Frank swaying a little with me in his arms. Gerard broke the silence by walking over to Paris and pushing her oto the couch.

‘TICKLE HER!’ shouted Bob as we all scrambled over to her and began to tickle her, Mikey turned round and looked at me laughing and then suddenly he was lifting me off the ground and shouting,

‘WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?!’ I screamed as I was thrown down next to Paris, I felt them all pile on top of us.

‘YOU. GUYS! STOP. IT!’ I tried to say in-between my laughing fit, I looked up to see Frank had tied a sheet around his neck, he stuck his arm up like a super hero and did another one of his retarded ninja moves and scooped me up into his arms and began running away with me from the guys and now Paris had joined in to get me.

‘NO TIME TO FRET OR FEAR, SUPER FRANKIES HERE!’ shouted Frank as he zoomed across the room, I felt him topple and everyone fell on top of me, including Frank who had just tripped over the coffee table.

‘OWW!’ I screamed as all there weight became too much, they all rolled off me laughing. ‘Oh, thanks alot Super Frankie... FOR ALMOST SQUASHING ME!’ I said as I hit Frank on the chest.

‘Lets turn on the news and see if anything about our school is on it’ Paris said after what felt like a half hour of us all laying on Gerard's and Mikey's floor.

‘Good idea’ I said as I sat up and walked over to Frank who was already sitting on the couch, he reached out his arms and held me round the waist and sat me in his lap, resting his head on my shoulder.

‘NOTHING!’ Paris shouted at the television.

‘What?’ Bob said sitting next to her and putting his arm around her shoulders.

‘There is nothing on TV!’ she said giving the television the evils.

‘You do know were looking for the news... like you suggested. Not a program to watch, right?’ said Mikey as Paris turned a little red and muttered back at him.

‘Oh yeah’ I looked back at Frank who was pulling faces at Ray from across the room and Ray was pulling them back, I laughed and as I did Frank looked at me and rubbed his nose against mine.

‘So, you still up for our date?’ he said smiling as I kissed the tip of his nose.

‘Yeah’ I said to him smiling. ‘What time will you pick me up?’ I asked biting my bottom lip.

‘I was thinking we could walk from here to the place I had planned, dinner is so over rated’ he said kissing my lips, I began to deepen the kiss but heard Bob in the background.

‘Puke!’ I looked round at him and he was laughing at us, I stuck my tongue out at him and rested my head on Franks' chest.

‘Nothings on the news about our school, I wonder if they’re keeping it quiet’ said Ray who was getting up and walking over to the kitchen.

‘Moving on...’ said Frank as he leaned back abit. ‘What's for lunch?’

‘You and your fucking stomach Frankie!’ said Gerard as Frank merely grinned and waited for the answer to his question.

‘I’ll make some pizza’ said Paris getting up and joining Ray.

‘Yum’ I said as I got up out of Franks lap and pulled up my trousers abit. ‘Where’s the bathroom?’

‘I’ll show you’ said Frank getting up and taking my hand. ‘Follow me Pixie’ he said pulling me along beside him and up the stairs. Gerard's room was the first room, it was small and covered in cartoons he had drawn and some more weird ornaments, Mikey's was the same but instead of cartoons on the walls he had posters of Iron Maiden and The Smiths. ‘In here’ Frank pointed at the black door, as he did I saw he had something on his wrist.

‘Come here’ I said wanting a better look, Frank took a two steps forward so he was inches away from me, I reached out for his arm but he pulled it away. ‘Frank? What's on your wrist?’ I asked stepping round him to try and grab it.

‘Nothing!’ he said protectively.

‘Please show me!’ he rolled his eyes and held out his arm, I turned it around and saw he had the initials: O.M above a small pumpkin and the date- 11.09.10, tattooed onto his wrist. ‘What is this?’ I said looking at his red face. I guessed the initials were mine: Olivia Melville and the date was yesterdays date.

‘Umm.. The O.M stands for...’ he started the think. ‘Okay fine... the O.M stands for your name, Olivia Melville and the date for the day you kissed me.’

‘Why would you tattoo that on yourself? What I ended up hating you and you’d have that on you for life? How did you even get it? You’re under age!’ I said rubbing my thumb against the tattoo, trying to see if it was drawn on or a fake.

‘Livia, I'm only one year under age’ he laughed at me then carrying on. ‘I have a feeling we’ll be together for ever’ he said gingerly, looking down at his feet. ‘My friend Hambone who’s in college knows this tattoo artist called Kat, she tattooed the pumpkin on me a couple of weeks ago and then I went home last night, I wanted to remember that day forever so I snuck out the house and Hambone drove me to Kats tattoo parlour again and she tattooed on your initials and the date.’ I looked at him feeling incredibly flattered.

‘You got a tattoo to remind you of me?’ I said completely shocked. ‘But... you don’t know me yet’

‘I know how I feel for you though’ he said looking up at me and smiling. ‘I know we have known each other for a day and a half, but I really like you’

‘I like you to Frank, but a tattoo? Don’t get me wrong, I'm completely flattered and all but... are you sure?’ he nodded his head and closed the gap between us, pressing his forehead against mine. I didn’t want to argue with him, to be honest, I think it was a incredibly dumb thing for him to do, but he made the decision to have my initials tattooed onto him and I had to respect it. ‘Do your parents know you have a tattoo?’ I asked looking up at him.

‘Not yet, they will soon though, well, I doubt my dad will, I live with my mum and they don’t really talk to each other’

‘Oh’ was all I could say, I lifted my hand up and stroked his cheek to comfort him. ‘TOILET!’ I shouted suddenly making Frank jump. When I came out the bathroom I found Frank in Gerard's room.

‘What are you doing?’ Frank suddenly looked up at me and smiled.

‘I'm looking for something to wear tonight’

‘Ahh, so I have to go looking like this and you get to go looking hot... although you look pretty good already’ I said skipping over to him and laying on Gerard's all black bed. I heard the echoing noise of everyone downstairs laughing and talking.

‘Yeah, I guess I do look pretty good today’ he said winking at me and doing a little model pose. ‘You look beautiful all the time, Livia’ he said lying next to me.

‘Lies’ I said propping myself up on my elbow. ‘All lies!’

‘No really, your the most beautiful girl I have ever met’ he then moved himself closer to me so our bodies were touching and began to kiss me, his arm reached out across my and his hand lay on my back pulling me towards him.

‘Uh hem!’ Gerard coughed loudly, I looked up and saw him leaning on the frame of the door shaking his head. ‘What the hell, Frankie! This is my bed!’ his voice didn’t sound angry, it sounded shocked.

‘Sorry’ Frank said getting up so I did the same.

‘Dude, if you want to make out, go home and do it, I am now scarred for life!’ he began laughing Frank took my hand and I quickly rushed past Gerard who smiled at me and whispered in my ear.

‘Nice work’ I laughed and followed Frank downstairs.

‘Oh guys! I forgot to tell you!’ I said as I sat down in-between Bob and Mikey. ‘I'm unpacking this weekend and I was wondering if you all want to come over and help, you can get to know my mum and stuff’ everyone nodded.

‘But will your dad be there? I don’t want him to start talking to me about my grades’ Mikey said looking abit worried.

‘He most probably wont be there’ I said, remembering our argument this morning.

‘We’ll all be there then, 12 o’clock sharp!’ said Paris smiling widely and holding Bobs hand.

‘Shit’ I muttered as I looked down at my watch, it was two thirty, I got up and took out my phone. ‘I'm just going to call my mum, I’ll be back ina minute’ I said heading to the front door, when I opened it, rain came flooding in, the sky was black and thunder clouds were forming. I was surprised we hadn’t realised we weren’t getting any light throught the tiny windows. ‘Shit! Guys, look at this!’ they all ran up to the front door and saw the rain.

‘How are we going to get home?’ Said Ray as he watched the rain hit the ground hard, I stepped back and dialled my mums number.

‘Hello?’ My mum answered in her sweet motherly voice.

‘Hey mum’

‘Oh Olivia! Are you okay honey?’ she sounded worried.

‘I'm fine mum, I just called to say I’ll be back late tonight’

‘You are not leaving Gerard's house in this weather!’ I was shocked by her answer. ‘You’ll have to ask him to stay there, the weather is going to be like this for two days, the school is closed and your father said will not be opening until its repaired, it was seriously damaged by the fire, I could take up to next year. You stay were you are and try to come home tomorrow night’

‘Okay mum’ I said, I wasn’t in the mood to argue. ‘I love you’

‘I love you to’ she hung up and I turned back to Gerard.

‘My mum doesn’t want me going home in this weather, can I stay here?’ I asked.

‘Yeah, I’ll call my mum and ask if everyone can stay, its crazy out there’ he said walking off to the home phone, Frank stood by my side as everyone closed the door and sat down.

‘Looks like no date’ he said frowning.

‘We can do it tomorrow, besides, we have all night with each other and the rest of today and tomorrow’

‘Sound perfect’ a cute smile stretched across his face and I followed him and sat down in his lap, he wrapped his arms around my waist and leant back.

‘My mum said that the school won’t be opening until it is completely repaired, she said its seriously ruined and could take up to next year to be repaired.’

‘No shit!’ said Ray almost bouncing off his chair.

‘My mum said you can all stay, she can’t leave the hospital so we’re all on our own tonight’ he said, a smile spreading across his face. Frank couldn’t hold it in anymore and told Gerard all about the school, he jumped up and down so many times I was scared if I’d fall off his lap.

‘Oh man, this is going to be sweeeeeet’ said Mikey as he jumped up Paris turned on the music channel and The Used were on Kerrang, we all then jumped up and started to dance, I head banged pretending to play the guitar, but it didn’t feel right with out my long hair. Frank jumped up on the coffee table he tripped over before and started to dance like a slutty girl, we all began to circle around him screaming like crazy girly fans and throwing paper money from our purses although, I only had change so I threw an old 2p from my purse which hit Frank on the head, he dived off the table after it and then when he got hold of it he screamed.

‘A 2P! FROM FUCKING ENGLAND! THIS HAS TO GO IN MY COLLECTION!’ we all fell on the floor laughing as Frank stroked the 2p like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

‘Wait a second...’ I turned to Paris who was rolling around on the floor just for the fun of it. ‘Weren’t you making pizza?’ as soon as I had said that she jumped up and ran to the kitchen.

‘SHIT! NOOOOOOOO!’ I ran after her threw the door to the kitchen to see a mist of smoke filling the room. ‘Its a little over done’ she said looking sad and holding out the black pizza.

‘Uh oh’ I said as I stepped forwards and touched it, the boys started to try and get in so I ran to the door and held it shut.

‘No don’t let them in!’ Paris laughed as she threw the pizza out the window into the pouring rain and the smoke soon disappeared out the window along with the pizza, Paris came and helped me as the boys pushed harder on the door.

‘LET US IN!’ shouted Bob

‘One second!’ Paris replied looking around for something to feed the boys with.

‘Why?!’ all the boys shouted at the same time.

‘Because... because... LIVVIE IS NAKED!’ Paris burst out laughing as she shouted this, I slapped her on the arm and the pushing on the door stopped.

‘Why on earth is she naked?’ I heard Frank say, I laughed at the sheer horror in his voice.

‘She dropped water down her self’ I opened my mouth to say that I didn’t but before I could Paris had picked up a random glass on the side and had thrown it on me. ‘Oops, sorry... I meant orange juice’ I moved away from the door slowly, shaking of the sticky liquid that now covered my body and walked towards Paris who was cowering in the corner.

‘YOU BITCH!’ I said picking up a glass and filling it with some coke on the side. I began to run after her but she shot out the kitchen door and past the boys.

‘YOUR NOT NAKED!’ they all shouted as I ran past them and threw the coke over Paris, she stopped and hid behind Bob, soaking wet.

‘HA! I win!’ I say doing a little victory dance.

‘What the f-’ began Frank but Mikey interrupted.

‘What the hell were you two doing?’ he said as I stood by Paris's side, I knew we looked guilty. ‘Go get changed, both of you!’ he said as we both looked at each other and grinned.

‘Yes mum’ I said as we walked past him upstairs with our heads down. ‘But what shall we wear, mummy?’ I said jumping back sown the stairs and standing in front of Mikey who was trying to look fierce but just burst out laughing.

‘borrow something of mine’ said Gerard.

‘Or mine’ butted in Mikey. ‘I have nicer clothes’ he winked at me and then Paris.

‘I’ll take Gerard's clothes, you can take Mikey's’ I said to Paris who shot up and into Mikey's room. As I looked through Gerard's cupboard in my underwear I heard the door open, I instantly shot behind the door and hid.

‘What the hell?! Livia, where are you?’ I giggled knowing it was Frank and jumped out.

‘Here!’ I said as he jumped.

‘What the fuck were you doing behind there?’

‘I thought you were someone else’ I turned y back to him and went back to looking for some clothes. ‘Uhh! None of these things with fit!’

‘Sure they will!’ Frank said standing at my side and looking through with me, he pulled out a small superhero shirt that looked like it would fit me and a pair of pipe jeans. ‘These will do’ he said as he took put his cap and put it on my head.

‘Perfection’ i pulled down my damp trousers and frank looked away sharply. 'Oh come on Frank, its like seeing me in a bikini' I said as I began to slip on the black jeans. ‘There to small’ I pulled them up around my waist but they kept falling back down.

‘Here’ Frank said as he handed me his black and red studded belt.

‘Well thank you dear one’ I said smiling and then feeding it round the trousers. I began to slip on the shirt when I heard Mikey say against the door- ‘I don’t hear talking!’ Frank poked his head out the door and began to mutter to him.

‘What are you doing up here?’

‘Gerard sent me up to check that you two weren’t making out on his bed again!’

‘Don’t worry, I'm done!’ I said skipping over to the door and opening it, the jeans went way past my feet and despite that they were suppose to be skin tight, they were more like baggy boyfriend jeans, the shirt fit perfectly though and looked great with all my necklaces hanging over the top.

‘You look lovely, Livvie’ said Mikey as I linked arms with him and went downstairs, Frank trailed behind holding my free hand.

‘Thank you Mr Mikey’

‘Guys! Come quick and look at this!’ shouted Ray from the front room, we all quickened our pace and sat down on the sofas, the radio was tuned onto the news channel, we all fell silent to hear what the woman was saying.

‘Belleville High caught on fire a few hours ago. Due to the severe damage, students are left without a school for a long amount of time. Principle Melville and the school board are setting up a online site, were the students will be given a log in password and username for each of them. Three lessons will be set for them on their account and they will have to read and complete the work set for them by their teachers. Homework will be due on the dead line the teachers will post online. This should be up and running a week on Thursday, parents will be posted the usernames and passwords for their children. In other news...’ Ray stood up and turned off the radio.

‘HELL YES!’ Frank shouted as he jumped off the sofa and high fived Gerard. ‘THIS IS GOING TO BE SO EASY!’

‘Yeah, there is no way you can fail on these things!’ joined in Paris as she stood and stood by Franks side, Frank caught my eye and held out his hand, I took it as he pulled me up into his arms.

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