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Fire and Spiders

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'I stood there shaking waiting for Frank to come down but he didn’t, more and more people came down then pushing me out the way to run out of the school...'

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hope you liked chapter one, i dont really know if i should carry on, tell me what you think i should do, thanks for the reviews before :)

Chapter Two:

As I got out the car to go to Paris's Frank grabbed my hand and pulled me back in so I was sitting next to him were Paris had been, Paris walked around the other side to the car where Bob had gotten out and was waiting for her.

‘I’m looking forward to see the new you tomorrow’ he said grinning as his little finger hooked around mine, I smiled back and got out, popping head back through the car door.

‘Bye guys, thanks for being so good to me’ I said as Paris took my hand and pulled we away from the car, as the car drove off they all shouted ‘SEE YOU TOMORROW LIVIA!’ I smiled to myself, and then turned around to see Paris's house.

‘Whoa!’ I said as I looked at the huge cream coloured house before me.

‘Yeah, but if you think it looks good out here, wait till you see inside!’ Paris tugged at my hand and pulled me through the open gates at to the huge door, she pulled her keys out of her pocket and unlocked it, I stepped in after her and looked around, it was so pretty. A huge spiral staircase stood before me, I took a few steps ahead of Paris and looked around.

‘Go and explore, I’ll go get the scissors and hair dye... my parents aren't home for another two hours, but I should have finished by then’ she headed to the last door on her right, I looked at her with a worried look on my face, not knowing where her room is. ‘Top floor, last door’ she said smiling as she bounced off the get what she needed. I took a few steps up the staircase and looked up, it looked like there was 5 landings, I walked up to the first landing and looked around, there were 3 doors, I opened each of them they seemed to be two bedrooms and one games room. I then walked up to the third floor not finding anything interesting on the second apart from a bathroom and found her parents room that was the size of three rooms put together, I skipped the forth floor excited to see Paris's room. I walked up the stairs and saw two doors, I opened the first one that seemed to be her very own bathroom, with a bath in the centre of the room, a shower in the corner and a sink, mirror, towel rack and a soup cupboard on either side of the walls. I backed out and skipped over to Paris's room, I heard her coming up so I ran towards her huge comfey bed and jumped onto it, her room was painted red on three of the walls and the forth wall was painted black with pictures of her and Bob, her, Mikey, Frank, Bob and Gerard an other ones of her and her family, she walked in holding a put with a purple mixture in and a brush restng in it and in the other hand she held some scissors.

‘So you really don’t mind what I do, unless it looks hot?’ she smiled pulling out a seat from her huge desk and beckoning me over to it, I sat down.

‘Yeah, I don’t mind, just make me look awesome, okay?’ as I said that I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, I pulled it out and read the text.

Where are you?
Will you be home for tea?
Text my right now and tell me where you are!

it was from my mum, I sighed and punched in a message as Paris started to clip away at my long hair.

At the hairdressers with my new friend Paris,
will be home in two hours. X

I pressed the send button and then tryed to hold still for Paris.

‘Want to hear some of My Chemical Romance?’ she asked as she headed towards her CD player and pressed play. ‘This is the only song they have recorded so far, its called ‘Vampires will not hurt you’ its really good, you should hear them live’ she said pulling back my hair and cutting off a great chunk of it. I looked in the mirror in front of me, she was cutting my hair into a pixie style, she smiled at my reflection. ‘Now you have pixie hair to match your pixie looking face’ I looked in the mirror, she was right, I was always called pixie or elf in my old schools, I had a turned up ‘cute’ nose, large eyes, a thin upper lip and a thicker bottom lip and pointy ears with were pierced at the tip of the top and once at the bottom of each earlobe.

‘Thanks’ I said as she styled my hair around my face, I tried to listen to the music over Paris's chattering, Gerard was singing and he had a great singing voice. ‘What does Frank do in the band?’ I said not able to stop thinking about him and the kiss we shared.

‘He does the backing guitarist and backing vocals, Ray does the main guitar, Mikey plays bass and Bobs on the drums’ she said as she walked in front of me and pulled at the sides of my hair to make sure it was even. I looked down at my watch, tied around my skinny wrist, Paris had been cutting my hair for 45 minutes now.

‘Time to do the colour’ she said smiling at me, she walked over to the mirror and covered it over with one of her tops, she ran out to the bathroom and I guessed she covered that mirror too. ’Right! lets do it!’ she said picking up the pot and brush, she started dabbing the gooey mixture on the roots of my hair and then went down to cover the rest of it, after about 15 minutes she was done and was sitting in front of me staring at my colour covered hair. ‘This is going to look so good... you don’t have a problem with looking even more pale do you?’ I suddenly felt butterflies in my stomach, I was scared of looking disgustingly pale, I already looked like a dead person.

‘Just as long as I look good’ I said putting a smile on my worried face.

‘Don't worry; your skin will look like... umm... the Cullen’s!’

‘Oh, well I don’t mind that’ I said winking at her, thinking about Edward Cullen from the movie twilight.

‘Want something to eat?’ she asked getting up. ‘You have about 10 more minutes with that on, then I can rinse out your hair and then style it’

‘Yeah, I'm starving, I forgot my lunch today’

‘Oh! That's why you weren't eating!’ she laughed to herself as she took my hand and began running down the stairs. She suddenly stopped on the first landing and turned around and hugged me. ‘I can tell we’re going to be best friends!’ she said smiling and hugging my tighter. As we both dug at the chocolate ice cream that Paris had pulled out of her huge freezer, she began to ask me questions.

‘So, who do you like so far?’ she asked with a cheeky knowing grin on her face.

‘Oh, I like all of My Chem and you ofcorse’ I said smiling dodging the real meaning to the question.

‘No! Who do you like, like?’

‘I’m not sure...’

‘There is something you are not telling me Liv!’

‘Well me and Frank, kind of kissed in Photo’ she jumped out of her seat at screamed, she pointed she spoon at me.

‘YOUR FRANKIES FIRST KISS!’ she said pulling me to my feet and holding both my hands, she jumped up and down like a little girl. ‘He must really like you! I mean you have only just met you and all!’

‘Exactly, I don’t know anything about him...’ I said, Paris stopped jumping up and down and looked confused. ‘So I told him, nothing can happen until I get to know him better’

‘Ohh man, Frank is going to be so bummed! that's like telling a kid that there will be no Christmas this year!’ I sighed and reached out to hug her, she hugged me back. ‘Its okay, take it slow, but I want you to know, I met Bob the same way you met Frank today, I was new and they all took me in and by the end of the day me and Bob just clicked... I have been going out with him ever since that day.’ She said smiling at herself.

‘So you didn’t even know him but you still got with him?’

‘Yeah, we got to know each other better as the weeks went on, it hasn’t always been easy, but we worked at it because we believe we are each others soul mate’

‘That's so romantic!’ I said breaking the hug and smiling at her.

‘I personally think you should go for it, Frank is one of the most fun, weird, nicest people I know... plus your wasting valuable making out time with him’ she began to laugh and I hit her playfully on the arm.

‘Shut up!’ I said as I chased he upstairs.

‘DAMN IT LIV!’ shouted Paris as I threw a pillow that I snatched from her brothers room as I past. She suddenly stopped in mid run and I fell into her and we both lay about the floor screaming with laughter. ‘I need to wash your hair out!’ She said pulling me up, still laughing and into the bathroom, I as I leant over the baths edge, she rinsed my hair out, I washed the purple hair dye wash down the drain, I began to pray that purple suited me, pink did, so why not purple? A half an hour past with Paris talking about Frank, telling me what she knew about him while she styled my hair, finally she was finished and she pulled down the t-shirt from the mirror, I stepped forwards examining my short pixie like hair.

‘Wow’ Was all I could say as I ran my hands through the not purple, but black short hair. She hand cut the sides around my face a little longer than the back and my fringe swept elegantly across my forehead, the layers made my hair look thick and bouncy and my skin looked like a pure white instead of a dead white. ‘I love it!’ I said throwing myself into her arms.

‘I'm glad, the black really makes your skin look so pure!’ she said smiling. ‘Shit! Look at the time!’ she said catching a glimpse of her clock on the wall. ‘You need to go, my parents will be back soon, I’ll see you tomorrow!’ she took my hand in a rush and picked up my bag as we ran down the stairs, she opened the front door and handed my bag to me.

‘See you tomorrow bestie!’ she hugged me once more and then closed the door. I stood outside the door for a bit; taking it all in then began to walk home.
As I walked through the door I smelt dinner, mum hearing me ran out to see me and ask about my day. She stopped and took one look at my new hair and screamed.

‘What have you done to your nice hair? Blacks an improvement but what made you cut it so short?’ she said brushing my hair out my eyes and taking a better look.

‘I like it’ I said sliding past her to take off my vans.

‘How was your day?’


‘Did you make any friends?’


‘What are they like? Jocks? Preps?’ she began listing all the new words she had learnt from what I gathered the next door neighbour.

‘You would call them gothy, emo, losers, i call them people’ I said scanning her face for her reaction. She seemed alittle shocked, but my mum never had a problem with what my friends were like, i was just testig her for the fun of it.

‘Is that why your hair is like this? Are they girls or boys? Are they nice?’ she said, a hint of disappointment on her bony wrinkled face.

‘Five boys one girl, they’re really nice, the only people I seemed to click with. They excepted my straight away’ she nodded her head and then turned to walk back to the kitchen.

‘This weekend we are unpacking everything, you can invite your friends over to help and then I can get to know them’ I nodded my head and she turned around just quick enough to see it.

‘When's dad back?’

‘An hour or less’ I turned and began to walk up to my room, two steps at a time.

‘Dinners in 5 minutes, change and then come downstairs’ she shouted up after me.

I got to my room and instantly went to the bathroom attached and looked at my hair, proud of the improvement, I then slipped into my black pyjama bottoms with a skeletons leg down each side of the pant leg and the hip bone where the pyjama bottoms start, I took of my top and pulled my plain black vest top over the top of my pale white skin and headed back downstairs.
All night I lay awake, unable to stop thinking of Frank. I played the words that Paris had said to me over and over again. I really liked Frank, but I dint know him, sure it worked out fine with Paris and Bob, but what if me and Frank get together and realise we don’t like each other.

‘Morning Olivia’ I heard my mum say as she shook my half dead body spread out across the bed.

‘Wake me up some other time’ I said pushing her hands away from me and pulling the sheets over my head and tried to fall back asleep.

Olivia!’ she said pulling the sheets off of me, I felt a rush of coldness and I immediately jumped up to get back my sheets. ‘Your dad would like a word with you before you go to school’

‘What?! Mum I told you! I do not want to talk to him!’ she shook her head and flung the sheets back over me and without a word she walked out leaving me to feel bad. After another half hour I decided to get up, this only left me 45 minutes to get ready so dad won’t be able to talk to me for long. I shuffled along to my wardrobe and pulled out my ripped black pipe jeans and a plain white t-shirt, I knew Paris would have a My Chem t-shirt ready for me so I could just slip it over the shirt I was already wearing. I put on my clothes and then slipped on some black socks and my white all-stars.

‘UHH!’ I shouted out loud as I looked around for my make up. As soon as I saw myself in the mirror I got a sudden rush of butterflies, my new hair looked great, but would Frank like it? I kept hoping he would as I put a thin line of black eyeliner around my hazel eyes and then black mascara, so when I looked up I could feel my eyelashes touch the top of my brow bone. My dad hadn’t seen my hair yet and when I crept down the stairs I heard my mum warning him not to shout at me like he did last time I dyed my hair pink.

‘You wanted to see me?’ I said not looking at him as I took a seat in front of him, my mum handed me a plate of waffles and I began shovelling them down so that I would have a full mouth so it would be hard for me to reply to dad.

‘Yes. Your hair looks... better’ he said the last word like he had something stuck in his throat. ‘I wanted to talk to you about the people you have befriended ever so quickly’ I looked up at him giving him a look of hate. ‘I have been asking all the teachers about them and they are bad news... Gerard Way is always late for class and has be suspended on several occasions for instance. Frank Iero gets detentions and suspensions because he gets into fights with other classmates... he might be sticking up for his friends, but why hit someone?!’ my dads voice was raising and he sounded angry, mum walked out from behind the counter and stood behind him resting her hands firmly on his shoulders, telling him to calm down.

‘So you don’t want me to hang out with them?’ I said rolling my eyes and beqining to chew again.

‘You got that right!’

‘Mum! Are you actually listening to this?!’ I shouted, raising off my seat a little.

‘Paul, her new friends are coming round on Saturday to help her unpack, I'm going to get to know them, why don’t you? From what she told me about them yesterday at dinner, they seem nice, so what if they get in a spot of trouble occasionally?’ she said, I sat back down at smiled at her then glared back at dad. Last night at dinner I told my mum all about the day, but not how other kids talk to their mums, I could tell my mum anything, it was like having another 15 year old girl with me. I told her about Lucas and the kiss with Frank and what Paris had said to me and my mum gave me advice! She told me to take it a little slower and to get to know him, which I had strongly agreed with.

‘Margret! That is not the point! I do not want my daughter involved with this... this... THING!’ I had had it, I got up and ran upstairs to grab my leather jacket and my school bag, I ran back downstairs running to the front door where my mum was already standing holding some money for lunch and I slammed open the door and left it open as I stormed off down the road. I remembered the walk home from Paris's and decided to walk past her house on the way to school, just as I turned right my phone began to buzz. I opened it surprised and read that it was a unknown number.


‘Hey Livia, its Bob’

‘Oh hey Bob... how did you get my number?’

‘Paris gave it to me’ I stopped walking, trying to remember when I gave her it. ‘Oh... wait! I can see you!’

‘What? You can see me?’ just as I said that the phone hung up and I heard a car beep at me, I turned around sharply as saw that Bobs familiar car was driving towards me, It stopped in front of me and the back car door opened, I hopped in and saw Frank and Ray sitting there and Paris at the front.

‘Hey guys’ I said feeling happy to see them, especially Frank.

‘Thought you might want a lift’

‘Yeah, thanks Bob’ I looked over to Frank who was staring at my hair.

‘WHOA!’ shouted Frank, Bob stopped the car and turned around along with Ray and Paris, I heard Paris giggle at their reaction, but I felt myself becoming redder and redder.

‘Do you like it?’ I said cringing a little as Frank started to comb his hand through the back of my wispy short hair.

‘I LOVE IT!’ shouted Frank as he began to twiddle the front long part of my fringe with his fingers. Ray hit him on the arm.

‘Damn it Frank! You need to stop shouting when your excited!’ Ray said hitting Frank again.

‘Fuck you, man!’ Frank replied still playing with my hair.

‘It looks great on you by the way, Liv’ I smiled at Ray who was extremely lovely.

‘Yeah, I agree, it really suits you’ Bob cut in and then started to car up again and started driving, I looked up at Paris who had a smug look on her face.

‘Can you do my hair again soon, Paris?’ Frank said as he platted my fringe, Paris nodded at turned back to the front and reached her hand across to hold Bobs, the sight made my heart ache, wishing I could hold Franks.

‘Do you mind?’ I said playfully but Frank ignored me and carried on. ‘And since when did you know how to plat hair?’ I asked him laughing along with the rest.

‘I used to play hairdressers...’ we all fell silent and looked at him as he dropped my hair and looked down at the ground ‘MY SISTERS MADE ME OKAY?!’ he said bouncing in his seat and laughing at himself. ‘Damn, I am SO lame’ we all laughed at the thought of Frank playing hairdressers with his sisters all the way to school where we saw Mikey and Gerard at the front gate, Gerard was smoking and leaning against one of the bent golden bars on the gate and Mikey had his back to us and was talking to him. As we got out the car and headed toward them Frank crept up by my side and whispered.

‘I’ve been thinking about you non stop’ just loud enough for only me to hear, I turned to face him wanting to kiss him but held myself back, our hands touched as we walked behind Gerard and the rest all talking about the band, and I felt my cheeks begin to burn as I became red, I glanced over to him to see he was the same.

‘Sorry’ I said blushing and crossing my arms across my chest.

‘Can I at least take you out on a date?’ Frank asked out of the blue. I looked at him with a confused look so he carried on. ‘Tonight, I’ll take you out to eat and we’ll get to know each other’ I smiled, I felt so good knowing that he was really trying, just to be with me.

‘Wow, that's a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that?’ I said laughing and linking my arm with his in a friendly manner and quickly checking that no one was looking I turned and went to kiss him on the cheek, but he had obviously thought the same thing and we accidently kissed each other square on the lips, we both broke off abruptly and blushed.

‘Whoa, great minds really do think a like!’ he said grinning, I touched my lips with my free hand and smiled to myself, damn I liked Frank so bad.

‘I must agree with you my dear friend’ I said smiling and this time successfully kissing him on the cheek.

‘And then we can be together?’ he said looking happy.

‘If the date goes well then, who knows?’ I said nudging him then letting him go and I ran off to catch up with the rest, I felt Mikey put his arm around my shoulder and give me a warm hug, I looked down the line of us to see that Frank had joined, he looked back as me grinning and then winking at me.

‘Your hair looks stunning, Livvie’ said Mikey

‘Yeah, totally suits you, you look beautiful’ Gerard agreed, all this attention and complimenting was making me feel embarrassed.

‘It was Paris who did it! She's amazing!’ everyone began patting Paris on the back.

‘Oh!’ Paris said handing her handful of books to Bob who took them straight away and she began to rummage through her bag.

‘Here’ she said throwing over a black band tee where she had scribbled over it with something white ‘MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE MOTHERFUCKERS’ I laughed as I looked at it, I slipped off my leather jacket and through it down to Frank and put my new t-shirt on.

‘Thanks Paris’ I said walking across the line and hugging Paris, I was now standing next to Frank again.

‘Are you guys dating? Because you two seem to be getting very close’ Ray said as Gerard whispered something in his ear and then Ray shouted out loud. ‘YOU KISSED HER! ARE YOU DATING?’ I turned to Frank who hand raised his shoulders and said to me.

‘Sorry, I tell Gerard everything...’ I smiled and muttered.

‘I don’t mind’ but I did mind, yeah the kiss was great, but now they are all going to think I'm a whore. ‘I told Paris anyway’ I said as he linked arms with me, I guessed we traded in holding hands for lining arms when we decided no to date yet.

‘Well are you?’ carried on Mikey looking extremely left out.

‘No, I'm afraid not’ I said looking at Frank sadly, I knew he could tell what I was thinking.

‘Yo guys, I kissed her... we like each other and all, but we’re waiting to get to know each other, no whore like stuff going on here’ he put his arm around my shoulders where I fit perfectly against the side of his torso, we were like to joining jigsaw pieces.

‘We never considered for a second that Livia could be a whore’ Paris said kissing my cheek and linking arms with me.

‘You know your part of our group now? So we all need to get to know you to Liv? Oh and I will pick you up at 8 every morning okay? If not I will text you’ Bob said.

‘Oh! I need her number!’ said Gerard, followed by Ray, Mikey and then Frank.

‘Wait a second, you kissed her and didn’t get her number? Dude what the hell?!’ said Bob and we all started to laugh, Bob handed round his phone as they all punched in my number and I passed around mine so they could punch in theirs.

‘How did you get my number anyway?’ I said looking at Paris

‘Yesterday in art you left it on the table, I took it when you were talking to Frank and saved your number’

‘Very sneaky’ I said winking at her.
The first lesson I had in the day was with Frank and I had been looking forward to it all morning. He looked really hot today, wearing a plain black shirt, blue pipe jeans and a skater cap.

‘Ohh! Literature, what a great lesson’ he said teasing me as I set my books out on the two seated desk we were now sitting in.

‘I like Literature, thank you!’ I said leaning against him abit.

‘So you and Frank are together now?’ said Lucas as he stood in front of our table looking down on me, I pulled myself away from Frank and looked down at the table. ‘I heard you were kissing him, a little whoreish don’t you think? First day you meet him you kiss him!’ he said laughing, I felt Frank stand up and I sharply looked up to see him holding up his fist, I pulled at the short sleeve of his shirt to sit him back down, all he did was lower his fist but still stood glaring at him.

‘Fuck off, Lucas’ Frank said through gritted teeth.

‘Like the hair, Olivia, you look hot’ Lucas reached out and stroked my face, I cringed away and I felt Frank get angrier and angrier.

‘Frank, don’t. The teacher will be here soon’ he look down at me protectively then sat.

‘What are you doing tonight, Olivia, maybe you can kiss me, we’ve known each other for two days, but what the hell’ he said grinning, I slid my hand under the table where Franks was and held it, keeping him down. I looked around to see everyone staring at us.

‘Get lost, Louis’ I said, mocking his name because I knew he didn’t like it. Lucas’s face went bright red with anger.

‘Now you fucking listen, I always get what I want and I want you, now you either come out with me tonight or I will fucking make you’ he said grabbing my free hand and squeezing it hard, I couldn’t believe people were just watching this happen. I stood up in my chair and spat at Lucas’s feet.

‘Fuck you’ I said and stormed out the class, bumping into the teacher on the ay out, by that time my face was wet from the tears that suddenly began flooding my eyes and she let me go and let Frank follow giving me a understanding look and nodding her head once.

‘Livia, stop!’ said Frank putting both his hands on my shoulders and pulling me round to face him, I looked down at the ground, tears dropping down my cheeks. ‘Look at me please!’ Frank sounded like he was in pain so I looked up to see him inches away from my face.

‘I'm sorry’ I muttered.

‘What for, silly!’ he said wiping my tears like he did the day before and then kissing my forehead.

‘I always cry’ I said wiping my face with my sleeve and then sniffing.

‘Come on; let’s get you cleaned up’ he said taking my hand and leading me to the girls’ bathroom. He waited outside while I fixed my running make up, damn I needed to start wearing waterproof make up.

‘Hey’ I said as I walked out the bathroom to see him leaning up against the wall waiting for me, he out stretched his arms were I walked straight into and he hugged me tight against his chest.

‘He’s a jerk’ he said brushing some strands of hair out of my face. ‘Besides, you couldn’t go out with him tonight, your out with me’ he said making me laugh.

‘That's true’ I said smiling and pulling back abit so I could look at him properly.

‘I'm sorry he was like that to you’

‘Its not your fault Frank, god, you almost hit him, thanks for sticking up for me’ I said holding back the fresh batch of tears.

‘Anything for you’ he said as we both smiled at each other and then headed back to class, we stood outside the door for a while, I was scared to walk in and see Lucas’s face.

‘You okay?’ Frank asked putting his arm around my shoulders.

‘I'm just scared to walk in’ I said taking a deep breath.

‘Its alright, your with me’ she said smiling then opening the door, I looked at the floor all the way back to our seats, thank god we always sat at the back of the class. As I took out a pen and my Literature book that the teacher must have handed out while we were gone, I looked up to see the teacher smiling at me, she got up and started to talk.

‘Alright class, get on with the work I just set you’ she said walking over to me and Frank.

‘What's wrong honey?’ she asked, she looked truly concerned, she was a young teacher in her late twenties, she wore a plain white blouse with frills around the buttons, a respectable knee high penicil skirt and a pair of black ballet flats, her long blonde hair hung around her face nicely and she wore her round glasses at the end of her hooked nose, alot like Mikey did.

‘Nothing Miss...’ I stopped not knowing her name.

‘Pelosi’ she said smiling back at me.

‘Miss Pelosi’ she turned to Frank who looked like he wanted to say something.

‘Is this right?’ she asked him, he didn’t answer and looked at me.

‘Who upset you, Olivia?’ she asked sweetly.

‘I fell when I came into class and I was embarrassed, I am just felt really emotional today Miss’ she nodded her head knowing she wouldn’t get the truth out of me.

‘Okay, well if you need someone to talk to I'm here, okay?’ I nodded my head smiling at her.

‘The works on the board’ she said as she waked off to sit back at her desk.

‘She seems nice’ I said smiling widely, suddenly feeling strangely uplifted.

‘Yeah, I’ve never had her as a teacher before’ he said taking my hand under the desk, I didn’t know if I should let him hold it or pull away. I looked at the board, we had to write a poem, I rolled my eyes, I decided not to do the work because I had remembered of by heart a poem I had wrote in my last lesson at my old school. I turned to Frank who wasn’t looking at his work at all but was looking at me.

‘What?’ I said feeling a little uncomfortable.

‘Nothing, you just look so damn good today’ he said smiling, I ignored what he said.

‘Want to start getting to know each other?’ I said as I scribbled down my old poem onto the paper.

‘Hell yes!’ Frank said happily.

‘Okay. You start’ I said looking at him wide eyed.

‘Well... when I was younger I wanted to be a superhero when I grew up’ I laughed, but quietened myself down realising I was laughing a little to loud.

‘Really?’ I said throwing my head back laughing and clapping my hands together.

‘Yeah, I wanted to like, fight evil guys and stuff’

‘That's so cute’ I said without realising I was getting closer and closer to him.

‘What did you want to be?’

‘I wanted to be a rock star’ I said looking down at the table and blushing.

‘Oh yeah? You can sing?’

‘Nope’ I said as I heard him let out a laugh. ‘It’s not funny! I tried and tried to get better but I just could not sing!’

‘What can you do?’ he said mocking me.

‘I can draw pretty well... oh and I can dance’


‘I did ballet when I was younger and then I took up tap and gave up that and did acting’

‘You sounded so damn English then!’ he said laughing, he sat up straight in his chair. ‘I used to do ballet when I was younger, then, after I would have tea with the queen of England’ he said mocking my English accent in a high pitched girly voice.

‘I do not sound like that’ I said laughing my head off, Frank made me laugh so much when I was around him, he didn’t even care that several good looking girls had turned around while he did the embarrassing impersonation of me, he looked like he only saw me in the room.

‘You so do, Misses Fancy Pants!’

‘Well you sound like this, asshole!’ I cleared my throat. ‘I'm Frank and I cant help being so DUUUURRRM the whole time’ I said in a hill billy Texan accent.

‘Dude, I'm not Texan’ he said laughing at me, I didn’t answer I just laughed with him. After the laughter died down I rested my head on his shoulder. Suddenly the bell when off but didn’t stop, I looked up at the clock and class shouldn’t be over yet.

‘Okay class, stay calm, evacuate the building immediately’ said Miss Pelosi and she opened the door and held it open while everyone ran out, I instantly picked up my books and bag, I was about to walk out but Frank had tucked my under his arm protectively and was escorting me out, I looked up at him with a worried look on his face. I heard a scream from the lower floor, the teacher ran past us and pulled back the students that had just left the classroom.

‘NO NOT DOWN THERE!’ she shouted as they all ran back. I heard Frank breathing heavily holding on tighter and tighter to me. ‘CLASS WE NEED TO GO DOWN THE LADDER’ she shouted over the screaming people, Frank shock his head at her at this idea. The ladder? I thought to myself. What was the ladder?

‘Miss its to dangerous’ he said walking faster basically on her heels as she led us over to a large window that you could step out of and walk along the flat roof, I could see the beginning of a ladder poking out from the edge.

‘Downstairs is on fire, what do you propose we do?’ she replied worryingly, Frank stepped out of the window first carrying me, shielding me from the smoke that seemed to be rising from the ground.

‘You first’ he said letting go of me, he took my bag and threw it down from the roof, it was obviously to hard to climb down with my books so he took them to and threw them down. I looked at him worried, but he seemed to think I was worried about my books. ‘You can get them when we get down the ladder’ he said with a scared look in his eye, people were pushing past us and climbing down while the teacher shouted at them. ‘ONE AT A TIME!’

‘No, Frank, I'm scared’ I said, he suddenly kissed me square on the lips and then pushed me forward towards the ladder, I took my first step going down and down then I reached the bottom, I looked around not knowing where to go, the previous people who had climbed down had ran for it. I stood there shaking waiting for Frank to come down but he didn’t, more and more people came down then pushing me out the way to run out of the school, I waited and finally saw him. As he stepped down on the ground he took my hand then bent down throwing my books in my bag and throwing it over his shoulder, he pulled me out of the confined space and out to the front lawn. Then he stopped just as we were outside Bobs car and put both his hand on the side of my face and shook me a little.

‘Are you okay?’ he said looking deep into my eyes.

‘I'm fine, I was scared when I saw you wern’t coming down’ he smiled kissing my forehead.

‘I had to help Miss Pelosi get her bag, she didn’t want to go on her own and get trapped or something’ I nodded my head, then suddenly shot my head up and began to shake even more.

‘PARIS, BOB AND MIKEY WERE ON THE BOTTEM FLOOR’ I said without thinking and running back towards the school, Frank took hold of me and pulled me back.

‘They’ll be fine, we have to wait here’ just as he said that I saw Ray and Gerard running up to us and looked relieved then suddenly looked shocked and looked around for the rest of the gang.

‘Are they all still inside?!’ Ray said softly trying not to let his fear show in his voice

‘I think so’ I said, holding back my tears, I didn’t want to cry again today.

‘I'm going to go back and look for them’ Frank suddenly said, followed by Gerard and Ray saying ‘Me too!’ I looked at Frank and held onto his shirt tightly.

‘Don't you dare! DON'T YOU DARE ANY OF YOU! YOU COULD GET HURT!’ I said shouting; it was unlike me to shout.

‘Honey, their our friends’ said Gerard touching my shoulder.

‘So what? They’re my friends to, please!’ I said begging not just Frank but all of them, Frank tore himself from me and jumped and did a retarded ninja thing.

‘Its okay, I have special ninja moves, I’ll save them all!’ he said lightening up the mood form a moment, I smiled at him and he quickly ran over to me and pressed his lips against mine, I pulled back and managed to say breathlessly.

‘I'm coming with you’ Frank shook his head, leaving me feeling helpless and ran of with Gerard and Ray, I went to run after them but I lost sight of them through the frantic crowd and found myself back to the car, I sat on the front of the car and waited for them to emerge from the crowd. I looked down at the ground were Frank had dropped my bag and his and I went to open it, pulling out my phone from the front pocket, I flipped it open and had 15 missed calls from Paris, I redialled the number but there was no answer, I began to pace worrying about them, when suddenly I heard Paris's voice, I turned around to see them all unharmed walking towards me, I threw my arms around all of them for a grup hug.

‘Thank god you guys are okay!’ I said taking a step back and Frank stood behind me resting his head on my shoulder and his hands on my waist.

‘Sorry I left you’ he whispered in my ear making me shiver.

‘Are you guys okay?’ I asked Mikey, Paris and Bob.

‘Yeah, we smelt the smoke way before the alarm went off and we all were sent to the office, they only let us go a moment ago, the fire has spread across the whole of the bottom floor.’ She said as two fire trucks came rushing down the road.

‘Lets get home, quick’ Bob said, we all got in the car with me sitting on Franks lap this time, my phone started to vibrate and I picked it up.

‘Olivia! Where the hell are you?! Are you okay?’ my mum called down the phone sounding frantic with worry.

‘I'm fine mum; I'm in Bob’s car...’ I looked over to Gerard who moved at me you can come to my house ‘I'm going to Gerard's for a while’ a long pause followed, I then heard my mum sigh.

‘Okay, call me if anything changes, thank god your alright’

‘Okay mum, I love you’ I felt Frank squeeze me in the ribs and I screamed.

‘WHAT?!’ mum shouted

‘Oh nothing, I thought I saw a spider, by mum!’ I said hanging up the phone.

‘A SPIDER WHERE!’ Frank said lifting his feet up making me fall onto Mikey's lap.

‘Oh... Franks terrified of spiders’ Bob said glancing back at me and we all began to laugh at him going red at his embarrassing out burst.

‘Interesting’ I replied stroking my chin and raising one of my eyebrows.
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