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Meeting The 'Zombies'

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a new girl to belleville high, she meets the MCR boys and lets just say the things between her and frank happen rather fast...

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so i read storys on this site and LOVE them, i have been writing storys for a while and i thought i should put one of them on. this story should be UBER romantic and dramatic xD i live in england and i set this story in jersey, so im sorry if i get anything wrong, i dont really understand whats different in america and england. i normally bring storys into school and my friends read them, but they are not really interessted in a MCR story, so tell me what you think, thanks :)

Chapter One:

As I looked in the mirror, scanning my pale face, searching for any blemishes, my soft pink hair was straighter than I would normally had bothered to do it and the thick line of black eyeliner, circling my dark hazel eyes was as perfect as it would ever get, even with my constant tampering with it. I was trying to distract myself from being nervous about my first day at Belleville high. I had been kicked out of various other schools before but they were all private and they were all in England. My dad got offered to be the ‘principal’ at Belleville high in new jersey, he said yes without even asking me and mum and now here I am, worrying about being teased about the way I look and dress or maybe even because I'm English and not American.

‘OLIVIA! GET DOWN HERE NOW OR YOU’LL BE LATE!’ my mums voice echoed across the empty new house, I did one last check on my make-up and then sulked downstairs and down the hall which is lined by all of our unpacked boxes of stuff.

‘Oh dear Olivia, why do you always have to dress so scruffy? What about that nice dress I bought you last summer?’ I roll my eyes, sick of her moaning every time I see her. ‘Well?’ she said, hands on her hips scanning my face for any emotion I may give her, I wasn’t giving in, I was pissed of with her for just dropping everything for dad even though he didn’t even ask us if we agreed with his decision- I decided to not reply and just look at the floor to annoy her even more. ‘Fine, if that's how it’s going to be, then you can get a lift to school with your dad’ he walked out of the kitchen door behind mum, obviously curious on how I will react.

‘ I'm going to walk’ I said grabbing my bag from the only chair in the house by the door and slamming the door shut behind me.
The day was warm and there was not a cloud in the sky, I was used to it raining constantly in October when I lived in London. I had some idea on how to get to school, I had a week before I started at Belleville so I walked there, learning the route, trying to remember my mums instructions.
As I walked up to the large gold painted gates I pulled my faded blue jeans up a bit so they wouldn’t slip down like they had been doing all morning and checked my wind blown reflection in the nearest car window and walked in. People stood in large groups, all talking about their summers, leaning against the tattered lockers lining the halls, I held my head up high and walked down the badly lit hallway, giving nasty looks to the people I didn’t like the look of. As I pulled my schedule from my bag I caught a glimpse of a group of five boys and one girl, dressed in dark colours, with the same snow white complexion as me, standing away from the rest of the busy, tanned other kids. One of the boys who was neater looking in the way he dressed was wearing black pipe jeans, a black long sleeved shirt with a black tie neatly pulled up to the collar, his hair short at the sides and long at the top in a sort of Mohawk style but not spiked up, caught my eye and turned to his friend who had shoulder length black hair and was wearing a black band t-shirt which had a logo saying ‘DEATH OR GLORY’ across the chest, with again black pipe jeans and said something to him. I looked down at that moment feeling nervous but not showing it as I tried to concentrate on my schedule, I had AP Chemistry first, I sighed not knowing where ‘Class 7’ was and then felt a warm hand patting me on the shoulder, I turned to see a tall tanned boy wearing typical jeans and a Hollister shirt, he was the sort of looking boy who all the girls would die to be with.

‘Yes?’ I said brushing my falling fringe out of my eyes.

‘You’re new, right?’ he asked, I replied with a distant nod. ‘Can I show you to class?’ I watched as he turned around to his jeering friends and gave a little nod and a grin. I didn’t like him at all, but I didn’t know anyone else to ask to show me to class.

‘Sure, I guess’ I said raising my eyebrows as I heard one of his friends called out something I didn’t quite hear, but seemed to make everyone else laugh. ‘I’m Olivia, I prefer Liv or Livvie’.

‘I’m Lucas and I would prefer to call you Olivia, thanks’ I didn’t like the way he acted like he had power over me.

‘Y’know what? I don’t need your help... Louis is it? I can find my own way to class’ I turned on my heels as I felt his hand wrap around my arm.

‘It’s Lucas. I should show you to class’ I shook him off and just as I did the boy with the shoulder length hair was by my side, Lucas looked at him with pure hate in his eyes.

‘Olivia is it? I’ll show you to class’ he said, beckoning me to come with him, I followed him as he walked off, Lucas was shouting what I guessed to be this boys nickname because he was so pale and dead looking ‘GHOST!’.

‘What was that about?’ I said as I joined the his group, I looked around to see that the boy with the shoulder length frizzy hair and the girl with the cherry red boycut hair had left.

‘Jock.’ He said shrugging his shoulders ‘he obviously likes the look of you’.
I felt myself going pink in the cheeks but I controlled it.

‘Thanks by the way’ I said smiling at him.

‘This is Frankie’ he pulled the boy with the Mohawk styled hair over to his side, I smiled at him and replied.

‘I’m Olivia, but I prefer Liv or Livvie’

‘Nice name... Frank Iero’ he said letting out a smile and nudging the shoulder lengthed hair boy.

‘I’m Gerard...’

‘Way’ Frank interrupted and grinned at me, I couldn’t help but smile back.

‘Yes, thank you Frankie... this is Bob and this is Mikey my brother’ Gerard said this fast so that Frank couldn’t interrupt with their surnames.
Bob was tall and all muscle, he had the same styled hair as Frank but a honey blonde colour instead of jet black, his right side of his lip was pierced and he wore a plain black t-shirt, black jeans and a leather jacket. Mikey looked a lot like his brother Gerard, they both had the same thin lips and hooked nose, but Mikey’s hair was short instead of long.

‘Hey’ I said, smiling at them both. The warning bell rang and I watched as Bob checked his tattered old watch.

‘I'm off dudes, Mikey and I have AP English first’ Bob said patting Gerard and Frank on the shoulder and giving me a quick smile before he left for class.

‘What have you got?’ Gerard asked as I handed him my schedule that I still seemed to be holding, as Gerard scanned the piece of paper with his amazing hazel eyes- the same as Mikey's, Frank read over his shoulder and shouted out ‘We have all the same classes apart from hour 3’ he said smiling, Gerard handed back the sheet of paper and gave a sly smile at Frank.

‘Well Frank can walk you to class then, I’ll see you later Liv, okay?’ I nodded my head, overwhelmed by his kind nature. ‘Bye’ he said to me and Frank and we both replied with the same ‘See ya’.

‘Sorry, but what does hour 3 mean?’ I felt myself feeling a little silly asking a question like that.

‘Oh, it’s like you have 6 hours in the day, don’t you?’ I nodded my head as we both began to walk back up the now empty hall. ‘Well, it’s the lesson that is on the 3rd hour, get it?’

‘Yeah’ I said as he smiled with his gorgeous brown eyes.

‘Were in here’ he said opening the bashed up brown door to class, as we walked in everyone stared, Frank walked off to take a free seat at the back of the class in the right hand corner as I handed the bird looking teacher a note that my dad told me to give her.

‘Olivia, eh?’ she said, pulling out a clipboard and searched for something on the piece of paper that was attached, I turned around to see that Lucas was in this class, he was grinning at me and pulling out a free seat beside him for me to sit in. I glanced over to Frank with a worried expression on my face and he beckoned me over, I took the free seat next to him and pulled my notebook from my coloured in checker bag.

‘Olivia, I don’t seem to have you on the name list’

‘The prince properly didn’t inform you that I’m new this year and to put me on the list didn’t he?’ I said leaning back on my chair.

‘Prince?’ she replied raising one of her eyebrows and looking a little frustrated.

‘Yeah, y’know, the man... The big boss? The guy who has power over everyone... kind of like that magical ring in the lord of the rings movie’ I heard Frank let out a laugh but covered it up with a cough just as the teacher turned to him.

‘You mean the principle?’ she said ‘What’s your second name?’

‘Melville, Olivia Melville’

‘Your the principles daughter?’ she said jotting down something that I can only hope was my name on the list. I nodded my head as I picked at my black nail varnish.

‘Right. Class, seeing that we only have 30 minutes of class time left, I want you to introduce yourself to each other, oh and welcome to your senior years in high school’ I turned to Frank, trying not to ask him what a senior meant.

‘You didn’t tell me you were the principles daughter’ he said pulling a pen out of his bag and scribbling over the back of his hand. ‘That must suck’

‘Yeah, I really don’t like him’ I said as I lifted up my legs and crossed them on my chair, my hands resting on my grubby ‘used to be’ white vans, which are now drawn on and grey coloured.

‘Why?’ Frank asked, dropping the pen and turning to me, I didn’t feel like telling him anything about my family life so I changed the subject.

‘Can I sit with you at lunch? I don’t know anyone and I don’t want to end up sitting with Lucas over there’ I glanced over to Lucas who had finished tickling a common looking girl, who playfully punched him in the arm and said ‘stop it Luke’ in a flirting manner. Frank nodded.

‘You don’t like him?’ frank said surprised by the way I was giving Lucas a nasty look.

‘No, he’s horrid’ Franks face looked not quite satisfied and he went on to say.

‘Every girl here likes him, he’s like the most popular person here’ I shrugged my shoulders

‘I'm not every girl, Frankie’ I felt strange calling him Frankie, it made me feel like I had been friends with him for ages.
The bell soon rang and I got up as I gathered up my notebook and put away my schedule that I hadn’t seemed to let go of ever since I got it out. Frank and I walked all the way to Art together, to be joined with Mikey and the Boycut hair girl.

‘Paris, this is Livia’ I smiled, liking the way Frank called me ‘Livia’.

‘Hey’ she said linking arms with me; I smiled feeling a bit uncomfortable linking arms with a girl I don’t know. I would have never of guessed that she was called Paris by the way she looked, she wore blood red pipe jeans, torn at the knees and by her thigh, revealing her pale skin, her top was white and short sleeved, she had written across the chest in bold black letters ‘MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE’.

‘What’s My Chemical Romance?’ I asked nodding towards the words on her top, she grinned a pretty smile, her green eyes surrounded by a thick line of black eyeliner seemed to sparkle at the opportunity to tell me the answer.

‘Its the boys band, I’m supporting them’ she said straightening her back looking proud that she was trying to get her friends band noticed. ‘I can make you one like this if you want’ she said smiling hopefully, I looked over to Bob who was shaking his head and mouthing ‘No!’ at me, I let out a laugh and Paris sharply turned her head over to Bob and slapped his arm. ‘What do you say?’ she said as she turned back at me, holding Bobs arm tightly.

‘Yeah, that would be great’ I smiled, I liked her, she seemed really nice.

‘You can come round mine tonight if you want, you can try on some of my tops and see which one you prefer... although I doubt you’ll fit in them, your like 3 times skinnier than me!’ she said letting out the funny laugh of hers, she slapped her stomach letting go of Bob.

‘For god sake Paris, you’re not fat, don’t even imply it!’ Bob said looking protectively at her, he put his arm around her shoulders and kissed the top of her head, she smiled and reached up, kissing him on the lips quickly.

‘No, I'm not fat, just curvy’ Paris lifted up her top to reveal her flat pale stomach and her beautifully curvy hips. I had always wanted curves like her, but I was stuck with a skinny body with big boobs, I hated it. Paris pulled back down her top and turned her attention to me again. ‘So, want to come round then Livia?’

‘Yeah, I’d love to’ I began but Frank cut in the middle of me and Paris and was forced to unlink our arms.

‘We are late!’ Mikey burst out pushing up the rectangular glasses at the end of his nose as he checked his watch.

‘Come on then!’ said Frank taking my hand and then sprinting down the hall to a larger door than the last. I didn’t bother handing over the piece of paper that my dad gave me because I caught a glimpse of the name list on the teachers desk and it already had my name on it.

‘Over here’ Paris said as she took a seat at the square table with eight chairs circling it, I sat in the empty seat opposite her and Mikey sat next to me, I saw him sticking his tongue out at a annoyed looking Frank out of the corner of my eye, Bob sat next to Paris and Frank took the next seat closest to me.

‘Gerard and Ray are so lucky that this is their last year at Belleville’ said Bob resting his chin in his cupped hands, I turned to Mikey.

‘Who’s Ray?’ I asked as the teacher began talking to the class.

‘The frizzy haired guy wearing the Iron Maiden shirt and pipe jeans’ I nodded my head and turned my attention to the teacher. He was very tall, his brown hair touched by a bit of grey.

‘Thank you all for taking Art... ahh, we will just be doing some sketches of, ahh, the fruit in front of you today, ahh, off you go’ I laughed out loud at the nervous teacher stammering over almost every word that he seemed to say, Frank and Paris joined in with me.

‘Uhh! Look at the shit that Mr Penden is making us draw!’ Frank said picking up a mouldy piece of apple and then throwing at the brown bruised banana.

‘So you’re the, ahh, principles daughter?’ Mr Penden said as he walked over and told Frank to stop throwing the fruit, I nodded my head and he ticked off my name on the list attached to the clipboard, I looked at him with a serious face, holding back my laughter. I think he noticed because he walked off as soon as he had ticked off the whole tables names.

‘Can you draw well Liv?’ asked Bob as he handed round some paper and pencils.

‘Yeah, its the only thing I am good at’ I smiled at Frank who I caught eye contact with and began to draw the (nicely rearranged by frank) fruit. I didn’t like it when people from the class would walk around the room by our table just to see what I was like and why I was hanging around with who they all called ‘the zombies’.

‘Wow, your really good’ a bright blonde girl said as she looked at my work and nodded approvingly at her two friends who were standing loyally behind her like two puppy dogs.

‘Thanks’ I replied, not even bothering to look up at her, I had found the people I liked and wanted to hang around with for now on, even if I ended up being called a ‘zombie’.

‘I’m Clarissa, want to come and join us on our table?’ she didn’t even bother to introduce her friends.

‘No, I'm good thanks’ I said looking up at her and giving her my ‘what are you doing?’ look. I saw Frank smile and hold back a laugh as I looked up at him, Clarissa looked extremely offended.

‘No, I'm serious’ she said, putting a smile on her face and laughing as she said it, she thought I was joking.

‘What is it with all you people here? When I say no, it means no, okay?’ she didn’t bother to reply, she flicked her hair in my face and trotted off, her incredibly short skirt bouncing around her perfectly thin and tanned thighs.

‘Way to go Livia!’ said Frank and Paris at the same time, they and the rest, held up their hands for me to high five, I clapped my hands together with theirs and laughed with them.

‘Dude, I like this girl’ Mikey said as he put his arm around my shoulders and gave me a strange kind of hug, I smiled at him and looked around to see Frank staring at the dead fruit, I raised my eyebrows and I laughed at his confused expression.

‘Frank? What the hell are you doing?’ I asked laughing at him, he broke his concentration and looked up at me, his face looking disappointed.

‘I wanted to see if I can levitate things... DUH!’ everyone began to laugh at his serious comment and soon the bell rang.

‘What have you got now Livia?’ Paris asked as I packed away.

‘I think I have AP chem’

‘Ahh, me too’ she replied looking rather happy, Bob pulled out a tattered piece of paper and started to read it.

‘Me too!’ he said nudging Paris who now looked extra happy, I began to head to the door to leave and frank pulled me to the side as I stepped out into the busy hall, I hadn’t even seen him leave the classroom, Paris winked at me as she slid out the door with Mikey and Bob linked to both her arms and waited for me across the hall, people avoided them like the plague as they pass.

‘You’ll be okay without me?’ Frank said now that I was looking at him and not Paris.

‘Yeah, god Frank, I'm not a retard!’ I laughed but he looked dead serious ‘I'm not going to go off with Lucas or anything, I’ve found my friends...’ he looked a bit confused. ‘You guys ofcorse!’ I laughed and he began to as well, he didn’t look so concerned now.
AP chem was as boring as it was in my old schools, even with my new friends by my side. Mrs Cattery had made seating plan and I was thankfully sitting next to Paris who’s second name was Melrose. I head to the lunch hall following Bobs instructions, he, Paris and Mikey had gone off with Ray (who seemed to be lovely) to get their lunches from their lockers. As I slid past a group of extremely skinny looking kids, who were not eating lunch but standing around the lunch line, obviously torturing themselves with the smell of the food that they would not eat to maintain their size zero physic, I saw Frank at a table in the far left of the lunch hall, standing n his chair waving his hands in the air calling out to me. The people on the tables near Franks were giving him nasty looks and I had noticed that their tables were a little more moved away from his table then the other tables they were near.

‘Hey Frank’ I took a seat next to him and placing my bag on the circular table in front of me.

‘Hey Gerard’

‘Hey’ they both said at the same time.

‘How has Bellville high been treating you?’ Gerard asked as he stuck his silver fork, brought in from home into his pot of pasta.

‘Oh, its been great, I didn’t think I would make friends here this quick’

‘Well as soon as we saw you walk through the school doors we could tell you were a loser... like the rest of us’ he smiled, I took his comment as a compliment. ‘Although, your pretty and you could go really far, Lucas seems to like you, why did you choose to hang out with us?’ he asked as he bit of some pasta and began to chew.

‘He is horrid and you guys were the first people to except me and befriend me, I'm not letting you guys go!’ I said jokingly, a smile stretched across Gerard's face and Frank’s.

‘Yo!’ said Mikey as he took a seat next to his brother, Bob sat down the other side to me and Ray sat down the other side to Gerard, Paris took that their wasn’t enough space for another seat with ease and sat on Bob’s lap.

‘So how long have you two been dating?’ I asked leaning back on my chair and playing with my fingers as I stared at the very happy looking Paris and Bob.

‘Oh... for about...’ Paris began, thinking hard, Bob cut in.

‘A year and a half’ he said leaning forward and kissing Paris at the back of her ear.

‘Have you got a boyfriend?’ Frank asked as he picked at his buttered bread and flicked it at the people on the opposite table.

‘Umm, I did, but we ended it when I got expelled from my last school’ I sat back in my chair properly as Paris took a handful of my pink hair and started to play with it. ‘How about all you guys?’

‘No’ said Ray looking at Mikey.

‘Yep’ Mikey said smiling to himself, he handed me a picture of what looked like him and a incredibly pretty girl sitting on his lap in a middle of a field- she had dark brown hair with red highlights and she was wearing ripped up blue pipe jeans and a rather large woollen jumper.

‘She’s really pretty’ I said handing it back to him. ‘Gerard? Frank?’ I asked.

‘Umm, well... no’ said Gerard and then he started to laugh.

‘What's so funny?’

‘I can’t get a girlfriend, I'm ghost... remember?’ he said with a playful smile on his face, he seemed to think that his unpopularity was funny and he really didn’t seem to care.

‘I'm sure tons of girls would love you Gee’ I said leaning over and kissing his cheek to make him feel better. ‘Frank? Are you the same as Gee?’ I asked as I nudged him in the arm.

‘I guess I am’ he said as Gerard leaned over the table and patted him on the shoulder.

‘Its okay man, we’ll be lonely together’ he said laughing.
Just as we all began to laugh, Lucas and his loyal gang of other tanned ‘good looking’ boys walked past.

‘Freaks!’ they all shouted. ‘Losers! Zombies!’ I gave a stuck my middle finger up at them as they past and Paris and the rest joined in.

‘Well I guess your a zombie like us now, Liv’ began Gerard. ‘Want to back out before its to late?’

‘No thank you! I'm with you guys till the day I die!’

‘Well if that's the case, I need to do something with your hair when you come to mine tonight’ said Paris pulling at my hair and examining it.

‘What's wrong with my hair?!’ I said I unknowingly reaching up and stroking my long pink hair that reached to just above my chest.

‘Well for a start, the pinks nice, but that needs to be changed... the length is nice, but you have such a pretty face, you need to show it off a little more by shortening it’ I looked over to Frank who raised his shoulders and did his I don’t know! look. ‘I'm a great hairdresser! I did my hair and Mikey's’

‘Okay, fine!’ I said, her hair was lovely and if she could make her hair look that good then I'm willing to let her have a go at mine. ‘What do you have in mind?’

‘You’ll see when I'm done tonight’ she said, an evil grin spread across her face and I began to feel worried. After a hour long of getting to know each other we all headed off to our classes, it was just me and Frank in Photography Studies and I for some reason was happy it was just us two.

‘Hello class, today we’re going straight out to the football field and taking pictures of nature’ the teacher began just as me and frank sat at the same table we did in art class (it was the same room).

‘If you didn’t bring your camera you can borrow one from the cupboard, follow me out please’ she said holding the door open as me and Frank ran to the open cupboard filled with shiney but tattered silver cameras, to get the nicest one, as we ran I pushed him into the front desk and snatched the best camera from the bottom shelf and turned around to see Frank looking annoyed.

‘HA! I got the best one!’ I said dancing and waving it in the air.

‘Come on... Olivia is it?’ said the teacher that I had not learnt the name of, I nodded my head not paying attention to the rest of what she said. ‘Frank! Get a camera and start walking!’ Frank nodded his head and then quickly snatched the camera out my hands.

‘NO FAIR! THEIF! THEIF!’ I shouted as I ran out the room chasing Frank. I follow him out to what seemed to the football field, still screaming, as I got to the middle of the field I collapsed on the floor out of breath, Frank soon realised I had given up and came and laid next to me.

‘That's what you get of you annoy me!’ Frank said as he jabbed me in the stomach with his fingers.

‘OW!’ I shouted kicking him in the leg, we both began laughing and I swiftly moved my head onto his chest, I felt his hands move onto my back, pulling my body to his, I let out a deep sigh as me and him laid in the centre of the field in silence, but not a awkward silence.


‘Uh huh?’ he replied as I felt him tracing a pattern n the small of my back.

‘Is my hair really that bad?’ I heard him snort and begin to laugh. ‘I'm serious!’

‘I know you are. Paris didn’t mean it in a rude way, she just has a thing about hair... god knows why’

‘So my hair isn’t horrid?’

‘Well I like it, I think its pretty’ he said as I looked up at him, we locked eyes and seemed to look at each other for ages. He began to move his head down to my level and our noses touched, then I felt his lips against mine, I smiled as he kissed me and closed my eyes. He deepened the kiss and then I suddenly realised we are in the centre of the football field with students walking around taking pictures, I broke the kiss and Frank quickly opened his eyes, he looked confused.

‘Not here’ I said, sitting up, his hands fell down to the grass behind me from my back and he sat up, I looked around the field, everyone seemed to be so engrossed in their own work, that they hadn’t noticed us, but that's what I liked about the ‘zombie gang’ no one ever really seemed to notice us.

‘What's wrong?’ Frank said bringing his hand up to my neck and brushing the right side of my jaw with his thumb.

‘To many people...’ I stopped and then reality hit me. I didn’t even know him and I was kissing him. Before I knew it, tears were falling from my eyes and down my cheeks and nose and then resting on my lips or dripping off my chin.

‘Whoa! What's wrong?’ Frank asked reaching up from my neck and wiping away the tears, but I couldn’t stop.

‘I don’t know you... I don’t know you’ I said, bowing my head so my fringe hung down covering my face so he couldn’t see me, I fixed my eyes on a piece of grass and watched my tears fall to the ground.

‘I know... hey, look at me’ he said slipping his hand under my chin and before he could lift my head up, I moved it to the right.

‘My make ups smudged’ I said wiping my cheeks with the back of my hand.

‘I think your beautiful, no matter what’ Frank said, I smiled to myself and lifted my head but didn’t look him in the eye, instead I looked straight ahead at the goal post. ‘Okay?’
I shook my head and pursed my lips as I began to cry more, she wiped with his thumb, the line of smudged eyeliner from under my eyes off my face and leant over to kiss my cheek. His lips were warm against my cold wet cheek and I smiled as I moved my head over and rested it on his chest, I controlled my frantic crying by holding my breath.

‘So what if we don’t know each other? I know I like you... isn’t that enough?’ he began ‘I know your the only girl that I have ever liked here at Bellville, the only girl to kiss me back... the only girl I’ve kissed’ I raised my head, I had got my crying under control and I looked him in the eyes and said not believing what he just said.

‘You have never kissed a girl?’

‘I'm Deadman, right?’ I nodded my head, but still didn’t believe I was the first one to kiss him.

‘I don’t think this can go on until I get to know you...’ I said, feeling horrid, Franks face didn’t look sad or annoyed, but understanding.

‘Okay’ he said, smiling and I rested my head on his shoulder, I waited a for a while in silence then snatched the camera out of his hands, I took a quick mug shot of him and got up and ran towards the goal post.

‘COME BACK HERE LIV! YOU’LL REGRET THIS!’ as I ran, I turned and took a few more pictures of him.

‘CANT CATCH ME FAT BOY!’ I shouted over the bell, Frank stopped in his tracks and I stopped to, I threw the camera at him and he caught it off guard.

‘Aha! Now you have to put it back!’ I laughed as I ran past him and towards the parking lot 10 were Bob said he’ll meet me to give me a lift to Paris’s house with the rest of them.
I turned around to see Frank, Gerard, Ray and Mikey running towards Bob who was standing by his Black Volvo c30.

‘SHOTGUN!’ Frank squealed as he shot past me, Gerard dived for the front door ripping it open, I turned to see Paris laughing beside me and then I turned back to watch the boys fight over the front seat- Frank pulled Gerard out of the car by his ankles, who held onto the cup holder with his hands and smacked his head against the edge of the seat, Ray tried pried Gerard's hands from the cup holder and Mikey being the smart one, jumped in the empty car seat as Ray and Frank pulled Gerard to the floor and locked the car door. Frank jumped up off of Gerard's back and waved his fists at Mikey who was smirking evilly.

‘DAMN YOU MIKEY WAY!’ he screamed as he, Gerard and Ray shuffled into the three back seats of the car. Paris and I reached the car finally and looked at Bob across the top of the car and he shrugged.

‘Normally all of us get in here’ he tapped the roof of the car and carried on ‘because everyone moves up and Paris only just fits... one of you will have to sit in someone’s lap... and by someone I mean you Liv, I don’t want girlfriend sitting on Getard’s lap!’ he began to laugh and he then got in the front seat, I sighed and looked at Paris who seemed perfectly happy.

‘Take your pick’ the three boys said as we opened the back car seat.

‘Aha, nice try boys, but I'm sitting on Paris's lap!’ I said as Paris slid in and I took a seat on her lap.

‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ said Bob as he turned the car on and began to reverse out of the parking lot.

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