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Im Confused

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'My eyeliner had smudged and my eyes looked tired...'

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I sat in Bobs car, waiting for him to start the conversation. My mind ran over what Gerard had just said to me. He basically used me.

'You okay?' Bob suddenly asked, i was unaware that tears had began to fall down my cheeks. I wiped them off quickly and nodded my head, causing more to drop out of my eyes. 'Seriously, whats wrong Livvie?' he asked reaching over with one hand and touching my cheek then pulling it back to the steering wheel.

'Gerard... he said that he doesnt love me and that... theres someone else.' i couldnt help but be jelous of this girl. whoever she was.

'Wait.. he said he loved you? when?' he bounced up once on his chair excited to hear more.

'Yeah, when i was pretending to be asleep in the hospital' he laughed. 'whats funny?'

'nothing, i cam just picture you lieing there pretending to sleep and laughing at everything dumb frank said' i let out a laugh to. i missed Frank.

'Yeah well.. i dont know. when you get back to Gerards can you tell Frank im sorry?'

'Yeah, sure. anything you want.' he smiled and then his phone began to ring, i looked over to it in the dash board. 'Can you get that?' he asked, so i reached over and answered it. Paris was on the other line.

'Hey Bob, when you coming over?' she asked, she was giggleing slightly.

'Oh, hey Paris its Livia. Want me to ask Bob for you?'

'Oh hi, Livvia. Yeah' i turned to Bob

'Paris wants to know what time your coming over...' he looked rather annoyed.

'after i drop you off' he said, sharply.

'he'll be round in about 10 minuets'

'okay, thanks Livia, bye!' i hung up and put the phone back down on the dash board.

'Whats up with you?' Bob had turned all tense and annoyed.

'Nothing.' he stopped the car and i realised we were outside my house. i gave him my best 'are you sure?' look and he put on the worse fake smile i had ever seen. i leant over and hugged him goodbye and then jumped out the car onto the pouring rain and ran over to my front door and knocked several times.

'Olivia!' My mum said opening the door. i pushed past her and waved goodbye to Bob in the car. 'You back early'

'yeah, i had to think a few things over. im staying at paris's tonight mum' she looked surprised and nodded her head. i wasnt really staying at Paris's, i planned to stay at Franks. I hugged her quickly and then ran upstairs to my room. I changed into a pair of teared shorts and my misfits band tee and slipped on Franks hoodie, taking in his smell. I pulled on knee high black socks and put on my blue all stars. i stopped to look around my room and then realised i hadnt looked in the mirror for a while. i ran into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My eyeliner had smudged and my eyes looked tired. i washed all the make up off and just put on some light blusher to make me look alive and some mascara. not really caring what i look like. I began to pack anything i could see. 4 outfits and underwear, not knowing really what to bring. i grabbed my toothbrush and make up bag on the way out and headed back downstairs. my checkard vans bag ready on my back.
I hear my dad in the backroom on the phone to someone, so i speed up my pace. not wanting to bump into him.

'See you later hun, text me when your coming home' my mum said, stepping out from the kitchen door behind me and making me jump.

'okay mum' i went to open the door and realised it was still raining. 'wheres my coat?' i asked, looking around at all the unpacked boxes.

'in one of these boxes... here, take this' she leant over handing me a umbrella. i sighed and stepped out the house, opening the umbrella. i had to get back to gerards house and make sure Frank was okay. I began to walk down the road, Gerard didnt live that far away.
Frank was constantly on my mind. I didnt know if i was guilty for making him so sad or i just wanted to see him. as i approached Gerards house i realised his car was gone. i knocked on the door and Mikey answered. his eyes red and puffy from all the crying.

'Oh. What do you want?' he asked, he sounded mad at me, i stepped in making him step back, i left my umbrella outside and lead Mikey over to the sofa with me.

'Whats wrong with you Mikey?' he sat down beside me, close to tears. 'Have i done something?' he looked up, instead of looking mad, he looked sorry.

'No! I just... you and Gerard together is something i cant handle seeing right now'

'whys that mikes?' i sat closer to him rubbing his back. Mikey, Frank and I were the only people in the house.

'Alicia broke up with me...' he collapsed into my arms, i kissed the top of his head and held him for a while before asking.

'How long were you dating for?' he looked up, pushing his glasses up his nose like he always did.

'Two years' he spluttered

'Why did she break up with you?'

'There is someone else...' i knew the feeling.

'Its okay Mikey, Its okay...' i heard a bang from upstairs. Mikey sat up wiping his eyes, looking alittle embarressed.

'I think thats Frank' he said sitting back and gesturing for me to go. i got up, giving Mikey a reassuring smile and then walking up the stairs to Gerards room. I opened the door to see Frank on the edge of the bed scratching at his wrist crying. I ran over and saw he was trying to claw off my initials.

'Frank. Dont!' i said pulling his hand away. he looked up at me and pulled his hand back. 'We need to talk' i said to him sitting down beside him, i took his wrist in my hand and wiped away the blood coming from a small scratch.

'Why did you do this OLivia? i thought you loved me'

'Frank i do, im just confused, okay?' he looked at me, his beautiful hazel eyes looked angrey and made me shudder. 'Frank please..' i said holding his hand in mine. 'Can we start over?' he bit his bottom lip, i knew he wanted to. 'Frank, look. I do love you.' i smiled moving closer and put his arm around me.

'I dont know..' he said looking away and getting up, only to stumble down to the floor. I got up and helped him up. 'I need to go' he said finally. I looked at him, my heart breaking, i knew i had hurt him really bad and it was going to take time. I watched him stumble out of the room and down the stairs and into the pouring rain. I would wait 5 minuets and then go after him.

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