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He Was Gone

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''It hurts, it really hurts Frank' she said..'

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Horror - Characters: Frank Iero - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2010-02-20 - Updated: 2010-02-20 - 425 words

heeey guys! im kinda bummed out i only got one review with my last chapter, but i'll write on! for that one reviewer :D enjoy... Oh and last chapter Livvie waits to go get Frank, well you don't see what happens to her but she gets shot in the leg by Lucas and Frank hears it and goes back to see whats happened and sees Livvie laying on the floor. I don't know why but the paragraph got deleted. I'll rewrite it soon. Enjoy!!



I fell to the ground beside Olivia, my body arched over hers, keeping her from getting soaked through. A red sticky subtance leaked through her knee high grey socks. I whimpered and looked up too see that he had gone.

'Not again.' i whispered against her cold stomach, anger rising up in me, almost enough to make me burst. 'NOT AGAIN!' i hit my fist down hard on the grass. my last words to her were. 'Olivia, go back to Mikeys'.

'Frank?' Olivia muttered, i looked up to see her glorious eyes wide open. tears fell from my eyes down onto mikeys coat she was wearing, they merged in with the rain drops.

'Im here, Im here. He left.. Olivia i didnt know! Im sorry!' i spluttered, i heard her begin to cry.

'It hurts, it really hurts Frank' she said her hand sliding down her stomach and down to her theigh.

'Its okay, i'll call for help.' I said, straightening up, i slid my hands under her weak body, scooping her up into my arms and quickly running over to shelter. I stood with her in my arms under the porch of a random persons house.

'Am i going to die?' she asked, her face was drained of all colour. I stammered as a feeling of being stabbed through the chest spread through my body causing me to kneel down with her still in my arms. I had to lay her down as the pain in my chest worsened. I laid down beside her, The pain robbing me of my mobility. i felt hopeless. i couldnt move. my legs (without my comand) curled up to my chest. i let out a scream and Olivia did the same. I heard her crying fade as i closed my eyes, the pain numbed my cold body, sending me into a deep sleep.

sorry its so short! if i didnt make it clear frank has not been stabbed! xD i'll update tomorrow :D r&r?
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