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Two Bright English Girls

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'I saw Paris look at Bob and smile weakly at him...'

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i have a new story! its called 'The Angel From My Nightmare' check it out pleeease? enjoy :D

Chapter 17:


I opened my eyes and sat up in shock. Paris was holding my hand and i was in a large white room.

"Where am i?!" i asked straight away looking for Olivia.

"Your in hospital." she must have realised i was searchng for Olivia because she carried on to say "Olivias fine, she got shot in the leg, she wont be able to walk on it for a few months but shes fine." I laid back and winced in pain. My hand clutching my shirt where my heart is.

"Whats wrong with..." i trailed off as Olivia hopped in my room on crutches. She looked at me and smiled.

"You couldnt even save me could you? You had to go and pass out?" she laughed and collapsed into Paris's lap. Tears fell from my eyes as i saw the white cast around her left leg.

"Im sorry" i said getting out of bed and holding her hands in mine and kissing them over and over. A girl then with Black curly hair resting around her collar bone ran in. Searching room and then her hazel eyes fixing on Olivia.

"Dont wander off like that!" She shouted at her, she was english like Olivia. Olivia giggled and turned back to me, i gathered she knew this girl. The curly haired girl stuck her head out the door and yelled down the hall way.

"EMMA! SHES HERE!" a girl who was tall and thin then burst in giggleing, she had long blonde hair and stunning blue eyes, she was english too.

"For gods sake Livvie, what are you doing?!" she looked up and me and then a smile spread across her face, she ran past the curly haired girl and pulled my hand from Olivias and shook it.

"Im Emma, Olivias friend from London. Thats Emily" she looked back at the curly haired girl and she smiled back.

"Nice to meet you" i replied. Turning back to Olivia who widened her eyes. I had a feeling Mikey was going to like Emma. With that the rest of the band walked in and ran over to Olivia, pulling her into a hug. I saw Paris look at Bob and smile weakly at him. I felt something was wrong.

"There are far to many people in here! One person can stay, the rest leave please! He'll be out after some tests!" a nurse said walking in. Olivia stood up with the help of Emma and Emily and leant over and kissed my cheek. I shuddered wanting more.

"I'll stay" Paris said, i knew there was something she wanted to tell me.

"See you later" everyone seemed to say as they left the room. Gerard walked over to me as everyone but Paris had left and gave me a tight hug and whispered 'Forgive me' into my ear. I look up at him shocked and nodded my head.

sorry it was short! im in kind of a rush!hope you liked it! there will be more valerie, emma and emily-ness soon! :D amanda, you'll be in it next week! :D
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