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'"Im not forgiving her for what she did with Gerard."'

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okay, this has to be short! i have a english essay to do and i cant update tomorrow, im going to see 30 seconds to mars at the london wembly arena :D enjoy xo

Chapter 18:


"Well your heart beat seems to be irregular" the nurse said holding the cold metal stephocope to my bare white chest.

"What does that mean?" Paris asked, taking my hand and squeezing it.

"Listen" The nurse let Paris listen, she looked up and my and slapped her hands to her mouth.

"It sounds broken!" the nurse was nodding her head.

"It sometimes happens if the person has been under alot of stress, you'll need to be on medication to slow your heart beat down otherwise you could have a heart attack" I sat up on my bed, completely shocked.

"Will it get better?" i asked, i put my hand up to my chest and felt my heart beating, it was fast and it wasnt like the usual heart beat.

"Oh yes, but you'll have to try and be more relaxed and if your a sports player or musician the heart medication will slow you down."

"Slow me down?" all of this was making no sense at all to me.

"You wont be able to play as you usually do, you'll sweat alot more because you'll have to try harder." i nodded my head. A few seconds ago i was confused about what was going on with Paris and Bob. But now... everything was different.

"I'll get you your medication, take one aday and read the leaflet that will be included." i watched her leave the room then turned to Paris.

"Want me to get Livvie?" she asked, stroking the side of my face.

"No. Im glad shes okay, i mean. Thank god and all but, Im not forgiving her for what she did with Gerard." I felt anger building up inside of me.

"Frankie..." she said looking down at her feet.

"Look. Im fine, i'll just take the medication, i'll go home and get things straight and i'll see you when i see you, okay? call me tonight" she nodded her head as i stood up and left the room, pulling on my t-shirt as i walked down the hall. I saw Olivia waiting in the waiting room near the check out. Her friend Emma was talking to Mikey, flirtingly slapping his arm as she laughed about something he had said. I took a deep breath and walked past. Knowing that it would take sometime for Olivia to get up, with her crutches and all.

"Here, one aday, okay?" the nurse said as i walked past, snatching the bag from her hands before anyone could get up and talk to me. I gave her a reasuring nodd and left the hospital.

rate and review? the next chapter is all about Olivia, Emma and Emily :D xo
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