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'"I'm here because we all miss you..."'

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okay, sorry i didnt update yesterday, i got home from 30 seconds to mars at 2:30 and wasnt in bed till 4, then had to wake up at 6 for school... so i was rather tired xD JARED LETO (lead singer of 30 seconds to mars) CLIMBED UP INTO THE PLACE I WAS SITTING AND I TOUCHED HIM! :D anyway... on with the show ;D

Chapter 19:


i sat back on my chair, set in the corner of my empty room as Emma and Emily fussed around in the bathroom, getting Emma ready for her date with Mikey. I hadn't seen the band and Paris since the day i went home from the hospital. It has been a week. My phone everyday has atleast 3 missed calls from each of them (apart from frank), but im to heartbroken to call them back.
My mind went over the moment Frank looked at me and ran out the hospital doors. He didnt look like himself, it was like a complete other person.

"Should i wear a dress or a t-shirt and trousers?" emma asked, she was so excited for her date with Mikey, she had been texting him ever since the first day she met him. They had so much in common. Her boyfriend Danny had left her a couple of weeks before she came down to see me when she found out i was injured. She was in a real bad place and so was Mikey, they seemed to heal eachothers broken hearts.

"Dress" i said, putting my hands on each armrest and pushing myself up, hopping over to my crutches and then slowly making my way to my waredrobe.
Mum, Dad, Emily and Emma had been decorating the whole house and getting the boxes unpacked while i was unable to walk properly. The house finally felt like a home and my parents agreed to letting Emma and Emily stay here for aslong as their parents would let them. They had taken their studie leave and so far they would be here untill christmas. "Here" i said handing her my favourite short black dress that i always wear with converse.

"Thank you!" She said jumping out of the bathroom, her long blonde hair in beautiful bouncing curls.

"You feeling any better?" Emily asked as she sat down beside me on my bed, leaving Emma alone to get dressed. I said nothing, i had been completely misrable since Frank left. "Is this about Frank or because if your leg?" she asked tucking my stray peices of hair behind my pointey ear.

"Frank" i mumbled as i shuffled about trying t get comfey.

"Want to go see him?" I hadnt even thought about this. All this time i had been wondering why Frank had ran off when i could have just gone to his house.

"Your a genious!" i shouted, bouncing alittle and then throwing myself into a Emilys arms for a hug. Just as i pulled away from my much need hug, Emma bounces out of the door wit her arms up in the air. Emily and I both began to clap and laughed as Emma walked up and down my room doind a catwalk for us.

"You look so hot!" Emily said jumping up, being carefull of my leg and jumping onto Emmas back.

"I know, right?!" i laughed and watched them both play fight when the door bell rang. "MIKEY!" Emma yelled as she shot out the door, Emily helped me up and i carefully jumped onto her back, my bad leg stuck out infront of me. Emily carried me downstairs to see Mikey kissing Emma lightly on the cheek, Gerards stood in the hall way, he had walked past Mikey and Emma and was making his 'PUKE!' look.

"Livia! How are you?!" Gerard said as soon as i was off of Emilys back and clutching onto the side if the table against the wall for support, he wrapped his arms around my fagile body and squeezed me tightly.

"Im okay..." i replied, i sounded tired and annoyed for some reason.

"I'm here because we all miss you..." i looked at him, there was something else he wanted to say, he just wasnt saying it.

"what?" i asked, i reached out and touched his cheek, causing him to face me.

"Have you spoke to Frank lately?" he looked upset and unsettled.

"No, i havent seen him since the day he ran out" i snapped "he seems okay with me and then runs off..."

"He has a heart condition" Gerard interruped, I saw Emily walk past me to go and talk to Mikey and Emma outside and close the door.

"what?!" tears began to swell up in my eyes but i bit them back and carried on. "why didnt he say anything? Is that why he left?"

"Look, Livia..."

"We're going to go now. see you later, Livvie" Mikey said as he took Emmas hand and lead her down the drive way, they both turned and gave me a little wave.

"EMILY! GET YOUR ASS IN HERE!" shouted Bob who stuck his head out the window. "OH HI LIVVIE!" he said smiling.

"I'll see you later" Emily said hugging me and then running out the door, closing it behind her, i turned back to Gerard speechless.

"Look, Livia, You hurt Frank real bad and the doctor said if he is under stress and if his emotions jump around alot he could die. So he made out that he was still mad at you so that he wouldnt have to see you"

"why wouldnt he want to see me?"

"because he loves you and you cause his emotions to jump up and down. Plus, he was scared if you would hang out with him and then you two have a argeument and then he might get sick and so on.." i fell into Gerard abit at all this information, he lead me over to the living room where i sat down breathlessly thanks to all the hopping.

"I need to go see him. Is he okay?"

"I dont know, i havent seen him in a week" he looked down at his feet. "You proberly should go see him. It will be good for the both of you"

okay, i need ideas in what should happen next! valerie you shall be in the story properly in about two chapters an then amanda you shall be in it by monday :D
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