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'"Its okay, sugar. Im just happy"'

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this week has been so awful! i just couldnt leave my bed yesterday and had to miss school. i couldnt this morning either and i have been feeling so down... so mums taking me to the hospital and i might not be able to update tomorrow. but writing is my way of releasing so i hope you enjoy this chapter! and please read my other story! 'The Angel From My Nightmare'!! thanks!

Chapter 20:

I sat in Gerards car, i felt awkward around him ever since the day Frank walked in on us, thats proberly why i had been avoiding him.

"So how and this girl you told me about doing?" i sounded like i didnt really care, but i did.

"We're fine. Shes called Valerie and she is so beautiful. I want you to meet her" This gesture almost made me cry, i wasnt upset though, i was happy for him.

"I'd like to meet her" i replied, turning to see he was looking at me and smiling.

"If you stop hiding in your fucking house then maybe you might" he said playfully and then turning back to face the road. There was a moment of silence. "Lucas got aressted"

"What?!" i shouted, i covered my mouth with my hands shocked at what i just heard.

"His mom found his gun in his room, she didnt know anything about you but she was scared and reported him to the police"

"should i tell them what he did to me?"

"I dont know" he stopped the car, i looked out the window and saw Franks house, my heart started to beat really fast.

"You okay, kid?" Gerard asked, leaning over and putting his arm around my shoulders. "I'll be back in 30 minuets, i have to go pick up Valerie. I'll be waiting outside for you, when you're done" I nodded my head and kissed his cheek.

"Thanks Gee" i said smiling and getting out the car, Gerard got out to help me and hand me my crutches. I hopped up the drive way and hesitated at the door, my hand ready to knock. I turned around to see Gerard waving as he drove off. I took a deep breath and knocked, soon after the door opened and Frank stood looking at me, his black hair perfect, his eyes tired and wearing his skeleton p.j's. "Frank" i whispered into the wind, he stepped to the side and let me hopp in, he walked down the hall and into the living room where i collapsed in the sofa next to him.

"Hello" he said, looking down at his feet. "Im guessing Gerard came and told you everything" i nodded my head and shuffled up closer to him. "You look well" he said, looking down at my cast.

"I dont feel it" i replied.

"Im sorry Livia, Im really sorry. I thought not telling you what was wrong would make you think i hated you and then you'd keep away so i wouldny get hurt and i wouldnt upset you."

"Shh.." i said, resting my head on his chest, i felt his arms wrap around me and pull me gentely onto his lap where i curled up agaisnt him, my leg hanging down over his legs.

"I missed you so much" he said into my hair and kissing my head over and over again.

"Me too" i muttered into his chest, i felt his body stiffen and then relax.

"Livia, will you be my girlfriend? Im sick of keeping away from you and i just want to be with you all the time so i can look after you and..." i laughed and looked up at him smiling widely, i nodded my head up and down and reached up and kissed him lightly on the lips. I then pressed my hand against his heart and felt it beating quickly.

"You've taken your medicine, haven't you?" i asked, he looked down at me and smiled. "Your hearts beating so fast" He put his hand ontop of mine and then his eyes widened.

"Its fixed..." he muttered.


"Its beating normally" he said, I slid off his lap and then pressed my ear against his chest.

"Is this good?"

"It was beating weirdly before. I need to call the hospital"

"Frank, you sound worried"

"Its okay, sugar. Im just happy" he smiled and then kissed the corner of my mouth and got up and walked to the phone. I sat on the sofa, happiness bubbleing inside of me. Frank Iero was my boyfriend. It had all happened so quickly. I heard a car horn outside and guessed it was Gerard and Valerie. I stood with great dificulty and picked up my crutches hopping to the door, i opened it and gestured over to Gerard to come in, my cheeks hurt from the amout of smiling i was doing.

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