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Mikey In His Underwear

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'"I don't like her..." i blurted out..'

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okay, so my computer still has a virus. im on my grandpa's at the moment and it is so fucking slow! xD but i am going to update and come on this computer as much as i can (about every other day)so enjoy :D xo

Chapter 21:


My smile didnt dissappear when i saw Gerard walking up the pathway, his hands linked with a stunningly beautiful girl. I had Frank and everything felt okay now.

"Woah, Woahh! Livvie, go sit down" Gerard said linking his arm with mine, he had obviously realized i was shaking and finding it hard to stand. I hopped back to the sofa and sat down, Gerard taking my crutches and then turning to Valerie standing in the doorway looking uncomfortable.

"Oh hey, I'm Olivia, you can call me Livvie" i said smiling and waving at her. Gerard seemed to look happy at my first reaction towards Valerie was and he took her hand and sat her down next to me and then sat beside her, not once letting go of her.

"I'm Valerie, but im sure you know that" she smiled her pretty smile and glanced back at Gerard. She was as small as Frank, with shoulder length brown lushes hair, brown hair and i couldn't help but be just a little jealous of her good looks.

"Yeah" i said, looking over at Gerard and then looking back forward in front of me.

"Im guessing you made up with Frank" He said breaking the silence, i smiled to myself and then Frank walked in, he took a look at Valerie and then Gerard and scratched his head looking confused.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, lifting me up and sitting me carefully in his lap.

"I was here to pick up Livvie, but if you want to keep her here that's fine" Gerard said, smirking at me as Frank kissed the nape of my neck.

"Is your heart okay?" I asked, turning a little away from Valerie, something inside of me didn't like her. I felt fine when i saw her and Gerard walking up to the house, but as soon as i took a better look at her and she started talking a sudden rush of hate appeared.

"Its fine, i have to go for a check up later on this week though" I smiled, i liked to think i fixed his broken heart.

"Umm, hi, I'm Valerie" she said as she caught eyes with Frank, her face was a light shade of pink.

"Yeah, Your with Gee right?" Frank replied smiling back politely at her and then winking at Gerard who had also turned pink.

"Uh huh" the room went silent, i turned around to notice that Gerard was squeezing Valeries hand.

"Well, everyone os meet up tonight at my house, do you two want to come?" I started to realise that Gerard had a talent for breaking awkward silences. I looked back at Frank who looked at my cast.

"Yeah sure" i replied, shuffling abit to get comfy.

"Okay" Frank said breaking his stare at my cast and then looking alive again.

"Well, we're going to leave because we have plans, come round around... 9ish tonight, okay?" Frank and I nodded our heads, i watched as Valerie latched herself to Gerard and left the room with him, i stayed quiet until i heard the front door shut.

"I don't like her..." i blurted out, i heard Frank laugh and nuzzle the back of my neck.

"Try and be nice, okay?"

"Meh, I'll try my best" i whined and turned my head round and pressed my forehead against Franks and breathed out slowly. I felt a bulge in his jeans and then he pushed me off his lap, careful not to hurt my leg and then ran out the room mumbling something, i laughed to myself and shouted after him.

"THINK OF MIKEY IN HIS UNDERWEAR!" and then my whole body shook. Fear quickly rushed over me as i remembered that i had never been good at sex, well that's what my ex had said to me when he broke up with me. I heard the kettle boiling in the kitchen and i relaxed back into the sofa, I heard Frank knocking over pots and pans and i laughed.
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