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Gerards 'Boring' Get Together

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'Emily jumped out her seat screaming...'

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Okay, so the computer thing isn't working out so i will have to update whenever i can, bit i can promiss that at the end of it all you should at least get one chapter a week. im sorry! DAMN VIRUS'S! anyway... enjoy ^.^

Chapter 22:


i sat downstairs in Olivia's living room, she seemed to be taking ages to get ready. Her mum bashed around in the kitchen, fetching tea and biscuits although i said i didn't want to have any. Olivia hadn't stopped talking about how much she didn't like Valerie and all i could think of was that she was jelous of her, that scared me. I didn't want to loose Olivia to Gerard again.

"Done" Olivia said limping into the living room in front of me where i sat, i scanned my eyes up and down her fragile slim body and stopped at her leg, her cast was off.

"Livvie... your cast" i said, i felt myself smiling as i stood up and reached out to her. She walked straight into my arms without question and i wrapped my arms around her waist.

"Yep, i was told i could take it off yesterday, but i like all the attention" she said smiling her cute cheeky smile and biting her bottom lip.

"Here you are, you two love birds" Olivia's mum said placing down a plate of cookies on the glass coffee table, a pot of steaming hot herbal tea and two mugs. Olivia leaned back from me a bit, arms still around my neck, so she could see my face and said in her adorable English accent.

"Tea, love?" i nodded my head at Olivia's mum as she winked at her and left room and then turned my head back to Olivia.

"Sounds good" i replied, turning Olivia around in my arms so her boney back was pressed against my chest and ten kissing her lightly on the nape of her neck.

"One quick cup, then off to Gee's we go! I can't wait to ask Emma about her date with Mikey" i let go of Olivia's waist as she lent over to pour a cup of tea for both of us.

"Emma went on a date with Mikey? I knew those two would hit it off..."

Olivia butted in "Yeah and Bob asked Emily to come with them... i know that Emily likes him, but im not sure about him. I haven't spoken to them in a while."

"Last time I heard anything about Bob was when Paris came over to tell all about their break up."

"THEY BROKE UP!" Olivia almost screamed, spilling a wee bit of tea on the cream carpet and then swiftly mopping it up with he foot.

"Uh huh, Bob said that the feelings between them for him were gone. He still likes her a a friend and now that times have past he's realised that's all he has ever liked her as."

"That's so sad! I hadn't even spoke to Paris, i feel so bad!" I took my mug from Olivia and helped her sit down, she was still a little wobbly on her feet. Once she was sat down i drnk my tea down quickly, not taking my eyes off of Olivia. My beautiful girlfriend. She turned her head to face me, obviously realising i was glaring at her and smiled softly saying. "I love you" Those words made my heart ache every time she said them, because i couldn't tell her in words how much i loved her back.



"AHHH! OLIVIA'S CAST IS OFF!" shouted Emily running up to me and lifting me up into a hug.

"Oww.. Emily that hurts" i said as she tightened her grip around my body.

"Oh. Sorry babe!" she said smiling and kissing me lighty on the cheek, still not letting me go. I looked over her shoulder to see Frank walking off towards Paris who was with Bob, Ray (with his arm round a very pretty looking girl with long brown hair, hazel eyes and unnaturally long eyelashes) and Valerie. I rolled my eyes at the sight of her and broke from Emily's hug.

"So where is Mikey and Emma?" i asked, scanning the room to see Gerard walking out of the kitchen doors to greet me.

"Upstairs..." she rolled her eyes and looked up towards the ceiling. "Been up their for about an hour" i laughed and then caght Bobs eye, i quickly looked away and turned back to Emily.

"How about you and Bob the, eh?" i saw a grin edge across her face and she grabbed me round the wrist and pulled me over to the side where i sat down on the sofa and put my sore leg up on the coffee table, Emily did the same and took both my hands in hers. Emily was always more close to me than Emma, i liked them both the same, but i always had a special connection with Emily.

"He asked me out on a date!" she replied, basically jumping up and down.

"Really?! That's great Emys!" i said nudging her as i said her nickname. She smiled and rested her head on my shoulder, looking over at Frank. I watched he throw his head back as he laughed at a joke Ray had said and clapping his hands together.

"You two made up?" Emily asked, nodding her head over to Frank.

"Yep" i said winking and then realising she couldn't see me.


I said "Yessss..." Emily jumped out her seat screaming and running over to Frank and hugging him and shouting at the top of her voice.

"WELCOME TO THE FAMILY FRANKIE!" a look of confusion washed over his face and then he turned to see me laughing and began to laugh as well. I stayed seated, not able to get back up, my leg was hurting a little when Paris walked over and sat down next to me, putting her arm around my shoulders and giving me a tight squeeze.

"I missed you, bud" she whined into my shoulder, i smiled at her and brushed her hair out of her face.

"Me too. I'm sorry i wasn't there for you..." i said glancing over to Bob.

"Its okay, i prefer to deal with these things on my own anyway" she said shrugging her shoulders and then began picking at her nail varnish.

"Want to go shopping tomorrow and catch up?" Paris asked as Frank came over and sat down next to me, i caught Gerard's eye and waved at him, he returned the hello.

"That will be fun, yeah, okay!" i said smiling widely. All i had been doing lately was smiling.

"What will be fun?" Frank asked, fiddling around with the back of my short hair.

"Me and Olivia are going to go shopping tomorrow. Want to come too? But it can just be us three, don't invite anyone else." she said grinning. I nodded my head and then rested my head down on her boney shoulder and let out a sigh as Frank held my hand and traced his finger along my life line in the middle of the palm of my hand.

"This is boring" Frank whined like a little boy, scrunching his face up like he as sucking a lemon, Paris laughed at this, i kept my eyes on the girl with Ray, curious.

"Who's that girl?" i asked finally.

"Oh her?" Paris pointing over to the girl i was looking at.

"That's Amanda, Rays girlfriend. They wont say how they met... but she doesn't seem like the most talkative person." Just as Paris finished her sentence Amanda turned around, her long eyelashes batting flirtily against her rosey cheeks and locking eyes with mine. I sat there, unable to break the glace and then Ray patted Amanda on the shoulder and she turned back around, not saying a word.
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