Review for Get me closer (to God)

Get me closer (to God)

(#) mysilentromance 2010-03-13

It's really interesting how Frank craves Red, even though it seems like he shouldn't. I think it was a smart choice you made because if Frank didn't enjoy what was happening, people might just feel bad for Frank and the whole effect of it would be lost. Just a thought.

Once again, this story is always worth the wait. The chapters are long, and I love them that way. And even with the length, I don't want the chapter to end. I always have to go back and read each chapter again because they're that good :P

Author's response

Eeh thankoo very much =3 I'm glad you think Frank enjoying it is a good thing xD I did consider having him petrified and hate it, but when I try and get into Franks characters mindset I can't imagine him disliking it. Which is why I'm making him crave it, and lets face it, we all would if we were him ;P
And I'm happy you like the length xD I try really hard to make each chapter at least 5000 words, though I think they've been like 6000 XD Just to give you guys the detail you deserve =P
And yeah, I'ma stop rambling now XD
Thanks again =D