Review for The Art Of Love

The Art Of Love

(#) dark_venom 2010-04-12

Don't get to worried about it, everyone that reads your stories always leaves good comments and I can only agree with them. Yhis story is brilliant!!!

The way that you right is just so amazing, you draw in the reader so you want to find out more!!!!

Please keep on writing, I always check for your stories whenever im online (Which is alot) :)

Keep updating please! :D

And I must agree with you, the weather here is lovely!!!

xoxo Sam

Author's response

Okay thanks, I just wondered, like you do...

Thanks :)

I will, you should check out my other story 'My Dark Angel' check my profile for it :)

It was, today there is a dark cloud over Colchester... I hope it's not an omen :S

Thanks for the review!