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Help please :) (A/N)

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Read please, it'll help the story!

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A/N: Hello! I just wanted to ask you guys a few things, because although I have my lovely, faithful reviewers whom I couldn’t live without because of the most wonderful things they say about this story, not many people seem to review even though I’m getting around 50 hits of more on each chapter (although to start with, chapter 1+2 have like 250 views each).

So the fact that not many of you are reviewing means either people don’t like the story or I just have loads of people who don’t have an account are reading, I can’t figure which so I wanted to ask you guys what you like about the story, what you don’t and how I could improve. As well as helping me improve the story, this will also help me with my GSCE English, which I need help with lots (I really need to work on my writing technique according to my teacher). So if you would be the kindest of people and tell me about what you like in the story, what you don’t and how to improve I would love you even more than I already do.

And it might help me get out of my writers block :/

Thank you, you wonderful people. AND if you live in the UK, what beautiful weather we’re having for once!

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