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Happy Birthday Mr Way!

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'“She made me take the dress off.” He whispered, causing everyone to burst into another fit of laughter. “Shut up! I blame the two giggle-bots on the floor there!” “C’est moi?” Rhi e...

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A/N: Come one, come all to this... glorious affair! (Ok, that was cheesy) But in all seriousness, WELCOME to the Gerard Way Birthday Special! (yay) So, when I started writing this eviesaunders(Evie), bubbly-gum(Sam(I went by your signature thing at the bottom of your review you preferred that!) and dark_venom(Samantha) had all asked to be in it so they are, more people might be added but I could forget to add your username, if so, sorry! AND; now Gerard doesn’t drink, but in college he did so you know, it’s not what he’s like now yadda yadda. Okay, on with the show! Enjoy! Oh yeah also, Happy Birthday Gerard Way! Xx
Warning: The following chapter contains; drinking, swearing, Pokémon, sexual activities and a timeless cheesy classic; flashbacks. Please stop reading now if you’re of a nervous/naive disposition/hate Pokémon- if you diss Pokémon in the reviews box I will hunt you down and kill you! Or lacto intolerant, because of the cheese.

Gerard’s POV
“Urgh” my head was banging from the amount of laughs, and alcohol, we had endured the evening before. Finally I slowly opened my eyes and saw Rhi lying next to me, tangled up in my bed sheets. The sound of giggling seeped under the door from both Mikey’s room and from downstairs.

Rhi stirred in her sleep, tangling herself further into the sheets. I sighed and moved the curtain of hair that was covering her face. She looked so peaceful in her sleep. Leaning backwards, I sat back and tried to remember what exactly happened after we ran up the stairs, escaping my mom.

Flashback (Wayne’s World Style)

Evie and Rhi were on the floor laughing. Ray and Bob were collapsing one the sofa and Mikey was in his room getting his collection of horror movies to watch. Frank scurried through the door quite quickly in just in his boxers. Everyone fell silent
“She made me take the dress off.” He whispered, causing everyone to burst into another fit of laughter. “Shut up! I blame the two giggle-bots on the floor there!”
“C’est moi?” Rhi exclaimed before hitting Evie and laughing again. Frank charged at them both, still in his Harry Potter boxers, belly flopping on to both of them and causing them to scream on impact. “Argh! You dick!” Rhi screamed as she rubbed her side. She started whacking Frank on the head with a nearby shoe, mine I think.
“Guys! That’s enough!” my mom screamed from down stairs, she was obviously still pissed off about Frank being in her dress.
“Sorry Donna!” everyone shouted back.
“Frank, go put some clothes on!” I laughed at him. “Not everyone wants to see all your meat!”
I wouldn’t mind!” Evie flirted, making Frank giggle and go bright red. He then ran out the room into Mikey’s to get changed. We all heard Mikey scream as a near-naked Frank barged into his room demanding clothes. Then Frank walked back in, clothed, with a shell-shocked Mikey in tow.
“Right, I got a selection of the finest horror movies, b-movies and TV comedy classics. Take your pick!” Mikey threw the DVD’s onto the floor and we all scrambled to get a look. It was like a scrum, somehow, the girls ended up on the bottom and the smallest bugger of the lot ended up on the top.
“OH. MY. GOD!” Rhi squealed like a fan girl at a concert.
“What?!?” Frank shouted from the top of the dog pile to the bottom.
“THE POKEMON MOVIE!” Rhi squealed again.
“Oh shit! I thought I’d hidden that somewhere else...” Mikey trailed off thinking of excuses.
“NO! NO! NO! CAN WE WATCH IT?!?” Rhi clambered her way to the top of the pile, passing me on the way up and kissing my nose before continuing. When she got to the top, she stood up on Franks back triumphantly and held up the DVD case containing the sacred movie like Baby Simba in The Lion King and started singing in some foreign language...
“Is that... French?!?” Bob asked quizzically.
“!” she jumped down and put the DVD in the player I had carted up from downstairs, along with the tv...

Everyone grabbed a space where they could; Mikey and Bob on the ground laying on their stomachs with their faces in their hands, Ray on the couch next to Evie and Frank, who were now cuddling, and Rhi and me on my bed, leaning against the head rest with her in my arms. Soon the movie started and Rhi squealed as the movie started, snuggling closer to me.
“WAIT!” Frank ran out of the room and came back with his sleep-over stuff. “You guys are all over 21 right?” He winked and out of his bag pulled an assortment of alcoholic drinks; vodka, cider, lager and tequila.
“Frank are you sure that’s a...” Ray began.
“Oh! Is that pear cider?!?” Rhi jumped off of me and ran to Frank as soon as he nodded, grabbing two cans and running back to the bed, handing me one.
“Isn’t pear cider a bit girly...?” Mikey moaned.
“Do you see any girls drinking it?” Frank giggled. Rhi gasped and threw a sock at him before sticking her tongue out.
“Can we all just shut up and watch the damn move?!? Ash’s Hydros is in a battle with Team Rockets Pelinator!” Bob screamed in all seriousness, I guess he really liked Pokémon...

Everyone hushed down, even after we had consumed alcohol. I was starting to feel a buzz after my third can of cider and sat drawing on the bed, Rhi was bouncing up and down on the bed silently after two cans of cider and a tequila shot. Ray was asleep. Mikey was about to pass out any minute and Evie and Frank were making out passionately on the sofa next to snoring Ray. Bob was the only one really watching the movie, he even cried when Bulbasaur died.


Everyone was drunk, Evie and Frank had moved into the other room, Mikey and Ray were asleep, Bob was rambling on about random Pokémon and how they ‘could kick the US Army’s butt’. Rhi and I were snuggling on the bed again, kissing every so often and laughing at Bob, chatting about random shit that only drunk people who dream of talking about.
“So, are we going out?” her words were slurred and droopy she hiccupped (A/N: I actually hiccupped while writing the word ‘hiccupped’ 0.o) and giggled.
“I think so... I’d like it if we...we..we.hiccup were...” Okay, so I was equally as pissed but still had a sense of reason, unlike Frank and Evie, who even though they had just met, were making animal noises from Mikey’s room, or maybe they were eating animal crackers...and making their noises...
“Well then, I think we’re going out. Tehe! You’re my boyfriend... I’ve never had one of them before... Oh crap... I said that?!? Shiiiii...” Suddenly Mikey woke up, vomited on Ray, making him wake up, and ran to the bathroom. Ray screamed like a girl and ran after Mikey, whether to clean up or kill him I wasn’t sure of. Rhi giggled moved closer. Bob stood up, did a stupid ninja pose and ran out the room, where to I had no idea...
“Well, then there were two...” I muttered. I looked up to see Rhi staring at me, smiling.
“You know, you’re very gorgeous...” she whispered
“Uh... Thanks? You must’ve had a hell of a lot to drink to think that...”
“No, I’ve thought it from the first day a met you...” she giggled, smiled and leaned her head against my shoulder, taking my hand.
“Since the first day I met you I’ve thought you’re the most stunningly perfect woman ever created.” I admitted, starting to feel sleeping from the alcohol.
“Dear God! What are these women like in America then if I’m the best?!?” She giggled, then threw her head back and laughed louder, before shushing herself and looking at me apologetically. I took her head between my hands, sighing.
“Rhianne Aarons, please could you get it into your head that you’re the most beautiful woman ever.”
“But you haven’t met every woman... ever”
“Will this convince you?” I tilted her head upwards a kissed her yet again. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down on top of her. I remember the sweetness of my breath as she moaned my name, the feel of my lips on her bare stomach, the way our bodies fit together perfectly-

”Oh God!” I shocked myself out of my reminiscing and looked down. shit. I looked next to me, the same again. We were both naked. It’s not that I regretted it... hell no, it’s just I’m as bad as that bastard who took advantage of her last time she was drunk. I had made myself sick to my stomach at the vile way I could be a monster too. I pictured it now, her waking up, her screaming at me, the way she’d shout how she thought she could trust me, the way she-
“Mmh.” Rhi sighed as she woke up, slowly opening her eyes. “Urgh, why is everything so bright?” she tried to move closer to me. “Why the fuck am I so tangled up? It’s like I’m in a straightjacket!” she giggled then looked up at me, measuring the look on my face. “What’s wrong?” her face turn to one of worry.
“I’m so sorry, I don’t know what got into me, I mean I do, but I never thought!” I hung my head in shame, putting my head in my hands.
“What?!? Gee what’s wrong? Whatever you did can be sorted.”
“Rhi, look at yourself!” She looked down, looked under the sheets, and then looked at me. Then she started laughing. “What’s so funny?”
“You think I don’t remember last night, that I was drunk out of my mind...!” she continued laughing.
“Weren’t you?”
“No! For someone so small I can consume a surprising amount of alcohol! I can out-drink my dad!”
“I remember last night very clearly. And I thoroughly enjoyed it.” She smiled, and tried to untangle herself. “Although, I don’t remember getting this tangled up in the sheets... Little help?” I sighed and began to un-twists the sheets from around her body. As soon as I did I moved backwards and sat up against the head rest. She quickly composed her hair and moved so she was sitting on my lap facing me. “Happy Birthday!” She hugged me and then went to kiss me.
“Wait, what’s the date?!?”
“April 9th silly! It is your birthday right?” I simply nodded and sat shocked, where had time gone? “Oh! Do you want your presents now or later?”
“Rhi, you didn’t have to get me anything!”
“So, you’re allowed to give me presents even when it’s not my birthday, but when it is your birthday I’m not allowed to give you a present?” she giggled.
“You gave me enough of a present last night.” I laughed and winked at her.
“You can have that present again if you want.” She said in a suggestive manner.
“And when can I expect this present?” she fiddled with a bit of her hair and twiddled it round her finger, pretending to be deep in thought.
“Now.” She smiled and began to kiss me, leaving me begging for entrance into her mouth.


“GUYS?!? CAN I COME IN?!?” Ah, sweet, sweet Frank; always barging in at the wrong time...
“GO AWAY! I’m giving Gee one of his birthday presents!” Rhi giggled and continued with what she was doing.
“OH! Can I see?” with that both of us burst into laughter.
“Oh dear God! Poor, naive Franklin!” Rhi giggled as she slipped off the bed and started picking up her clothes, as gorgeous as she was clothed, I much preferred her naked, her body was a work of art, curved in all the right places and toned. She flicked her fringe out of her face making her whole head of hair sway like a girl in a James Bond movie; that was the only way to describe her. As she got dressed I got up and did the same, she sat down on the bed as I did, study my body as I had done hers and sighed. “It was so unfair for him to interrupt, but we can always continue later.” She lay back on the bed as she put a pair of Mikey’s skinnies on; he was a bean pole with no shape whatsoever compared to her beautifully created shape. “There, ready to face the world?” She took my hand as she opened the door.
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” everyone was waiting outside the door, I wondered how much they’d heard, and by the look on Rhi’s face so did she.


It was now later in the day, the sun was setting and the city horizon over the Hudson River was beautiful, Rhi and I had taken a walk there to escape from everyone. In New York the lights of the skyscrapers were starting to turn on, contrasting white with the orange and red sky.
“We better get back, I don’t wanna miss your mums pizza!” Rhi exclaimed as she pulled on my hand. “I know! Let’s have a race, first one back gets... gets... a backrub!” I nodded as she got into the runners starting position. “Ready, set, go!” she giggled as we raced each other, pushing each other over on the way until we were home.
“I won!”
“No way Mr Way! It was I who won that race!” Rhi panted as I went to open the door.

“Oh! A surprise party for me?!? You shouldn’t have!” I acted over dramatic, making everyone laigh and run up and hug me before I had even stepped in the threshold.
“Gee! Baby! It’s been so long!” Sam ran up and hugged me, she’d changed a lot since I’d last seen her; her reddish brown shoulder length hair now had purple streaks in it, and I swore she had lost weight, not that she needed to. Her Doctor Who shirt could be seen just under her waistcoat, which completed her acid wash skinnies.
“Sam, this is my girlfriend Rhi. Rhi, this is Sam, my cousin.” The two girls exchanged greetings and started chatting about Doctor Who, and Twilight, urgh.
“Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” A blur of colour crashed into me, startling me, Samantha. She literally was a blur of colour, her black hair had red streaks, she was wearing a tutu and x-high top Chuck Taylors with a neon green vest on. Refusing to let go of me I introduced her to Rhi.
“This is my other cousin, Samantha. Sammy, this is Rhi, my girlfriend.”
“ohmygosh! Hi! Donnawastalkingaboutyouearlierandyousoundsocool! Ohmygosh! Wegottatalkaboutdrawing! Ilovedrawing!”
“She can win the world’s fastest talker championship’s, trust me!” Sam exclaimed with a roll of her eyes.
“I figured.” Rhi said in a shocked voice. Sammy finished hugging me and grabbed Rhi, startling her.

This was going to be a fun night!

A/N: Hello lovers :) lol! Anyway... sorry it’s so long... I wanted to make it special. Thanks to my special guests once again! Anyway, an Ice-cream truck is outside my house and I need to get ready for the party I’m going to tonight so; R&R!
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