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Oh no! Not another boring authors note!

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yes, yet again I'm speaking to you, sorry!

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A/N: Anyone who writes will probably know this feeling:

You're suffering from writers block, confused of where to lead your story to when all of a sudden something stimulates you, a smell, a taste, a word or even a song. Fact is, it's not about your story, it's a brand new one. Ideas rush around your head at 100mph, demanding attention, demanding to be put onto paper.

I had that feeling this morning, so I have a new story I'm trying out, 'My Dark Angel' I was wondering if you guys would care to read it... have a butchers. Oh and this doesn't meant I've stopted writing the story, my minds just gone blank on it at the moment, it will come out of its dormant stage soon! I hope...

anyhoo, the link is I apologise fully for my writers block, its cheeseing me off quite a lot.

Lu x
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