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My Dark Angel

(#) wolf2008lllll 2010-04-16

Aw, you love us, now sweet! ;D
Ok, I'm going in for a shorter review because I have to start a school project that we had two months to do... and It's due in in 4 days...
End-of-life-story. Lol.

I like this chapter, it a lot more descriptive than your other story. (Though i do still love art of love.)And even though we didnt see much of 'nice' Gerard in the first chapter, I also think it's great to read how much he's changed and how he acts around the people he loves.

Well, that'll do. It's gonna be so cool reading about them finally meeting again- for the first time in years.

She must be very magical effect on Gerard, and him on her, seeing as they hardly know eachother and can't stop thinking about eachoter. It's very sweet really...

I know you weren't asking for sympathy, and I'm not gonna say sorry like people do, 'casue I don't even know you. But I understand how you feel. I'm not asking for sympathy either- my Grandad was an alcoholic and was suffering for years before he died. I like to think he's happier now...
So I hope your grandad is not suffering and gets better. =)
End of life story part 2- Part 3 comming shortly. Nah joke; I won't bore you anymore ;)


Author's response

Yes I do love you :) I love you all :)

Oh god, good luck! :S I always do that!

I'm glad you like it :) I like this story more too, I think this one is more, grown up and darker. And yes, Gerard is trying to change, bless him.

Yes, I can't wait for that either!

Yes, well if you believe the legends; Love at first sight is a powerful bond that can last years, though no matter what.

Thank you for your understanding, unfortunately, my Grandad is suffering quite a bit and will never get better. One day the illness will get the better of him. Until then I just have to spend as much time with him as possible and hope he isn't in too much pain.

Thanks for the review!