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Girl With A Golden Touch

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'Mikey struggled and looked in to his brother wild eyes. Gerard stared back into Mikey’s pleading eyes, his own eyes, his Grandmothers eyes.'

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A/N: I’m so sorry I didn’t update yesterday. I had the worst of days, as I said before my Grandad’s very ill so the reality hits me every so often, I’m not asking for sympathy, I just wanted to tell you that if I’m down or don’t update it’s probably for that reason. Anyway onto a happy subject; NEXT CHAPTER :) (Woo!) Anyway, thanks for the wonderful reviews they cheer me up at the end of a bad day (‘: Enjoy!

Gerard rushed home, wrenching the door open as soon as he reached it, soon enough was at his computer; creating a Facebook account, under a fake alias of course. Soon enough he was searching for Lucy in the New York area, he cursed himself for not thinking of this before. As expected the results were high so Gerard skimmed over the display pictures, he spent nearly an hour searching the 500+ results until Mikey, his younger brother and band mate walked in on him.
“Gerard! What the hell are you doing?!?” Mikey stared in amazement over his brother’s shoulder, he had an unhealthy obsession with this girl he had met years ago, and Mikey had never been so worried about his brother.
“Baking cookies! What the hell does it look like I’m doing?”
“You’re obsessed with her.”
“I met her sister.”
“What?” Mikey’s glasses-framed eyes widened, his mouth dropping
“I didn’t realise it was her until the train had pulled away, but she knew who I was, I didn’t listen to her...Treated her a piece of shit. Treated her like she was a fan.” Gerard placed his head in his hands and paused for a long moment before storming over to the fridge. As he opened it he looked wide eyed inside it then to his brother, who look as nervous as hell, then back. Gerard calmed himself, swallowed loudly and closed his eyes. “Mikey? Where is the beer?” Mikey took a step back as Gerard flicked open his eyes “MIKEY! WHERE THE FUCK IS MY BEER?” Gerard leapt at him, tackling him to the floor and shaking him by the shoulders.
“GERARD WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!? GET OFF OF ME!” Mikey struggled and looked in to his brother wild eyes. Gerard stared back into Mikey’s pleading eyes, his own eyes, his Grandmothers eyes. Gerard grunted and got off of Mikey, walking over to the nearest wall and punching it as hard as he could.
“What the fuck has got into me? I’m beating up my own fucking brother over a pint!” Gerard spoke this mainly to himself. Mikey didn’t reply he just shook his head and walked back out the front door. He hated seeing his brother like this, weak and dependant on a bottle of liquor and a false hope he’ll ever meet that girl again. Gerard only opened his eyes when his brother had left. He turned back to the task he had started.

As soon as the meeting with Dr Folie was over Hannah kissed Lucy goodbye and drove back to the suburbs where her husband, her daughter and herself lived.
“Hi mom.” Casey was sitting at the counter, eating a sandwich. Her bronze hair lightly moved in the breeze coming from the air conditioner. “How was Auntie Lucy?” Unlike Lucy, or Hannah, Casey had Grey eyes like her fathers, she also had his hair colour, and his sense of humour.
“She was okay. Casey, do know of a band with a lead singer who looks like this?” Hannah passed her the picture Lucy drew and the man had signed.”
“Oh. My. GOD!” She looked up at her mom in amazement. “Did you meet him?”
“Yes, but that’s not the p-“ Hannah was in interrupted a high pitched shriek from her daughter. Casey then pulled out her phone, dialled a number and jumped up and down on her stall.
“Ohmygod, Gem? Guess what! My mom met Gerard Fucking Way!”
“Casey! Watch your mouth!” Craig shouted from the other room. Casey rolled her eyes and continued her convocation. Hannah giggled and moved into the study

By now, Hannah had guessed the name of this man, Gerard Way. She quickly went to her computer and googled him. Clicking on the images button, it was him alright. She then Wikipedia and went on his page, his band was ‘My Chemical Romance’. Hannah, being a 37 year old mom had no idea who this band was, she went on their page. Reading out loud to herself; “‘East Coast rock band. Contains news, show dates, pictures, lyrics, audio clips, and a forum’” Hannah clicked on the music section and had a listen to a song called ‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise)’ she recalled the tune from something Casey had played her before, trying to convince Hannah to take her to see them. With remembering that she looked on the tours pages, she skimmed it until she found one in New York; ‘Wed Apr 14th, 2004 The Chance Theater Poughkeepsie NY US’ she saw there were still tickets available so she called up Lucy’s shrink, to get her permission to go to the show.

She would meet Gerard Way again.

A/N: You guys better be grateful for this chapter, the amount of research I did! Actually, I only spent ages trying to find the 2004 tour dates for you, find one that was in New York and in April. I also researched other things too, like... the slogan their website says. ANYHOO, hope you liked it. Also, you may wish to know, with the Chapter names, how I name them is; put itunes on shuffle, first song up= title, although sometimes it doesn’t work. Like ATM the song playing is ‘Threes A Crowd’ by Morningwood, the context of this song is just... ahem. Anyway, R&R. The more Rates and The more Reviews the quicker I’ll update.
Love You Guys :)
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