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My Dark Angel

(#) EvieSaunders 2010-04-16

Idea for 'The Art Of Love'...
okay, so Gerard decideds to let Rhi watch band practice.
She knows someone who plays shows and they get a gig.
a famous person notices them and gives them a record deal.
Rhi starts to worry that Gee will leave her because he is becoming famous and going to go on tour.
Frank asks me to marry him xD and I say yes but Mikey is against it and there is a BIG fall out and frank leaves the band for a while and you can make it up from there.

it proberly sucks but its worth a shot ;D

- Evie
(Your no.1 fan!!) xDD

Author's response

I think I actually love you! (In a non-lesbian way)
That's amazing! although some bits are a bit out of my writing character :)

Thank you!

(Your ever grateful subject)