Review for One Image Tells All...

One Image Tells All...

(#) EvieSaunders 2010-04-17

Ohh and I want to be Bobs girlfriend or Scars younger sister but I mostly want to be Bobs girlfriend!! :D
Name: Evie Andrina Saunders (Nickname: Pixie or Eves)

Looks: Shortish. I am very skinny (I'm not saying its a good thing but I'm model thin-ish) Black grown out pixie cut. Big hazel eyes. Pale skin. Wears very little make-up. Wears faded skinnies and band tee's. Sometimes flowery dresses. And I'm dyeing my hair electric blue in the summer ;)


About Me: I'm very loud and outgoing. If you dare me to do something, I will definitely do it! (I used to be shy but then I joined drama... BIG mistake). I make friends easily. I smoke. I have an obsession in blood xD, I love music. I have a self done tattoo on the left side of my hip (a star). I want to be a tattooist and I LOVE art :D
Oh and I hate upsetting people and I love to please people.