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One Image Tells All...

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One picture can change your life without you even realising it, everyone says that a picture is worth a thousand words...

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"Come on Scar just this once? It would really be helping me!" Alexia begged me, standing there using her best puppy eyes.
"Lex I've told you at least a hundred times today and its only 8AM, my answer is NO!" I said turning back round to finish making to cups of coffee, before moving into the lounge.

"But why wont you help? You did during our collage years and you can't deny it; you are absolutely gorgeous!" I can't deny what Lex is saying because I do look nice, but she could get someone better than me for her work.

"I know I helped out back then but you could get someone better to help, I'm not that good looking!" Turning to look out at the waking city of New York, the place I now call home, my mind wandered to my life so far. My name is Scarlet Nero; I am 21 and I grew up in New Jersey in one of the worst areas imaginable. My high school years were not the best; lets just say that I did not fit in with the popular crowd. Leading to a relationship record of 1 that ended horrendously. After high school I left for Art & Performing Arts collage in New York, where I met Alexia and we have been friends ever since. She was studying Media and Photography, I also studied Photography but my main love was Music.

Alexia has lived in NY her whole life, learning to take no trouble from anyone (a lesson I also learnt). She lived with her parents until she left high school to go and 'Live my own life' as she put it back then. From that first lesson we knew we were going to get along, we both have a Rock/Punk/Hardcore music background, a love of all things Horror and the same hatred of all things fake.

We both looked like total outcasts back then, Lex wore skinnies with rip band tee's and her beloved leather teamed with her trusty converse. The collage made her wear her jacket as they did not like the fact that her arms are covered in her own artwork, which I must say looks absolutely awesome. Her hair was and still is the most striking thing about her. Back then it was shoulder length and feathered, Purple underneath, Black on top with bright red bangs.

I wasn't much different, dressing in ripped skinnies, vests and band hoodies, again teamed with Converse, my hair a major difference. My feathered hair just reached my chin, it was a bright ruby with a black 'emo' fringe, not much different to what I have now. Back then I used to model for Lex but when collage ended and we both got jobs she started to use professional modals.

"Scar please, just this once, for me? You are just what the campaign needs, we can't find anyone that fits the image of what the designer wants. The pay is brilliant..." Oh how did I know that she would bring that up! "... and if you help me I will do you any favour, anything!" That could incredibly interesting, I think I will help out just this once.

"Fine I will help out just this once, for you only! And you have to do any favour that I ask of you, got it?" Maybe not such a good idea, Lex literally threw herself at me, cover me in hugs and endless repeats of "Thank-you".

"So when am I going to be needed for this photo shoot?" God so help me if this involves any nude shots, I WILL storm out!
"Well... it's kind of today"

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