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Memory Says What?

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Being different is a good thing, well in this case anyway

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"Would you hurry your arse up Scarlet, the shoot starts in an hour and we still have to get there!" Flipping heck that girl can be moody when she wants to be! I've only just finished getting ready after she told me an hour ago that the shoot was today and is on the other side of the city!
"Ok, ok. I'm ready lets go! Your driving because I don't have a clue where we are going! Oh wait two seconds... I forgot my phone" Why is it that whenever I have to be some I always forget something. I never leave the house without my phone, rule number one; when living in NY never leave anywhere without a mobile.

Oh why do I have to live on the 7th floor and the lift always seems to be out, and now to get into Lex's lovely car and make it to the other side of town in 45 minutes, I really hope the traffic isn't bad or we are fucked.

"Lex, who did you say this shoot was for again? You know I have the worst memory ever with these things" it's kind of true, I have the worst short-term memory ever.
"Yeah that's true! It's for Criminal Damage, they've been looking for a model for the new line for ages. Then they asked me to be the photographer for the shoot and they asked if I knew anyone that would fit the bill and you're the first person that popped into my head" Did she just say what I think she said? This day I turning out so much better than I thought it would. And I'll explain a bit more by the 'right look', I'm not your average New York city girl. I have shoulder length black hair with a red emo fringe, I have lip pierced on the right, I have tattoo's, I don't look like a Barbie doll and I do not look like a stick insect.
"OMG! I cant believe I am gonna be modelling for my fav clothing line! Thank you, bestest friend ever." She really is now but that doesn't mean she is getting out of doing anything I want her to. Lets put some music on, its to quiet in this car.

"Scar, what do you think you are doing?" Oh yeah I may have forgotten to mention that Lex is very protective of her car, it's kind of scary but I'm the only one that gets away with it.
"Chill Lex, I'm only putting some music on. It to quiet for my liking... that'll do, there's nothing like a bit of MSI to wake you up in the morning."


"Come on Scar, we better get up to my studio before they starting grumpy with us" We've only just made it to the studio with about 10 minutes to spare, not bad for a mad dash across town.
"Yeah I'm coming now, let me just get me coffee!" oh yeah, we might have stopped at Starbucks as well; I can't function properly without my coffee.

"And this is my new studio, I just got the keys on Saturday but I just managed to get everything here yesterday. What do you think?" Wow, Lex is doing well for herself. Her studio before this was downtown and was the studio she got after leaving collage, this is definitely a few steps up from that!
"It's just wow, its so much bigger than your old studio and there is no damage, I am very impressed." After a little tour of her new big studio I get shown to what I'm guessing is a dressing room, yep I was right.

"Steve this is Scarlet, Scar this is Steve. He is head make-up and costume guy for CR, I'll leave you two to it. I've got to set up all my stuff" I cannot believe that this is all real, I must be dreaming.
"Hey, so you are the famous Scarlet. Alexia talks so much about you, I'm glad we've got you on board for this, she was right when she said that you had the right look for this shoot. You have no idea how much trouble you have saved me in trying to get a model that has anywhere near the right look." Awh, I knew Lex was my best friend but I didn't know she thought of me that much.
"Hey, well I'm glad that I am doing something helpful for once. So what do you want me to do now?"
"First things first, hair and make-up! Then we shall get you sorted with the outfits for the shoot" oh this is going to be so much fun!
"Oh yeah, you also get to keep all the stuff from today's shoot" Sweet!

A/N: As I said yesterday here is the new chapter some of you have been waiting for! I know it is kinda short but I am writing going to write the next chapter as soon as I press publish on this one and I promise it will be longer.

To AlexisSCREAM, NeonLuvs, VendettaEmma and EvieSaunders I promise that within the next few chapters you will be introduced, sorry to keep you waiting but it will be good I promise!

I hope you enjoy this little bit of a chapter and I hope you will wait patiently for the next instalment!

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