Review for Immortal Fangs Book II

Immortal Fangs Book II

(#) Warlocke 2010-05-19

Should of
Would of
Might of
Could of
May of

None of these phrases are correct. If you ever HEAR someone say them, they are either cracked in the head, or they are actually using the contraction for "have".

Should have (should've)
Would have (would've)
Might have (might've)
Could have (could've)
May have (may've)

Example from your story: "...I would of feared you..."

Remove the "would" and you get: "...I of feared you..."

Does that make sense? No.

Now try it with "have" or its contraction: "...I would have (/would've/) feared you..."
"...I have feared you..."

Do these make sense? Yes, yes they do.

And keep an eye on the rouge/Rogue thing; you slipped once, but it's clear it was a typo, not a lack of understanding, so kudos to you.