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Immortal Fangs Book II

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Harry's first year at Hogs in the Immortal Fangs Universe. Not for Snape lovers

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Immortal Fangs
Book II : Year of the Potion Master
Chapter One : Upon a Chrome Horse

General Disclaimer : This is a work of Fanfiction. No disrespect is made to the owners of the original works. Please do not sue me. I am not making any money from your property and am giving you free exposure.

Hagrid lead the first years to the doors from the boats like he has done every year since that day when he was expelled. For the past four years the upper classmen and most of the teachers had met the first years upon the stairs. This year was no different. Allowing the first years to be sorted into the fold the normal way such things happen. Here a sibling and there a friend of the family, while the muggleborns having no one took the first step, with prompting by the muggleborns that came before. Hagrid smiled at the Headmistress and nodded to Bill Weasley, a proud look in his eyes to see the young man back for the final year of his apprenticeship, the three silver bands at the collar and sleeves of his dark grey robes clearly marking him as the senior apprentice to Hogwarts’ own Rune Mistress. Taking his place behind everyone, Hagrid leaned against the doors and waited.

Her name was Minerva McGonagall her current bio said she was born October 4th 1925... That was not the truth, she was born in 1125, and died the first time at 18, using blood charged runes, Minerva has gone through Hogwarts multiple times. She was a classmate of both Albus Dumbledore, in the 1890s and Thomas Riddle, in the late 1930s. She was a child of Merlin’s flame... An Immortal of the Gathering... One of the few that was of a Wizardary blood line, a wizard born and trained before she was killed and rose as an Immortal. She has become the trainer of Lily Potter after that eventful night. Now she stood on the stairs as Headmistress, before the sound reached the students, before the rumble filled the air, she lifted her head, the Buzz filled her head, first once then three more quickly. Softly to herself she whispered, “Lily, Harry and the handmaidens”. Leaning forward McGonagall tapped Bill on the shoulder, “She is on her way Mr. Weasley.” Straightening again, Minerva smiled, proud of the eldest Weasley, he would be the first in his family to be a Runemaster and Curse Breaker, two of the most demanding and best paying careers in the Wizarding World.

His name was William Arthur Weasley, although everyone even his mother called him Bill. The only person to call him William from the time he was thirteen and chose his path in life, became his Mistress teaching him, Runes and Curse Breaking. Bill had sworn to himself, that he would serve no other, it was the reason he was still at Hogwarts and not an Apprentice of Gringotts or another Master. After the headmistress had warned him, Bill walked down the center of the steps. Having stopped he folded his arms inside the sleeves of his apprentice robes, standing proud he tightened his stance as he felt the roar of the engines through the ground.

William fought the urge to smile as the black and red Triumph Daytona flowed up to the stairs, followed by a black Touring with two riders and a white Bonneville also with two. The passengers were clearly student aged teens.. Bill waited as all the riders dismounted. As the younger rider from the Bonneville moved quickly to stand behind and to one side of the young rider from the Touring, the way she moved marked her gender, as she came to a stop her arms went behind her back, there she waited silent and still. Those traditionalists in the crowd suddenly paid more attention. The driver from the jet black Touring moved forward a bit, as if to protect their rider from the crowd in front, her posture an even more exact servant at attention one then the younger girl’s, the shape of her body in her riding leathers even clearer to see now that she crossed her arms behind her, throwing her breasts forward and tightening the leather around her. The Bonnieville’s driver moved to the side of the Daytona’s calmly and waited.

The rider of the Daytona removed her helmet, bright fire red with darker blood red and siliver hi-lighted hair attracted attention as she ran her fingers through it, as if by magic displacing the dreaded helmet hair effect. Handing the helmet to Bill as he holds out his hands for it with a slight bow. Lily Potter, Rune Mistress, has returned to Hogwarts for another year. “Are the rooms prepared William?”

His answer is lost on the crowd as the driver of the white Bonneville removed her helmet and magically fit it into a glove pocket in her riding leathers. The wave of silver white hair, a familiar face even for those mundane, who met Draco Malfoy on the train. Still looking to be about 25, dressed in white and black rider leathers, stands Narcissa Black Lady Malfoy. Standing a step behind the black and red wearing Lady Potter, told every pureblood and most of the half blood children that the daughter of house Black stands with the Lady of Potter. A complete change from the stance of the House Malfoy during the last war.

The crowds wonderings were stalled as the male teen removed his helmet to show a head of messy black hair, worn short and spiked, each spike ended in the same bright red of his mother’s hair. Emerald green eyes that seemed to glow with inner light. And the scar, faded but not hidden. Yes, that scar. Dressed in biker leathers and surrounded by women, Harry Lord Potter, the boy who lived, has come to Hogwarts. And now all of Hogwarts is faced with the sense of power what was hidden by the mirrored visor of his helmet before... It was as if they were all holding their breaths. With a put on sigh, Harry turned his head to look at the girl still standing silent behind him, “They are staring at me Rogue, I told you they would, you said the bikes will distract them. I win!”

The giggle that leaves the bronze mirrored visor behind Harry was young like everyone guessed, it was also clearly female. Suddenly a voice followed the giggle, a clear southern drawl within its tone. Although few in the very isolated Britsh Wizardry World would recognize it for what it was. “Perhaps I can be of service, Master” The young girl removed her helmet, allowing red bronze hair to flow freely to her collar. As she lifted her head after shaking her hair out two things caught the eyes of the gathered crowd, her bangs were silver, not the silver of age but the color of the magically polished Sickles in everyones money pouches. The second item was the forest green glowing eyes that somehow held the same fire as her master’s at a much lower level of control over it.

Harry puts his head in his hands and just shakes it side to side softly. He stepped past the still helmeted woman, swatting her on the rear using his own forward motion to hide that fact from all but the most observant of the crowd. “Your helmet too Bel” Then walked up the center stairs.

The red haired girl moved quickly to stay a step behind Harry and stopping just as he did before the Headmistress. When Harry bowed from the shoulders, the girl called Rogue curtsied deeply even though she was in leather riding pants. “Hello Headmistress, it has been a while. I do hope my starting classes does not disturb your school over much.”

Before the headmistress can reply there is a gasp from every child and professor, and a scream from a few besides, coming from those that knew the history of Britain during the war with the Dark Lord Voldemort. Especially those who did not read of what happened afterwards. For behind Harry Potter the driver of the Touring had removed her helmet. Hair as dark as night, falls around a young and famous face. Bellatrix Lestrange was back at Hogwarts, many of the older students pulled their wands.

The Headmistress yelled, “Anyone who curses Bellatrix Black gets a year of detention with Hagrid and Filch. Her voice was harsh, and her Magic saturated it. It was loud, it was commanding and the very magic within demanded attention. All the students put their wands down, but quite a few looked at the Headmistress oddly. With a sigh MacGonagall continued in a normal tone of voice, “It will be all explained the feast.” She then smiled down at Harry, “Not at all, Mr. Potter. Come along now, You too Ms. Lehane, Professors.” Turning she smiled to Hagrid as he opened the doors for her. “First years, please wait in the middle, while your schoolmates find their seats. We will have you sorted into the Houses soon enough.”

When they passed within the halls, those older students that have been to Hogwarts before turned off following different routes based on friendships or Houses. Leaving the new students to follow the Headmistress. Taking hidden or less used pathways to move around the upper classmen were seated by the time the professors and firsties entered the Great Hall.

Her name was Daphne Greengrass... She was a bookworm, bossy and nosey in her own way. She walked behind the others first years. Daphne watched as that odd girl her age with the silver streak keep pace behind the boy that seemed to not know that rules applied to everyone. As she walked her ears heard the conversation behind her.

An older boy’s voice, “How dare that little half blood. Lets get him away from his mother and kill the bastard. Acting like he was the Prince of Magic.”

An older girl’s voice, “He is the Prince of Magic, Carrow. Don’t you know the history of the Original Families.”

The boy’s voice again, “Bah Old wives’ tales, there are no Grey Families, and the Emerys line is dead.”

Daphne stumbled, she was the first generation of her family line that counted as a pureblood, she knew whose family name was Emerys.... Even as she steadied herself she heard the a younger male voice speak out as her arm was grabbed. “Hey Carrow, looks like a disgusting Firstie half breed has been listening into our talking. Lets have some fun and teach her a lesson!”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you Flint.”, a girl with rainbow hair walked over to Daphne and put her hand on the opposite shoulder from the arm Flint was holding.

Flint spoke as he older friends started to move to surround the two younger girls. “Your mother isn’t teaching this year. Nobody to protect you, half blood whore!”

The rainbow hair girl smirked, “Yes yes, my mother is not our DADA professor this year. But I have a much more dangerous protector here now.”

The older boys laughed, “Oh really, and who might that be...” As they were speaking the older girls moved back and away. Much more perspective then their boyfriends.

A silky dark voice spoke from the shadows, “The Lord of the First House walks the halls of Hogwarts... Son of the Potter’s Son. Heir to the Blackest Heart... You called her half blood and whore. You have forgotten, she is Daughter of the House of Black.. The Second House...” Bellatrix walks out of the shadows to stand next to Tonks, “You know what I have done in the service of a false lord.” She looked each of the Deatheater children in the eyes. “What do you think I will do to serve the one strong enough to prove himself Lord and Master by conquest.” Bella put her gloved hand on Flint’s wrist, “Let the daughter of the Maibd Blood go, or it will not be a pureblood princess you face. My Master sent me back for them. The Magic here whispers to him... Please allow your honor, what little remains, be kept with you. If He must come for them, he will bring the other. She will not care that you are the purest of the pureblood. Her Master will command and she will obey.

Daphne blinked and stared at Bellatrix, she knew what a Maibd was, one of the warrior women of her mother’s dame’s bloodline. She knew she had nonhuman blood in her veins. It wasn’t a total secret that she was a half breed,

Carrow spat at Bella, “Before when you served the Dark Lord, I would of feared you. Now you are a blood traitor whore. Even worse then the rainbow head over there. You are a servant of a goody goody. And probably a Professor now, the Headmistress won’t let you hurt students.”

Bella narrowed her eyes at Carrow, “Mr. Carrow, kindly remember that Headmistress MacGongall does not own Hogwarts....”

One of the Slytherin girls spoke up quietly, “The Grounds and Buildings fall to the primary heirs of the Four Founders. Not even the Ministry can calm ownership over Hogwarts.”

Bella nodded softly, “Follow the blood lines of the Four back to their source. Then project it forward to this time... Perhaps you will notice something the Ministry has yet to realize.” She turned her head to look at Flint again. “Let the Maibd go, there are laws older then the ministry, older then even this school. The Master walks these halls and the Old Ways are here again.

Bella pulled the distracted Flint’s hand off Daphne and started to walk away with Daphne on one side and Tonks of the Rainbow Hair, on the other. She looked over her shoulder at the gathered pureblood supremacists. Softly her voice reaches them, heavy and silky. The voice of a dark witch not a daughter of the light, “Do not desire the touch of a maibd. Handmaiden to the First Lord. For her life is wholly given to the Lord and he is a jealous god, unwilling to share his chosen ones.”

Once they are out of sight Bella lets go of Daphne’s shoulder but keeps pace with the young girl. Daphne kept looking at Bella oddly and breathing deeply through her nose. “You aren’t fully human, either of you. But Ms. Black less human then.. “ She looked over to Tonks, “I don’t know your name.”

Tonks smiled and changed her hair to look like Rogue’s. “Tonks, just Tonks, and I am a metamorphmagus. Some theories say it is a left over from magical beast blood somewhere. And this is my aunt. So you probably sense the same magical blood.” Tonks smirked over at Daphne, “And what are you that you can sense we aren’t fully human, then?”

Bella answered her niece while Daphne was trying to think of an answer. “She is part Druchii.” She smiled at Daphne, “As long as you keep the blood-thirst of your line under control, there will be no problems Ms. Greengrass of House Ganth”.

Daphne stared at Bella and stopped walking, “You really do know about me!” Bella nodded, “I am the first of the Handmaidens, It is my job to know what could threaten the Master as he goes through his schooling.

They catch up to the end of the group, only to find that the young girl with the silver streak is walking slowest now, “You should get to the head table Bella, Nym and I will make sure the young Ms. Greengrass doesn’t get taken before she is sorted.”

Daphne blinked as the adult bowed at the shoulders and moved faster, entering the great hall just after the Headmistress and before the group of unsorted students. She looked at Tonks and lifted her eyebrow.

Tonks giggled, “I don’t ask, at times they switch off, sometimes Aunt Bella seems to be in charge, and sometimes it’s Rogue...” She shrugged and grinned. “It is never boring with Harry about though.”

Rogue holds out her hand to Daphne, “Hello, ma name is Marie Lehane,” Daphne shook the hand, “Daphne Greengrass.” She let the girl with the odd accent lead her deeper into the unsorted group. Daphne was rather distracted by the sheer amount of power her blood felt from Marie’s touch. It isn’t until a young male voice distracted her that she realized, Marie was still leading her along by the hand.

Daphne turned her head to see Harry Potter walk up to her and Marie, “I see you were able to get to her before it became a real problem, Nym.” Tonks blushed slightly but otherwise did not react to the nickname as she answered, “Thanks for sending Aunt Bella, Harry. With a smile and a nod Harry walks back toward where Draco Malfoy and Susan Bones were waiting, not far from the doors to the Great Hall. Marie waved her hand in front of Daphne’s face, “Hey now girl.. What’s gottcha so zoned?”
Daphne blinked and looked back at Marie, “What is he? So much power!” Marie laughed and lead Daphne by the hand to stand within reach of Harry just behind him, she leaned over and smiled as she whispered, “Ah don’t rightly know.. All I know is he is kind and protects me. And that is all I care about.”

Daphne stayed out of it the whole time the group was entering the Great Hall, she would have missed being sorted if it wasn’t for Marie giving her a push. Stumbling slightly, she walked to the stool and put the old hat on her head.

“Well hello there, your mother’s child I see.” , the hat whispered in her head. “Better be SLYTHERIN!” Daphne looked at the Slytherin table worriedly. Until she saw Tracy wave back at her. With a smile the young girl handed the hat to Professor Flickwick and ran over to her best friend, sitting down next to Tracy she hugged the girl before turning back to the sorting.

“Marie Lehane”, came the Professor’s voice, Rouge ran up to the stool with a bounce to her step. The hat sat on her head for a while before it spoke, “Lord Potter, I need you up here please.” With a sigh Harry walked up to the stool with Rogue on it under the stares of most of his schoolmates and Professors.

Marie stood up and smiled, moving to the side she waited for Harry to sit on the stool. Once he was seated, Marie knelt on her left knee which showed everyone that she still had her riding leathers on under her robes. Lifting the hat off her own head she offered it to Harry. With a bit of a dark look Harry took the hat and placed it on his head. The school waited with bated breath. Each heart beat seemed to take the life time of a star. Suddenly the hat yelled out, “Ravenclaw!”

Harry stood and lifted the hat off his head. He turned to look at his mother. As her Master was turning Rogue rose from her knee and sat on the stool. When Harry’s eyes met Lily’s, the red haired, Immortal smiled and nodded her head. Harry released a breath as he placed the hat on Rogue’s head. The hat yelled, “RAVENCLAW!!!”

The great hall exploded as the Ravens celebrated and the Griffins bitched and moaned. As one Harry and Rogue moved to the Raven table. They both grinned back to the tiny deputy headmaster, as Rogue handed him back the hat, and skipped off to the table.

After the last of the first years a Sicilian beauty of the Zanbini family got sorted into the house of Snakes, McGonagall stood up, “Before we eat, I need to do some introductions.” Looking around the room, her voice carried, “ I am Minerva McGonagall, Head Mistress of this fine school, I also teach NEWT level Transfiguration.” She sits down and the tiny professor beside her stood up. “I am Filius Flitwick, Head of Ravenclaw, Charms Master, Dueling Master.” He sat and a large round older woman stood up, “I am Pomona Sprout, head of Hufflepuff, and Herbal Mistress.” The round woman sat down as the still hooded Bella stood, “I am Bellatrix Black, Mistress of Dark Arts, Defense Against Dark Arts and Expert in Dark Creatures. I am also the new Head of Slytherin. “ The young hooded teacher sat down, to be replaced by the hooded Lily Potter, tossing the hood off her head with a practiced swing of her head, the red head smiled to the students, “I am sure that I need no introduction to any with family in the Magical World, That being said, I am Lady Lillian Potter, Regent of the First House, Head of Gryiffindor House here at Hogwarts, I am also the Rune Mistress that all of you will have classes with.” She sat down as Narcissa stood up, unlike Lily, she took her hood down with her hands in an elegant motion, “I am Lady Narcissa Black-Malfoy, head of the House Malfoy, and your professor of Cultures, which everyone should of noticed in their book lists. I will be teaching everyone, Mundane born or Pure Blood, both cultures, get used to it now. With the Owner of Hogwarts within these walls now, your parents can’t stop me.” She sat down proudly. A greasy haired man gave Narcissa a sour look as he stood up, “Potion Master Snape, I will teach you Potions.” He sat down as sour as he stood. A tall thin woman with yellow eyes stood, “Rolanda Hooch, Flying Instructor and Coach, she blushed a bit when the Weasley twins yelled out, “Goddess of Quidditch “ as she sat back down. A severe woman stood up, “Irma Pince, Libraian”. As she sat down an odd man with what seems like only one arm raised his hand, “Silvanus, Kettleburn, Care of Magical Creatures.” A young raven haired woman with a pretty smile stood up, “ Aurora Sinistra, AstroMagics.” She quickly sat down as the blonde woman beside her looked up from her journal and stood up. “Septima Vector, Arithmancy and Spell Crafting Mistress.” She smiled sweetly as she sat down which made her less severe and nicer. Hagrid’s voice bellowed, “Hagrid, just Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds. With a smile Minerva stood up and said, “Dig in, and afterwards, your perfects, who you see stood up when I did, will take you to your dorms, Thank You.” As she sat down the food appeared on the tables.
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