Review for Noughts And Crosses

Noughts And Crosses

(#) bubbly-gum 2010-05-25

Paaaar-taaaaay!!! Ohhhh fornication....drools

Hmmmm I think maybe you and Bert should interupted tooevil grin or maybe almost interupted but its like a false alarm or something...pondering

Hmmmmmstrokes Bob's beard
Bob: what the hell?!
Me: Well I hardly have a beard of my own. glare
Bob: ....Good point. Do continue.
Me: Why thanks ^_^ Now shush! continues stroking of Bob's beard Hmmmmmm....Meh, we'll see. more evil grins

Now wtf Gee?!?! You can't die bitach! In-fact...actually no cause I kinda know what happens and I don't wanna ruin it for other people.

Oh oh oh! Can I like totally kick Mike/Matt's ass? Cause I'm like super vampire ninja hatter awesomeness! Think about it get back to me. Laters biatch. Looove this and I loooves always ;)

xoxo Mad Hatter Iero