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[/‘Stupid. Baby, you’re so fucking stupid! Don’t you think you can leave me like this. Don’t think that if you went i wouldn’t be right behind you. Why Georgia? Why!?’/] ‘Mike isn’...

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Sam’s POV
Tard at 12 o`clock," Jamie shrieked drunkenly.
I glanced around but soon everything turned into a blur with my fast head movements, "What 12 o'clock, yours or mine?"
She frowned, narrowing her eyes to small cracks, "Wait, he's moving to 3"
"Gah," Gerard was moving too fast for me to avoid him in my state and Jamie stopped being helpful after her 6th drink.
"Fuck you, just duck," she forced me face down on her lap making me giggle.
Jamie was a girl I met at the drinks table and was helping me dodge Gerard all night. She could spy on his movements without looking suspicious since she wasn't even from our school. She went to the all girl Frankie's twin catholic school. To be perfectly honest she was nothing I expected a catholic school girl to be. She knocked back drinks faster then me, she didn't even mention the bible once, and she knew some of the most off color jokes I ever heard. In one word, we instantly connected.
"The coast is clear," she giggled, taking a sip from her drink.
"Thanks," I combed my hair down with my fingers and took my paper cup back from her.
"So I still don't get why you're avoiding tard," she yelled over the music. I haven't informed her his name was actually Gerard and not Geetard, she must think he was French or something, "He's kinda cute"
"He's a real pain in my ass," I emptied the cup, hiccuping into my palm as Frankie dumped himself down on the couch next to us, smiling widely and pulled Gee who was dancing past on top of us. She giggled.
"My brother from another mother," She leaned against him.
"My sister from another mister"
I giggled, "Frankie Meet Jamie"
"Yeah I've seen you around," he acknowledged her with a short nod.
Jamie buried her gaze in her cup and shrugged.
"Awwww," I cooed, hiccuping again, "Are you in love with my Fwankie pankie?"
"Sam!," Jamie swatted me, giggling madly.
Frankie just looked away, smiling slyly.
"Hey bro," Georgia yelled into his ear, "Can I ask for a favor?"
"Do you have any more pills?"
Frankie made a face, "Be quiet"
"Then how will you hear me?"
"Come," he stood up and pulled her to her feet, dragging me through their living room into the hall so fast all I could do is wave a quick goodbye to Jamie before I followed them and disappeared up the staircase.
Frankie pushed the wooden door plastered with bands posters into his room which walls were equally crowded with posters as the door and the floor was littered with everything from dirty clothes to empty pizza boxes, "I'm not sure I got any more of these pills," he dropped to his knees and disappeared under the unmade bed, moving crap around, "But I have something new...Much MUCH MUCH awesomer...Hold on....Yeah...I think I found it," he reappeared, holding another yellow see through bottle of pills.
"Have you tried them?," I sat on the edge of the bad, unable to keep myself from trembling with anticipation.
"No but my cousin said they're the shit," he examined the bottle against the light before handing them over.
"Try them with me," I unscrewed the white cap, shaking it a little.
"What do I look like?," Frankie chuckled, leaning against his book case which was piled with more dirty clothes, "An idiot?"
"Come on, I don't wanna take them alone," 3 white round pills spilled into my palm, "If I'm going down, you're coming with me"
"According to what I've heard, they make you fucking soar" Gee said cocking her head
"All the better, sis"
"Fine," Frankie outstretched his open palm with a spark in his eyes. That's all the convincing a drug whore like Frankie needed. Easier then...Then...I dunno, insert some smart ass metaphor here, I was too thrilled over the prospect of feeling that instant comfort conquer your soul, mind and body.
We took 3 pills each and hung back in his room to 'soar' and boy did we fly. It spread through me like fire in a dry field, each cell exploded with a loud colourful ecstasy, making me moan. I looked over at Frankie who was lying next to me with his eyes shut and a little smirk twisting his lips. I just had to have him, I needed to have him, it felt like I would die if I didn't.
I climbed on top of him and kissed him making his eyes pop open, "What the fuck?"
"I want you," I whispered in a hoarse voice that I failed to label as mine.
"Sam," he exclaimed with confusion, "You can't"
"Why not," I moaned, grinding against his hips, "Give me one good reason"
"Your sister…," he exclaimed, backing away from me into the head post,
"Georgia?!," I laughed out loudly, "What the fuck? Shes out of it." We both looked at Georgia who was sitting in the corner, shivering her eyes looking at something in the distance that neither Frank or I could see.
"But shes still here…" Frankie shrugged.
"She’s the living dead… and if she wakes up she can watch the show…" I leaned back in to kiss him again, giving my tongue permission to invade his mouth.
"Watch the show?” Frankie's hot breathe on my heated skin sent electric shocks through my body, "Why would she do that?"
"Dunno, don't care," I resumed kissing him, going down to his neck, biting it without mercy. I don't remember ever feeling this complete or happy in my life.
"Fuck," he cried out, finally allowing his hands to sneak under my top and caress my back and breasts.
I smiled to myself and got rid of his T shirt, unbuckling his jeans when he flipped me on my back and kissed me passionately while rubbing me between my legs.
I moaned, sending my hands to explore his pale scrawny torso. Before long he ripped off my top and lift up my short skirt, testing the waters by inserting two finger into me, letting me lick off my own moist of him.
"God Frank," I moaned, thrusting my hips up to take as much of his fingers as I could.
He took them out and returned to my mouth, sucking on my bottom lip.
A loud bang behind us tore us apart and as I craned my neck to see the source of all the commotion, I gasped, locking eyes with Gerard's very blood shot ones. Georgia was now crying and rocking in the corner muttering something unintelligible.
I immediately let go of Frank but the damage was already done. There was no way I could pass this as comic reading. We both were topless and my skirt rode up to my waist with Frank positioned between my legs holding his breath.... ‘What the FUCK, do you think your doing?’ He yelled, looking around the room.
‘Hey Gerard – it’s a free country…’ I panted, yanking my shirt down. He shook his head and gestured to Georgia.
‘She’s having a fucking breakdown!’ Frank and I focused on Georgia for the first time. We thought she’d been in that corner innocently enough – but it seemed she’d found something else to pass the time.
Her wrists bleeding and blood was all over her face. I looked closer at the scars and saw that they read ‘Matt,’ My blood boiled. I had to find that fucker. Frank knocked my away as she stumbled towards Georgia, picking his discarded shirt up off the floor to stanch the blood. Gerard held her as she cried. Both boys looked at me, in confusion as to why I was sitting there on my own.
‘Frank – its over. We had a good run I suppose. Now, im out. I have business to attend to.’
Franks eyes bulged.’ What the fuck?’ He asked incredulously. ‘Your sister for one. And Two – what the hell!?’
‘Let the whore go.’ Gerard snarled looking at me hatefully. I shook my head and started towards the door to find Matt. Before I did I heard my sisters weak voice.
‘Sam…’‘Yes, Georgia?’ I replied without turning round.’ You hurt Frankie. How… could you?’
Its quite easy. And I’d be hurting him more if I let this lie continue.’ I replied quietly.
‘You’re… a bitch Sam…’
‘I know Sis. I know’ I replied before heading out of the door.

Gee’s Pov
‘She hurt you Frankie.’ I muttered, the numb throbbing from my wrists helping me loads.
‘Its okay, baby girl. Its okay. We need to make sure you’re okay.’ He smiled, and ran to his en suite bathroom to get a towel and damp it down. Gerard held me, shaking and cried into my hair.
‘Stupid. Baby, you’re so fucking stupid! Don’t you think you can leave me like this. Don’t think that if you went i wouldn’t be right behind you. Why Georgia? Why!?’
‘Mike isn’t who you think he is Gerard...’ I said, feeling my vision tainted with black numbness. Gerard shook my slightly, blood splattering over his shirt.
‘No Gerard... Mike... Mike is... Matt....
‘Matt!’ Gerard roared.
I didn’t hear anything else. My body was filled with the numbness that i longed for. It was over. I was over....
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