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‘What’s tonight?’ I asked, slipping out of my shirt and into a small vest top. ‘Special occasion?’ ‘Only my party.’ He grinned. ‘Your party? Catholic good boy?’ I looked at him ...

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Gee’s POV

Frank knocked on the door frame to my room, where I was rummaging around trying to find something smaller and more comfortable to wear in the heat.
‘Hey.’ He grinned.
‘Hey Scrabble Partner.’ I replied he grinned.
‘Do you think you and Sam could come out tonight?’
‘What’s tonight?’ I asked, slipping out of my shirt and into a small vest top. ‘Special occasion?’
‘Only my party.’ He grinned.
‘Your party? Catholic good boy?’ I looked at him in shock.
‘Mama Iero’s away. Im rowdy and I’ve got a whole load of keg to drink.’ He whooped and I laughed.
‘I’m always there Frankie baby.’ I kissed his cheek and took his hand leading him out of my room.

Sam’s POV

‘So you're coming to Frank's party?," Mikey beamed, shifting his ‘cider’ from one hands to the other.
"Frankie's throwing a party?! What ever happened to keeping a low profile, being good and doing homework?," I chuckled. Frankie didn't have not even one obedient bone in his entire 5'4 body. I was amazed he lasted this long without breaking any rules.
"Yeah his mom is out of town,"Mikey gave me a knowing look.
"We'll be there," Gerard who was until then silent nodded.
I whirled around to stare at him, "We?"
"Georgia and me," he smiled, wrapping his arm around his knees shoulder.
I ducked away, "Did Frankie actually invite you?"
"He invited Georgia," he shrugged like there was nothing particularly unusual about it.
"Yean and...," I chuckled, finding the whole thing amusing. God I love Frankie's pills.
"So I'm coming too," Gerard adjusted his rolled up skinny jeans.
"But did he invite you?," I asked again. What a Geetard! I have no idea why he thought that because Georgia was invited so was he.
"He invited Georgia," he kinda exclaimed, his eyes widening.
"I know! Stop repeating it," I rolled my eyes, still finding it amusing, "But did he invite you?"
"Well if he invited her," he shrugged his head in confusion, "Then I'm coming too"
"Is your name Georgia?," I laughed out without meaning to.
"Then he didn't invite you"
"But he invited her!"
"Gah," I threw my hands in the air with semi frustration, turning to Mikey. He was always the sensible one, "Tell him, If he invited Georgia and not him," I motioned on Gerard, "He can't come cause he wasn't invited cause his name isn't her name. Am I right or am I right?"
Mikey looked bemused and exchanged looks with Gerard, "It's pretty much whoever wants to come- comes. Frankie just told me to spread the word around"
I pouted, smiling like an idiot, "I'm never right"
Mikey looked me over with a strange expression, "Yeah um I’m going to get a burger and find Georgia and Frank…"
I waved frantically, "Don't forget me. Write. And call! Every week! I'll miss you"
Mikey walked to the barbeque, shaking his head and laughing.
"Fuck Sam, how many did you take?," Gerard leaned to whisper in my ear, casting glances around at the hurrying students on their way to class. No one as much as looked at us. He wasn't particularly popular, he was more like invisible and I was known as a crazy person so either people didn't care or weren't eager to notice.
"One," I raised 5 fingers and rummaged around Mikey’s coat for the alchohol, "What's actually in this? I can't recall"
"Fuck, are you kidding me?," he exclaimed, turning me around to face him , "You shouldn't take that much"
"One is not a lot," I protested.
"You raised five fingers, Sam"
"Oh," I giggled happily, "Fuck me. I meant one"
"One pill can't fuck you this much"
"Well they're little. Five little pills are like one big one. Am I right or am I right"
"It doesn't work that way"
"Oh fuck I am never right," I shrugged indifferently.
"Seriously, Sam. I'm not kidding," he said firmly.
"Oh shut up, you took a lot yesterday too," I grumbled, "I ran out of shit cause of you, you druggie"
"And you're the one to talk?," he scrunched his face.
"I'm not a druggie," I burst out giggling, "If anything I'm a druggette"
"A what," he couldn't help but smile.
"A druggette," I turned back to scan the floor for the bottle. There seemed to be loads of these but which one do I need?, "A female druggie"
"That's not a word"
"Is too a word"
"Is not"
"Is too," I raised 2 fingers to prove my point.
"Why am I even arguing with you," he mumbled to himself.
"I dunno," I shrugged, "I always claimed you're stupid. Where is that fucking bottle?!"
He sighed heavily and reached around me to pick up a clear cbottle, "Here"
"Bless you!," I grabbed the bottle and cradled it into my chest bag, "Lets go drink our asses off!"
"Yeah in your condition I'll be surprised if you remember what alcohol is"
"I just need to focus," I rubbed my eyes, panicking a little cause at first I thought alcohol was a medicine so I didn't know how to connect it to drinking.
"Can I see your pills?"
"Why?," I shifted my narrowed eyes suspiciously on him and my hands automatically shot to my jeans pocket.
"I just wanna see," he shrugged, "I mean maybe I should get them too from....?"
"Frankie," I completed his sentence.
"Bastard," he grumbled, gritting his teeth, "So he gives you drugs?"
"That's the first bottle I got from him," I immediately defended Frankie.
"Yeah and the last," he said under his breath, "Come on, let me look at the label"
"It's white," I stepped back into the lockers.
Gerard chuckled, "I'm not gonna run away with your precious Frankie pills, just let me look"
"How did you know I call them Frankie pills,?" I gasped.
He rolled his eyes, outstretching his open palm, "Just one look. You can hold the bottle"
I weighted his proposal in my mind. I can give him a look. I mean I'm a girl, therefore stronger...Even though he's like one foot taller then me and a lot bulkier...I'm feistier, and I would be holding the bottle so in any case I can take him down...That's a reasonable request. I reached slowly into the pocket and took out the bottle, holding it up so he could read the label. He snatched them right out of my hand without much effort as I cried out, "Hey!"
"Thanks," he smirked, stuffing my precious Frankie pills into his own pocket.
"Give them back!," I tried to retrieve my bottle back but he grabbed my wrist fiercefully.
"No," he hissed, fighting my attempts to get my pills back, "You had enough. You want them to fucking catch you wasted out of your mind and fucking expel you?! Not if I can fucking help it"
"Gerard!," I exclaimed, "Get your own fucking pills!"
"Look at yourself!," he tossed my arms back, "You've gone too fucking far"
"You're fucking delusional!," I felt tears prickle in the corner of my eyes. He tricked me and stole my pills. The mere thought of having to go through an entire day without any sent the worst kinda chills sown my spine, "I can handle a few pills! Stop making such a fucking fuss"
"I'm not making a fuss. I'm perfectly OK with you being without these motherfucking pills"
"Stop," I whined, "Just give them back"
"I will if you can go through a day without a single day," he crossed his arms on his chest.
"You're not my fucking father, Geetard!," I snapped, stumping my foot down on the ground, "Don't give me fucking ultimatums. Give me what's mine!"
"No," he shook his head smugly.
"Please please," I clutched his arm, my voice trembling with fear of him walking away with my pills, "Just give them back. I won't take any, I just wanna have them. Please Gerard, don't do this to me"
"No, baby," he brushed a few strands of hair from my face, "I'm doing this for you"
"No," I buried my face in my palms, "Just give them back. I'm OK. I swear I am, just give them back"
"Sam, baby," he looked down at me as I gazed up at him, pleading. I just needed my Frankie pills back, I need to feel their outline through the fabric of my jeans. I needed to touch them. I need to feel safe.
"I'll do whatever you want," I fell to my knees in front of me, "What is it you want? Just say the word and I'll do it! You want money? Maybe a blow job?," I reached out for his zip with my shaking hands, "I will, just give them back"
"Sam, stop!," he grabbed my arms looking around and tried to pull me up, "Get up!"
"No! Tell me what you want"
He rubbed his face, frustrated.
"What's wrong?," a familiar voice boomed behind me. One that will never be this cruel. One that won't dare to take my Frankie pills if they made me happy.
"He stole something from me," I threw myself at Shane instead.
Shane put his arms around my waist and pulled me up and brushed my jeans gently, glaring at Gerard , "Give it back"
"Do you even know what is it?," Gerard shot a resentful look at Shane.
"I don't even care," Shane’s voice dropped down dangerously, "If it's hers I want you to give it fucking back"
"Mind your own fucking business, Shane," Gerard stepped forward.
"You know it's my business," Shane met Gerard in the middle.
They stood there chest to chest, wearing angry face expression. With my pills still in a foreign territory.
"You must be kidding," Gerard smirked, "Didn't your mother never taught you to keep your hands off another guys territory"
Gerard bought land and didn't tell me? I wonder where did he get the money from, last time I checked he didn't even have money to bail his own car after that night we crashed it...Maybe that's what his money went on...Stupid guy, what he needs land for anyway?
"It's not," Shane kinda shouldered Gerard roughly, "And you know it so fucking watch your back. Your with her sister so don’t mess her around."
I sighed, Shane was so heroic and cool. Even if stealing Gerard's land wasn't amazingly nice, he was still sweet doing it.
"I'll fuck you up if you try anything," Gerard smirked, stepping back, "Didn't we already have this chat a while ago?"
"You're lucky, motherfucking fag," Shane glanced at me, "Any other day you would've been spitting your teeth out," he nodded at me before pushing past Gerard.
Gerard's gaze followed Shane who was pushing violently through the barbeque crowd making his way inside, "So I'll pick you up at 9?," he turned to me, smiling his annoying smug smile as though nothing happened.
"Pick me up?," I leaned on the locker for a little support, "I can walk"
"He rolled his eyes, smiling a bit, "Not literally. I mean I come over and we’ll all go to Frank's together"
"I know where Frankie lives," I frowned, "And I still doubt it you're invited"
"Whatever. Just be ready by 9," he ordered me, waving his index finger.
"What about my pills," I moaned. ‘I don’t want to be stuck with the sickly couple without help!’
"I'll bring them tonight," he stood up and joined Georgia at the conservatory door. I stuck my tongue out at him and collapsed onto my back again.
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