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"You fucker," Gerard shoved the phone at me, "Getting me into trouble" "Your big mouth does that for you," I laughed, bringing the phone to my ear, "You fucking slut! Oh hello mother"

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Gee’s Pov.

Well. Gerard’s birthday had certainly been a hit. It had been fucking ruined by Ronnie and the rest of his idiotic friends. To be honest Gerard doesn’t even remember any of it. But I sure do. What a way to turn eighteen.
It had been three weeks from then, and his house still hadnt been cleaned up. It was a fucking tip. Lucky enough his mother was away for a month so she wouldn’t know. To be honest – I can see Mama Way going ape shit.
But it was a nice enough day so Dad decided he’s do the parental thing and invite a load of his friends around for a barbeque. Sam was stuck with helping him because she was such a sinful child and all. While she buttered bread, and make drinks, I got on the phone and invited the guys over, for a good time.

Within five, Frank, Mikey and Gerard spilled out of Gerard’s car. I grinned like an idiot as rushed over to greet them – ignoring Sam’s dark look.
‘Hey!’ I grinned, and Frank picked me up and twirled me around.
‘How you doing baby girl?’ Frank grinned and Gerard’s smile slipped slightly.
‘Im fine. Even better now you three gentlemen have arrived to brighten up my day.’ Gerard kissed me, his eyes roaming around the front yard. Sam was sitting on the floor picking at blades of grass, not even bothering to look up and Frank bounded over to her and said something. Mikey snickered to himself.
‘What’s up with him?’ I asked, quizzically, ad Mikey dove back into the car and pulled out a bulging coat. Gerard rolled his eyes.
‘I brought a little… fun to this party. But we’ll have to pretend its like, apple cider or something. And Mikey’s drunk already…’ He smiled at her as I grinned, and wrapped a arm around my shoulder, and kissed my hair. I smiled and we both walked into the garden, a stumbling Mikey behind us.
‘So, have you been okay since… your party?’ Gerard frowned to himself.
‘I guess yeah. Haven’t seen you as much as I’d like’ He grinned. ‘But yeah… Happy birthday to me!’ He said sarcastically.
‘Gerard! Come to “Corrupt’ my daughter again?’ Dad laughed like he was the funniest thing ever, and his new intern Shane looked at him as though he was ‘God’.
‘I promise sir, everything that I will do to your daughter is purely legal…’ Gerard grinned and Mikey and I snorted, and I pulled Mikey over to Frank and Sam and left Gerard to talk with the older people.
‘Heyyy.’ I grinned as I flopped down beside them. Frank grinned at me.
‘Hello, Scrabble Partner. How the devil are you?’ I laughed at him, and Sam watched Mikey through narrowed eyes.
‘Is he… drunk?’ She asked and Mikey clutched the coat to his chest protectively. Sam’s eyes turned into slits.
‘You’ll have to pretend its like apple cider. I think Gerard put leftover vodka and whiskey.’
‘Awesome.’ Sam grinned, reaching her hands out greedily, Mikey frowned. He tried to pull away but she managed to grab it from him. Frank caught my eye and smiled. I grinned back and rolled onto my back to watch the sun.
Sam flopped next to me, and eyes downcast.
‘Why did you invite them?’ She said quietly. ‘It’s a meant to be a family thing.’
‘It is.’ I replied, blinking against the sun. ‘They are my family.’
Sam sighed and chewed her lip. ‘I love you little sis.’ She said softly and I closed my eyes against the glare.
‘I know you do. And I love you too. But you cant call me little sis.’ I joked. ‘You’re two minutes older than me.’ Sam smiled weakly.
‘Maybe there’s, possibly something we kind of need to talk about…’ she said, but Frank stopped her, and pounced on her back and bit her neck.
‘Jungle book!’ he yelled, much to Sam’s obvious dismay as Mikey, Frank and I jumped on her, tickling the hell out of her. She squealed – genuine happiness on her face, something I haven’t seen in a long time.. I grinned, and tackled Mikey who was more than just a ‘little’ bit drunk. We wrestled on our own for a bit before we all stopped abruptly. There wasn’t any real reason for it we just stopped. We all exchanged looks and laughed.
‘Georgia! Georgia!’ Gerard called. He gestured me over impatiently. ‘Stop being a kid and come here!’ I stood up and brushed my clothes off quickly.
‘Sorry…Sorry.’ I mumbled and Sam watched me leave with sad eyes.

Sam’s POV

‘She’s not his bitch,’ I bitched, to Frank who was stroking my leg absentmindedly. ‘She doesn’t have to do what ever he says…’ Mikey looked at me through his drunken eyes.
‘I know right.’ He slurred, ’People should do the right thing. Make the right choices. Stop doing stupid things…’ I squirmed a little and Frank turned over away from me..
The cordless phone buzzed under me as Mikey, Frank and I sat in a circle and pretended to drink apple cider which was really some mixed leftovers of vodka and whisky, "Hell-ooo"
"Sam?," Mrs. Way voice boomed through my head.
"She's out right now, my name is Serj, can I take a message?," I giggled into the phone.
"Sam, are my good for nothing irresponsible beasts ungrateful godless brats of sons there?," she spat out without taking a breathe.
I squinted around the back yard, seeing Gerard with Georgia, dad and Shane by the grill, laughing about something. Mikey was sprawled on the grass, talking to himself...Well I imagine he was attempting to have a conversation with Frankie but Frankie was watching a row of ants with his back turned to us so I wasn't sure, "I spot both the older brat and the younger brat," I smiled.
"Can I please talk to them?" she said through gritted teeth.
I nodded and trying to compose myself zig zagged my way to where Gerard was standing, "Eliza is on the phone"
"Eliza?," he frowned, "What the hell?"
"I dunno," I shrugged.
"Eliza, why the fuck are calling here. I fucking told you-," his complexion grew paler and he gulped, "Oh hi mom," he turned his scolding face to me, "No I wasn't swearing. I didn't know it was you...No I don't talk to girls like tha-," he huffed, his eyes wondering to the sonny sky, "I am a respectable gentle-...No ma...Yes ma...I'm not a pig, ma...I know you raised me better..."
I giggled, making him pinch my arm, "I know..You did a good job...No...I dunno where you went wrong, ma...I know...Yeah...I'm aware that it's not respectable-...Sure...OK...Sorry...I won't do that again...My what?! Oh ass home?"
"Is that Donna?," dad asked cheerfully, handing over the big fork to Alex, "I can hear her shrieking"
Gerard nodded and handed the receiver to dad's outstretched hand, "Donna! Are you home already? Where's Don and Berta? Oh they did," his face dropped a little, "Yeah work, you know them." he beamed again when he raised his eyes to see me and Gerard staring intently, hanging on every word, "You should come by, Shane dropped by on us and we're celebrating, we're having the greatest barbecue in history," he winked at us, "Come on Donna let the boys enjoy themselves...I know...They'll clean later and you have ages to ground them...I'm sure...Yeah come over," he giggled a little, turning his face from our spying eyes, "You do that. Yeah see you in a bit"
Dad pressed the red button and handed the phone to Gerard, he smiled and turned back to kiss Shane’s ass about how beautifully he was rusting (burning) the meat.
"You fucker," Gerard shoved the phone at me, "Getting me into trouble"
"Your big mouth does that for you," I laughed, bringing the phone to my ear, "You fucking slut! Oh hello mother"
"I'd never call Eliza by your special nicknames," he said seriously, wiping the smile off my face. I turned back and rejoined babbling Mikey and the concentrated ant researcher.
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