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Happy April 9th

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Sorry Gerard - This is a Sam-made chapter so blame her for your misfortune :)

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2 months later

Sam's P.O.V

"Okay, so what else do we need?" asked Mikey looking about the room. I leaned back against my bed, watching the rest of the guys giggle as the planned Gerard's birthday party. Frank scribbled away furiously in his note pad, occasionally throwing a screwed up bit of paper over his shoulder for me to read. Which was sorta sweet in a way but more annoying as the bits of paper began to pile up and occasionally either hit me on the head or poke me in the eye.

His list went:

-Alcohol (and lots of it)
-...some other shit Mikey said...

Gerard's head popped around the door a while later.
"Sam? Can I talk to you for a minute please?" his voice was sugary sweet and he had this shit eating grin on his face. Mikey glared at me and then at Gerard, warning us both. I just winked at him and stood up, causing an avalanche of paper. Mikey scowled at me once more as I left the room. Gerard looked about making sure no-one was there, grabbed my hand and yanked me into the cupboard at the top of the stairs, pinning me against the wall and shutting the door in one scarily swift movement. I heard a faint click and the the light switched on. The bare bulb swinging backwards and forwards showering us with dust and god knows what else.

One hand held my wrists above my head, the other was pushing my legs apart. He held them open with his knee. What the fuck is up with this guy??? He's so fucking hard already!!!
"Oh hell" I squeaked as he pressed up against me, his lips brushing my neck. His breath tickled me as he giggled.
"I.Want.You" he whispered before kissing me properly. No, no, no!!! I'm not suppose to enjoy this! I'm suppose to...ooohhh! Our kisses were feverish as I "tried" to resist.
"Seeing as its my birthday soon" he panted out in between kisses.
"Hmmm" I mumbled, fighting the urge to yank off his belt.
"And seeing as your such a whore, especially with me" he smirked. Woah woah woah! Oh.No.He.DIDN'T!!! I pulled back deciding to leave him and high and dry...aaaand very horny.
"Suck me off" he grinned. I bit my lip and nodded, dropping to my knees in-front of him. He shut his eyes, fingers tangling painfully in my hair and yanking my face closer towards his crotch. I unzipped his jeans and let them slip down. He was going commando today so I was, face to eh...face with his dick.
"Ain't gonna suck itself...bitch" do wonder what he tastes like though...
Ah fuck this!

I stood back up, pulling his hand out of its grip on my hair and grabbed something from next to me. His eyes popped open.
"What the fuck?" he growled. I giggled before thrusting the hoover into his hands.
"Plug's over there...have fun biatch!" I ran out before he could say anymore, laughing like a maniac. Frank came out mine and mini gee's bedroom door right then.
"What was that about?" he asked, cocking his head to the side.
"Nothing" I said with my best innocent voice. He looked at me suspiciously before giggling and going back into the room.

Par-tay Time!!!

The music was in full swing, alcohol was flowing freely and Georgia was already drunk. Or so I was told anyway. I wouldn;t know seeing as I WASN'T INVITED!!!...not that I are or anything...just some stupid Geetard party...What the hell does Ronnie want now?
"What the fuck do you want Ronnie?" I snapped.
"Other than you, nothing" he giggled. I sighed. That guy had an answer for everything.
"How much do you want me?" I asked, trying to sounds as flirty as possible.
"...what do you want me to do?"
"Well Gerard's having this little party see, and he didn't invite me which is reeeaallly rude. Soooo would you please hi-jack it for me...but don't let anyone find out its me" Ronnie was silent for a while before agreeing.
"So what do I get fo-" I hung up before he could finish. Now just to sit back and watch the fireworks...well more wait to be told about it. Hmmm alibi...BINGO!

Gee's P.O.V

Damn Mikey knows how to throw a party!!! Frankie was giggling histerically in the corner at...something...
Mikey was once again talking to Patricia the palm tree and how it could never work out between them whilst Belle giggled just behind him not wanting to disturb the "tender" moment. Ray was bobbing along to the music...that fro has to be magical! Hmmm, wonder what shampoo he uses? Bob was sculling beer with Bert and Quinn and Gerard...actually where is Gerard?! Well don't I just have a loving boyfriend. Eugh, he always does this. He always disappears and leaves me by myself. Prick! Oh god here comes Eliza! Someone save me! Get em the hell outta-
"Hello Georgia" she smiled sweetly and I just wanted to punch her. I tried to smile back but it was probably mroe of a grimace.
"Hey Eliza"
"Aren't you just having super fun at this birthday party?" I really don't like her, silly patronising moo cow!
"Why gosh, I really am. Don't you feel REALLy old though, seeing as it is young people here?" the smile slid off her face and contorted with rage.
"Listen here you LITTLE b- Oh hi Gerard!" Gerard stumbled slightly and gripped onto me.
"S'more people are ere...a-a-adunno stand it." He then burst out into laughter and almost fell over. Eliza rolled her eyes and smarmed off somewhere else, praise be to jeebus.

I took another swig off my beer even though its the dregs and they make me feel slightly sick. Mikey came rushing in dragging the poor palm tree about the place and then promptly burst into tears when one of her "arms" fell over, whilst Belle tried to comfort him.

The roar of motorbikes from outside could then be heard over everything.
"What the fuck?" Gerard slurred, bumping into me and almost knocking my beer out of my hand. Then came Ronnie, Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Pete Wentz, Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Patrick Stump and about another 20 maybe 30 kinda drunk people came in and began to, well I guess it was there idea of partying but really they trashed Gerard and Mikey's house from top to bottom. Light shades were swung from, windows were almost smashed, plates were used as frisbees, Patricia was set on fire much to Mikey's dismay. Someone then had the sense to throw it outside. Picture frames broken, beer drunk, fridge raided and then a food fight broke out. Basically they whole place was pretty much destroyed. Once they had drunk all the beer and subsequently every other drop of alcohol in the house they left with another deafening chorus of motorbike engine noise.

Gerard took one look around and said fuck it. Everyone was pretty much thrown out by Bob. Ray helped him a bit whilst trying to catch the eye of some very comatose looking girl who was leaning against the wall. Puke was everywhere as well everything else just about.

Sam's P.O.V

I could hear the front door being opened and then the repeated bangs as someone tried to shut it. It always sticks. Our dad had went out for the night, Mr Way never really gave him a choice he just got dragged out really. I was curled up on the sofa in my pyjamas watching ' the Lion King' trying not to cry as Mufassa was just about to die.
"It was you" slurred a voice in ear making me jump. I turned my head to see Gerard trying to focus his already blood shot eyes on me.
"What was me?" I asked, trying to keep the smirk out fo my voice whilst turning back to watch the movie.
" p-planned this" he then hiccuped.
"Planned what?" I sighed, pretending to be pissed off when really I wanted to do a little victory dance. Ronnie had dranken phoned me earlier on and told me his plan was a success and I at least owed him a sympathy lay. I told him to go die and then hung up on him once again. I was really hoping he doesn't remember this in the morning.
"You planned it" Gerard whined.
"For the love of marshmallows! What are you talking about?!" I should totally be an actress. Someone phone the Oscars! He eyed me suspiciously before turning around, stumbling and falling on his face. I giggled into the cushion I was holding as lil Gee helped him up, muttering about killing Eliza and what-not.

Okay so maybe I felt a little bit bad for fucking up Gerard's birthday/house/party but at the same time I was filled with smug's good to be me!
I walked into the room where Georgia was laying him down and smirked. I hope her good for nothing son of a bitch gets what he deserves.

blame sam blame sam blame sam. Its her fault blame sam!! i didnt do it you know i'd never be that nasty to him (: But anyway, hope you enjyed it (: R&R babies:)
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