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Sam’s POV Well of course it wasn’t[/over/]. If the idiot thought she could kill herself by cutting [/again/] than she was a bloody idiot

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Sam’s POV

Well of course it wasn’tover. If the idiot thought she could kill herself by cutting again than she was a bloody idiot. All in all Frank’s party was a bit of a disaster. Gerard and Frank got arrested again – Gerard for GBH, and Frank for being there at the wrong time, and Matt or Mike or whatever he wants to call himself got himself carted back to England, fleeing an assault charge.
And my sister? Well, she gets the once in a life time chance of staying in a hospital under suicide watch, with forty stitches in each of her arms and a cartload of visitors.
And they say im the one who takes the piss.
I sat by Georgia’s bedside as Gerard sat on her other side, and told her about school with im sure as shit she was so, upset about missing… Not.

‘Then Martin tried to get Bert to settle down, and Bert just – you know him – jumped, out of the window. The second floor too. He broke his foot!’ Gerard seemed excited by the thought.
‘Oh wow. Maybe he’ll join you in here, hey sis? Give you some company?’ I tried a weak grin in her direction.
‘Fuck off Samantha.’ She answered without looking at me. I sighed. She wouldn’t fucking talk to me since I broke up with Frank. Our birthday is going to be so fun filled. Speaking of.
Frank walked through the door, holding a giant bouquet of flowers and a cuddle panda bear. I was filled with jealousy. Frank was my boyfriend. Not hers. She already had a good for nothing useless…
‘Hey Scrabble Girl. How you doing today?’ He asked and kissed her grinning cheek, much to Gerard’s disapproval.
‘Im leaving here tomorrow, Frank!’ She laughed. ‘You’re just cluttering up the place unnecessarily. Frank pouted but couldn’t hide his grin.
‘So – you mean – this giant panda here… you don’t want him?’ Georgia’s eyes sparkled, and she grinned.
‘Okay okay. Clutter the place all you like. Just give me the panda!’ Frank laughed, until he saw me there and then his face became instantly stoic and set.
‘Frank…’ I sniffed. ‘I have to talk to you. Alone.’ He nodded and we both stepped outside, ignoring both Georgia and Gerard’s twin dagger looks.
‘Look,’ I started my eyes downcast. ‘I don’t know how I can put this…’
‘Yes?’ Frank replied, slightly hopeful. God isn’t he a masochist.
‘Well I miss you Frank.’ I cringed inside. ‘I really do. I made a mistake, I was drunk, high and god knows what else, and whenever things upset me I tend to make stupid choices, do stupid things… you know?’ Frank nodded like an eager puppy. Come on eager puppy dog. When are you going to bite? Bite the bone… I threw it to you…
‘So you want to be together?’ He asked, happily. I nodded shyly. By Christ I why am I not an actress!?
‘Great!’ He grinned. He looked genuinely happy. He smiled and stepped past me to go tell the unhappy couple the ‘happy’ news. I grinned to myself.
‘Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me,

Gee’s POV

‘Look Frank… No Frank… Yes Frank… That’s not what im saying Frank… Yes I do want you to… No Frank. But you don’t know her like I do! No Frank… Yes Frank… No – Yes. Okay Frank. Okay Frank. Yes… Just cheese please. Extra cheese. Thank you Frank. See you soon.’ I hung up the phone and sighed. Gerard looked at me lazily, while switching the channel.
‘Could you not tell? The amount of times I said his name?’ I curled up against Gerard’s side, and yawned into his chest.
‘What’s up now?’ He asked perceptively.
‘I don’t think him and Sam are a good idea. She is just using him for something. Ronnie came out of our room this morning. Ronnie!’
‘Ronnie was in your room?’ He asked, dangerously. I felt myself losing control of the situation.
‘Well, I wasn’t in it. But I came home from Belle’s and he came out of our room. Putting his shirt on.’ I looked at him, with worried eyes. ‘Do you think she cheated on Frank?’
‘Almost certainly. She’s done it with Tyson too. And Alex. Alex, multiple times. And possibly Jack. But can I ask – was Ronnie wearing socks?’ I bit my lip ring trying to think… wait. Why was I trying to remember that?
‘Just answer the question,’ Gerard said snidely, as though he could read my mind.
‘I don’t think so. Why?’ I asked nonplussed. Gerard nodded.
‘Yup. She cheated on him’ I looked at him trying to figure out how he managed to come to that from Ronnie not wearing socks.
‘Who cheated on who?’ Frank asked, walking in, with a delicious pizza.
‘Um. Zac Efron!’
‘Tiger Woods.’ Gerard gulped. Frank looked at us strangely.
‘Okay… Ima go get coke…Sam here?’
‘No…’ I told Franks retreating back, whilst elbowing Gerard. ‘Tiger Woods? Really?’
He laughed and looked at me, with a raised eyebrow. ‘Zac Efron?’
‘Okay.’ I mumbled into his shoulder.
‘You’re gonna love your birthday present baby.’ He said completely changing the subject. And the TV channel.
‘Oh reallllly?’’ I drawled, flicking the channel away from ‘Women’s Aerobics’ and back on to good ole Wimbledon.
‘Yeah. Really.’ He smirked and I giggled.
‘David Tennant?’
‘Andy Murray?’
‘Who?’ he asked confused. I gestured to the TV where Andy Murray was leading 40 – Love.
‘And Ex- lover of mine.’ I smirked, to the TV and he sat up, nearly knocking me over.
‘No, of course not you idiot. He plays tennis. Now tell me.’
‘Well.. No.’ He laughed when my face fell.
‘Awhh, Gerard! That’s not fair!’ I moaned while Frank came back in and threw himself on the couch next to us.
‘You talking about birthday presents?’
‘Yes and he wont tell me what he got me!’ I complained and Frank giggled.
‘Oh. You’re gonna love what I got you too, Scrabble Partner.’ Frank smiled gleefully, and Gerard rolled his eyes.
‘But let me guess. You’re not going to tell me either. Fuck it. What did you get Sam?’
‘Ohh! I got her this DVD she told me she wanted and couldn’t find. She really, really wanted it. She’ll be so happy.’ Frank looked so pleased with himself, and Gerard snorted.
‘A DVD? For prima princess? Wow, Frank are you sure?’ He grinned into his hand.
‘It’s Alice in Wonderland. The old Disney edition! You cant get it anywhere anymore. I got it on ebay!’ Frank looked genuinely happy and I shook my head.
‘What about you Gerard. What did you get her?’ Gerard looked at me worriedly.
‘You mean I have to get her something?’ I laughed at his shocked face.
‘Yes! Oh, Gerard you make me laugh sometimes.’ Gerard smirked and leaned over and grabbed a pen and a sheet of paper.
‘You mean all the time.’ He corrected me, with a smile. He frowned slightly at the note he was writing and then made to rip it up. Frank leant on my shoulder and smiled at me.
‘I love you Scrabble Girl.’
‘Love you also Scrabble Boy,’ I grinned back. Gerard’s expression darkened and he unscrambled the paper and tucked it into his pocket.
'Whats that baby?' I asked, smiling and leaning over and kissing Gerard's neck.
'Birthday present.' he replied a glint in his eye.

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