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Happy Birthday Girls

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"But, but, but, it's the 13th of August!" "I know Sherlock, but thanks for the news up-date anyway" I mumbled.

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Sam's P.O.V

"Get up" whined my "darling" sister, poking at my head some more.
"Fuck off" I yawned, burrowing further under the duvet, trying to avoid getting up just yet.
"But, but, but, it's the 13th of August!"
"I know Sherlock, but thanks for the news up-date anyway" I mumbled.
"It's our birthday" she squealed. "So get your lazy arse outta!" I could hear the pout in her voice.
"Eugh, fine" I sat up and someone handed me my glasses. Which I hardly ever wore. They were black, thick rimmed. David Tennant glasses. Which I had to practically beg my dad to get me.
"Thanks Frankie...wait! what?!"
"Happy birthday babe" he giggled. I couldn't say anything, just sorta gawped at him. I was lying right in at the wall, so he crawled in next to me, his arm slipping around my waist.
"Nice hair" he giggled, ruffling it some more. Annoying little fucker.

I was about to try and get back to sleep before the whole bloody troup came barging in screaming happy birthday at Georgia. Smooth guys...smooth. Seeing as I'm riiiiight here.
"What about Sam?" Lil Gee used her best glare, which let me tell you is a terrifying sight. So I ended up with a mumbled happy birthday from the rest of them. I gave a little wave in responce before picking up a book from the end of my bed. It must have landed there from when I threw it last night.

Just then our dad came pretty much waltzing in with coffee for the both of us and noticed Frankie placing butterfly kisses on my neck.
"Franklin!" my dad snapped causing Frank to jump out of my bed and across the room in aproximatley 3 seconds.
"Happy birthday babies" our geeky dad, with his bowtie and all, smiled. Frank slowly got closer and closer towards me till he was perched procariously on the edge of the bed. Gerard was leaning against the wall watching Lil Gee dance around everyone chanting 'it's my...em...our birthday' over and over again, Mikey looked about then decided to sit on the floor, whilst Ray picked up Georgia's guitar and began playing.

Dad sat down the coffee before clearing his throat. Both Georgia and I shot a glance at each other knwoing what was coming. Every year our dear father gave a crappy "heartfelt" speach about how we were a year older and becoming fine young woman. We both knew it off by heart as it never changed, only our age did. I couldn't help but smirk wondering what he was going to say this year, now that we're both "corrupt".

"Sammy, Georgie Porgie" he began. Both of us froze. Frank snorted with laughter, so I pushed him off the bed. Ray was still playing the guitar quietly. Gerard was fighting to keep the smirk of his face and Mikey was now reading...ohhh Lil Gee's diary but then turned a funny shade of green and slid it across the floor as far away as possible from him.
"You're both a year older and with any luck a year wiser. I know moving here was difficult on both of you. That's why I'm hoping that this corruptness is just a phase...I have high hopes for you and I know you'll do me proud one day" And that was when he began to tear up.
"Let's have a hug kids" he sniffed, holding out his arms. Everyone shot each other confused looks.
"Okay I'll ask. Do you mean like...all of us?" I asked hesitantly. Dad nodded.
Frank ran up first to be hugged. Both Lil Gee and I approached with caution and then gingerlly hugged him. Gerard hugged Lil Gee rather than our creepy dad. Ray was too busy playing to notice and Mikey just patted our dad on the shin. He finally let go after what seemed like hours rather than the few minutes or whatever it was. He cleared his throat, trying to mentain his "manliness".
"Who wants presents?" he grinned. Oh hell I've just lay back down. Georgia practically jumped 3 feet in the air at the mention of presents, where as I just lazily raised my arm. Our dad pretty much skipped out the room.
"Know what your getting?" I smirked.
"Don't I always" she giggled.
"Hat box" I said simply, which earned me a weird look from the guys.
"Very nice....guitar"
I nodded wisely and sure enough about 2 minutes later our dad came in holding very shittily wrapped presents. I got handed the box and I swear the wrapping paper fell off. The same thing happened with Lil Gee's.

I happily pulled the most awesome hat ever. It was mad hatter top hat from the disney film. Georgia stared in awe at her cherry red gibson guitar whilst I giggled and hugged my new hat, complete with a mega cute purple ribbon.
"Everyone out. My girls need to get dressed, we're all going out for pancakes" Frank and Gerard both huffed slightly as my dad literally pushed them out the door.

Pancakes with everyone was....intresting. Especially when Geetard fell over. Slid and fell on his ass on the wet floor. He looked so damn confused and admitabley rather adorable. I haven't laughed that hard in what seemed like too long a time to be healthy. He was mega pissed off though, which just made it funnier. If looks could kill, I do believe there would have been far too many funerals today.

Anyways back at "party towers" a.k.a my house. Everything was in full swing. Our grandparents were snoreing "gently" in the corner. I swear the cobwebs were moving. A few very hot guys from school had turned up just in time for our annoying snooty Aunt Ruby pretty much insult the entire United States as well as everyone's grandmother. My dad was busy running in between everyone asking them if they wanted anything whilst gat cousin Marvin's dog tried to hump his leg. Good old family traditions...

I excused myself even though no one was listening and walked out the back door. Then used my awesome ninja moves to sneak behind some bushes to smoke. Oh sweet cancerous killer I've missed you. I kept my eyes shut savouring each drag, not knowing when my next nicotine hit would be. Someone cleared their throat from behind me. I have never stood up so fast in my life. Then being as utterly slick as I am, my hat slid over my eyes causing me to crash back down again. I heard the one of the most hellish/angelic giggle ever. I removed my awesome top hat to see Gerard smirking down at me. Awwww my cigarette died...
"Happy birthday" I could see the pain in his eyes at having to be nice to me.
"Thanks" I smirked. He bit his lip rather sexily and finally pulled a note out of his pocket and handed it to me.
"That's you present...enjoy" then walked back towards the house before finally dissapearing into the house. Me staring at his cute, firm ass the entire time.

I gently unfolded the note despreate to know what it said....meh, I'm a nosey bitch.
To my "darling" whore,
we need to fuck sometime. You still owe me a bj you bitch!
xo Geetard
P.s I know you wrecked my party.

"SAM!!!!" I heard Frank scream across our yard. I sighed and stood up, refolding the note and then slipped it into my pocket.
"Here" I mumbled.
"More presents" he grinned, giving me a cheesy thumbs up. I smiled genuinly back but only because of the promise of presents.

Our dad had already gave us our presents but he asid he didn't feel right so we each got $100. Which I was very fucking thankful for because I still didn't have any money. And then a bottle each of our favourite perfume. Dior - Poison for her and Ghost - Midnight for me. Bob our new found friend, happily filmed everything even though we never asked him too...nor do I remember him being invited....weeeiiirrrdddd...

We both mostly got money seeing we were at that age where no-one knew that to get us. Personally I think no-one ever knows what to get anyone. As previous Fratelli birthday's go, this one hasn't been too bad. I've yet to get Frankie's present, which better be something good! As if he read my thoughts, which quite Frank/}ly (pun totally intended) would be soul destroying, handed me a flat rectangluar box. I ripped off the paper.
"Oh....thanks" It was 'Alice in Wonderland' which I totally wanted but not the right one.
"I knew you'd love it" he giggled. "Here ya go Gee" He handed Georgia a small ring box. That's when the jealous beagn to creep up. She opened it up to reveal a plain silver band.
"Look in the inside" he said, his voice quivering with excitment. And sure enough on the inside of the band was an inscription.
[/To my scrabble partner

I glanced at Gerard and saw my anger reflected back at me. I felt like screaming the place down. I seethed quietly in the corner. Until anger became malice as my fingers closed around the note from Geetard in my jeans pocket.

Eventually Geetard just pushed Frank out the way and handed her a necklace box. She opened it to reveal a beautiful silver locket.
"Flip it over" he smirked. On the back, once again a fucking inscription.

I swear I could've killed someone. Everyone's all tripping over Georgia and here's me sitting quietly in the corner as I've always done, silently hating everything as nomral. Fuck my life!

Geetard appeared out of no where and I grabbed the top of my arm, yanking me out the room and down the stairs. He looked about making sure no-one was watching before we quiwtly slipped out the backdoor.
"Where are we going?!" I snapped as he dragged me to his car.
"My house" he growled.
"Um...okay...why?!" he sighed.
"I'm gonna fuck you" was all he said before pretty much throwing me into his car and slamming the door shut.
"Won't they notice we're gone?" Geetard just raised an eyebrow.
"Good point"
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