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Happy fucking birthday

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"I am so fucking sorry Gerard" Frank said slowly. He cocked his head to the side. "No...but you will be" He lunged at...

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Sam's P.O.V

"Slow the fuck down!!!" i screamed as geetard drove like a fucking manaic to his house. We pulled to a skreeching stop just outside house. I swalloweed hard when I saw the dark look on his face. Okay, so maybe he was scaring me a little.
"Come on princess" he snapped, grabbing my arm and yanking me out his car towards the house. He never let go until I was in his room. Geetard throw me onto the bed. I've gotta admit it was quite hot. He paced the end of the bed, his eyes never leaving me.
"What are you doing?" I whispered.
"Deciding what to do with you" he smirked darkly. A small shiver ran through my spine. Eventually he stopped and crawled up me, giving me one of the softest kisses I've ever felt. He sat my hat on the bed side table and peeled of my vest top. I kicked off my converse as he kissed his way down and then bit down hard just above my hip.
"Shit" I mumbled as he bit and suck the same area, clearly trying to give me the biggest mark he could. He made light work of taking off my green skinny jeans.
"You went commando today?" he giggled, looking up at me. I just shrugged, trying not to blush.
"Well I'm glad you did" he grinned before dipping his head down. His tongue slid into me and I had to bite my lip to stop myself screaming.
"Hmmmm" his slight moan vibrated through me and I almost came. I heard my phone blasting out 'Stephen Lynch - D&D'. Gerard sat up and got me phone before going back to work. Oh hell, it's Frankie.
"Hey Frankie" my voice was kinda squeaky.
"Where are you and Gerard?" he sounded so damn suspicious.
"Out walking" I gasped.
"Why do you sound funny?" I saw a deer. I felt him giggle against me. I turned my head and muffled my moan into the pillow.
"Oh um...are you coming back anytime soon?"
"No idea" once again I sqeuaked.
"What the fuck is going on with you?!"
"I almost fell" I yelled. I arched my back trying to make Geetard so faster or something but the little shit just kept going torturously slow.
"Oh okay...." Oh hell, he sounds upset. Without warning Geetard slammed into me.
"FUUUCK!!!" I screamed, panting against Gerard's neck.
"What the fuck?!?!" screamed Frank.
"Huge spider" I whimpered, as Gerard tortured me somemore by moving his hips ever so slowly. Come to think about when the hell did he get naked?!?!
I hung up before he could say anything, switched off my phone and threw it to the other side of the room. Geetard giggled against my neck as he picked up the pace. Our hips slammed together and all that could be heard in the silent house was the noise of moans and curses that filled the moist air. The next hour went in quickly until be both agreed that we should get back to my house before anyone else got suspicious.
Gerard's P.O.VI left the car at my house and walked back to the queen bitch's place. I couldn't wait to see my baby again. I felt bad for leaving her...and then fucking her sister...a lot. But I was just so fucking angry seeing Frankie all 'yes Gee, no Gee, hahahaha your so hilarious Gee...why don't we fuck behind the bushes Gee??'...Okay so maybe I got a little bit carried away with the last one. But I swear he's about 2 steps away from humping her leg. If he so much as looks at her funny...
Georgia's P.O.V"Where's Gerard?" I sighed for about the 10th time that minute. Frankie glanced at me before putting his head back in his hands. He looked so damn sad, and its all because of my stupid fucking sister. She split up with him...AGAIN! I know she's my sister but I coudn't help but hate her right now. And Gerard's fucked off to god knows where with her. On MY fucking BIRTHDAY as well. He better have a good excuse other wise he's gonna be able to sing soprano!!! I wrapped my arms around Frank, hoping a hug might make both me and him feel better. "You're so nice Gee...unlike your sister...Why doesn't she just like me?" he whispered before looking up at me. "I don't know Frankie" I said softly. Our lips were mere inches apart and I couldn't help but lean in slightly. His breath gently washed over my face. I moved my arms so they were drapped around his neck. We both leaned in, my eyes fluttered shut. He was so close I could practically taste him. The door flew open and slammed against the wall. Frank and I sprang apart."What.The.Fuck?!" he snarled. Glaring at Frank. "I am so fucking sorry Gerard" Frank said slowly. He cocked his head to the side. "No...but you will be" He lunged at Frank, knocking him to the floor, me screaming my lungs out trying to get them to stop fighting. I yanked on Gerard's arm. "WELL HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY TO ME. HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY BABY!" Gerard finally let go. "Get the fuck outta my sight before I rip your fucking head off" Gerard's voice was dangeropusly low. I was fucking terrified. Gerard then turned to me. "Why?" was all he said, sitting on the edge of my bed, not looking at me. "Why what?" Okay, that was pretty stupid. He sighed. "You know what" was all he said. "I don't know...I felt awful beacause Sam split up with Fr-...him again and you left me Gerard. You left me on my fucking birthday - to walk - with Sam. Do you have any idea how fucking crazy that sounds?!" "I guess so...I felt bad for always fighting with her. I know how much it pisses you off...soooo we went for walk to hopefully sort out our differencies." I don't know why but for some reason I felt suspicious. But I decided it was a stupid feeling and to ignore it. I was also upset as I could smell my sisters perfume off him and I wasn't sure what to think about that. But he really did look sorry for upsetting me. I titled his face up towards me and placed my lips softly against his. He kissed me back hesitantly to begin with before eventually pulling me on top of him on the bed...and one thing led to another...Gerard's P.O.VI was worried there for a bit. I thought maybe she'd found out about me and Sam. I was still mad at Frank and I guess a little at Georgia. But I love her and I couldn't stay mad forever. Georgia's P.O.V"Gerard?" "Yeah" "I'm breaking up with you" I said quietly. "WHAT?! Why?" his voice trembled slightly towards the end. "Everything...we're just causing problems. You and Sam keep fighting, now you and Frankie have fallen out. Maybe you'll get off Ronnie's back now...I just think it'd be better" I then got out of my own bed and got re-dressed quickly. Gerard did the same and left without another word.

The next day Mikey and Frank came round to make sure I was okay. We ate pizza, watched shitty horror movies, had not one but 5 pop-corn fights. It's gonna be stuck to me for days!! Bloody Frankie! We attempted scrabble but then Mikey gotpissed off at Frank and I's cheating, took a massive strop and flipped the board into the air, sending tiled flying across the room. Mikey never mentioned that anything about Gerard and I splitting up. Speaking of annoying bastards, I hadn't seen or spoke to Gerard since yesterday. NOT THAT I MISS HIM OR ANYTHING!!!

Gerard's P.O.V

I banged on the door. Suprising that it never fell off the hinges. I know her Dad was out. I'd saw...her coming in my front door this morning.
"Would you open the fucking door!!!" Sam eventually appeared. Her hair was everywhere and her skin was flushed.
"What?!" she snapped.
"We're going out" I growled. I can't be fucked with this today.
"Well I'm actually busy right now" She smirked.
"Who ya fucking today then?"
"Ryan Ross" she seemed almost proud of that fact.
"Is he better then me?" It was half tease and half serious.
"Anyone's better than you. Now if you don't mind I've got a very hot boy waiting on me. Toodles" The door slammed in my face. I sighed and then opened the door. I felt kinda awkward sitting on the couch whilst Sam's up there fucking Ryan bloody Ross. My eyes still stung from crying most of last night before I had finally passed out clutching a half empty vodka bottle.

Ryan eventually left looking annoying happily. He grinned at me before he left and I just glared at him. She flopped onto the couch next to and layed her head on my shoulder. I wrinkled my nose at the smell of what I was guess was a mixture of cigarette smoke, sex and perfume.
"What's up Geetard?"
"I hate my life" I sighed.

Sam's P.O.V

Geetard then launched into the biggest moan fest ever. I just had to nod every now and again. But there's only so many times you can here the sentence 'and another thing' before you want to kill someone.
"And another thing-"
"-Oh.My.God! You think you've got it bad, well listen to this. I'm insecure, slightly paranoid, quite possibley depressed, my dad loves Georgia more than me, she can do no wrong, I'm pretty much the class slut just so I can feel alive for once, I've had to sit and watch as my sister pretty much destroyed herself, as for my mom well don't even go there. I've been pretty much bullied my whole life,I'm addicted to Frankie pills because for once I feel happyand safe with them and I'm terrfied of everything and worst of all I hate to love you, so do not sit there and be all woe is me because whatever you've had I've had about 10times worse"

Gerard looked shocked but remained silent. Before saying quietly.
"Fuck our lives"

- Well. This is... a twisted web isnt it just? I'd like some reviews please;]
who wants Georgia to get back with Gerard? Who wants her to get with Frank? And who wants sam to get punched in the mouth? :P
;] i kid Sam. I kid.
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